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7 best board games for kids!

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We’ve got seven brilliant board games for kids from ages 5 and up. So whether it’s a rainy afternoon and you’re looking for something to do or you want to introduce your family to your favourite hobby these are seven games that’ll keep them busy and also be great fun for you too! From high stakes dexterity games at a penguin school or an intergalactic golf competition to cooperative mysteries about pie-stealing foxes, there’s sure to be something you and your kids will love. Whether they’re just getting old enough to concentrate or if they’re ready to sit down and tackle a challenge themselves – board games are the perfect way to spend an afternoon.

Intro 00:00
Ice Cool 00:43
Shaky Manor 02:08
Outfoxed 04:14
Mars Open 06:10
Zombie Kidz Evolution 08:04
Rhino Hero Super Battle 10:29
Similo 12:40
Outro 14:39

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  1. Have most of these ….most are great. Outfox is of great quality….but sadly is missing an xfactor!!! Couldn't get onboard 🙁

  2. Так эмоционально размахивая руками рассказала, но толку 0. Так как саму игру как выглядит не показала полностью. Этот ролик хоть с переводом для меня пустой. Так и не поняла кроме 2х игр о чем рассказала о них я знала от других блогеров.

  3. Nice list! Personally, I was surprised by the quality of Catan Junior.

  4. Even though I haven't been a kid for thirty years (assuming you don't include the teen years), I still have fond memories of playing Guess Who, Mousetrap, Crossfire, and Battleship when I was a kid. Great list, team.

  5. I remember playing board games as a kid. Monopoly, mouse trap and the game of life were a few of the ones I played.

  6. You guys are missing Mars Open: Tabletop Golf from the description.

  7. Cards Against Humanity- if you want to ensure that you never have to babysit again.

  8. Roller Ghoster by Drei Magier is my daughter's favorite

  9. Dragomino is great with a 5 year old. No matter how seriously I try to win, they always do! XD

  10. Could you show more of the games please? And use video chapters?

  11. apples to apples has a jr version, very good to get kids talking and debating!

  12. What a wonderful video! It is nice to have suggestions for the younger ones. I really like Dixit: visual and simple.

  13. The timing of this video is creepy good. I needed this info today for my kids to avoid a brawl.

  14. More than happy to see our Kidz in this Top 7!

  15. Super useful! It's the time of the year I tend to start researching for annual charity drives.

  16. I don’t even have any kids to play board games with, but this is such a cool video that I’m going to keep it until I do! Thank you, Dicebreaker!

  17. Not all games available in UK? Brexit the board game?

  18. Hi. Did you played "Zestrea" . So nice surprised to see that game on your shelf.

  19. Catan Junior and My First Ticket to Ride are really solid kids games. The family rules for Isle of Cats is also great.

  20. K you. You gave me some great ideas

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