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7 Best Games of Essen Spiel 2023

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We’re at Essen Spiel, one of the biggest board game conventions in Europe, checking out all the best board games!

After three days we’re here to share some of the things we absolutely loved. TCGs, RPGs, party games, roll and writes – we’ve got it all. We played and loved lots of other games too and you can check those out on our TikTok account.

Let us know in the comments any good games from Essen you’ve seen too!

00:00 – Introduction
00:41 – Altered TCG
04:07 – Household
06:16 – Robot Quest Arena
08:50 – Kiri-ai: The Duel
11:30 – Whoforwat
13:18 – Critter Kitchen
15:58 – Tiny Mini Golf

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  1. Standing in front of Uhrwerk and Free League and not displaying their games 😭😭😭

  2. Thanks! Robot Quest Arena looks great!

  3. awesome thank you!!😁😊😊✌🤙👍👏🙌✌

  4. I almost picked up Robot Quest Arena at GenCon. Altered sounds amazing! Hope both of these have a presence at PAXU! And I immediately backed Tiny Mini Golf after this video. Sounds exactly like the thing I enjoy during my lunch break. 🙂

  5. They’ve all been incredibly interesting. Probably most excited for the roll and write golf.

  6. I suspect that Altered TCG will be the next big TCG that will break records in crowdfunding next year.

  7. Huh, I could have sworn that I first saw Household RPG on Dicebreaker and it was you guys who prompted me to get it. Is there something new out for it or did you just happen to discover it there?

    Also looking forward to Critter Kitchen. I really dig Flamecraft and can't wait for more cozy Sandara artwork! 🙂

  8. Great list! Thought both presenters were great as well — Maddie and Michael. It's not easy to succinctly describe a new board game people have never heard of in a way that sounds fun and exciting, LIVE, while people walk around you and announcements blare overhead and people randomly start cheering, etc. Chaos! They managed to make it a great watch, so that's saying something.

    All of the games discussed sounded or looked beautiful. Of them all, I've only played Robot Quest Arena, and it is absolutely fantastic. Kiri-ai: The Duel, also looks very interesting, a fair amount of depth for a small card-duelling game. And I love the idea of Tiny Mini Golf, where the first part is very much like Railroad Ink, but then you hand your board off and someone has to play golf on your board. Fun!

  9. I would never have thought a golf game could look so fun, but it does!

  10. The mini golf game and the duelling card game both look amazing! Will have to check those out when they’re available

  11. The illustrations in "Household" look gorgeous!
    I can see why you like "Kiri-ai" so much- it sounds like a really clever design for a 1v1 game:)

  12. very cool list. but my god, how many times can one say "like" 🤦‍♂️

  13. Was very interested in robot quest arena when it was on KS but didn't back out and am having big Ragerts

  14. I have never heard of any of them – and I frankly will never play any of them – but it's great to see, that there is a market for such games.

  15. Looks like Essen Spiel is a rather fun event (first time hearing of it myself). Y'all were having lots of fun being there. 😎 Maybe we'll see more about the games on the channel, yeah? Thank you both. Still subscribed.

    Before I forget, I'll probably miss out on things while I'm at work on Spirit Day (19 Oct). Early Happy Spirit Day to the team and the Dicebreaker community. Don't give up on understanding, respect, acceptance, and love. They're totally worth it! #AllyInProgress #SpiritDay #BlueUP

  16. I was there for the whole 4 days and I genuinely thought I'd seen everything, but I don't recognise any of the games on this list. 😮 I really enjoyed it though. Rats of Wistar was the standout for me.

  17. Like, like this, like. Like, like like…

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