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7 best solo board games 2024

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Looking for a game you can enjoy on your own? Then sit down, grab a tea, and get ready to discover seven of the best solo board games you should be playing in 2024. From cosy fantasy adventures to terrifying horror experiences and everything that comes in between, there’s sure to be a game theme and mechanic you love. Discover the thrill of Sega gaming from the comfort of your own home with play sega genesis online. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or new to the world of retro gaming, platform offers something for everyone. Relive the classics that defined a generation or explore hidden gems waiting to be uncovered.

00:00 Intro
00:25 Conservas
01:56 Witchcraft!
03:19 Spirit Island
04:44 Final Girl
06:18 Three Sisters
07:55 Mage Knight
10:00 Mythwind
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  1. I’ve really enjoyed playing Cascadia both multiplayer and solo. Especially since it has a suggested difficulty roadmap in the game booklet so you always have a next, more difficult challenge to work towards. It’s easy to learn and plays pretty quickly (depending on how long the other players take) and (best of all for my ADHD brain) it is almost entirely a tactical game (you can’t really plan too far ahead since your options for adding tiles are generally completely different by the time your turn comes back around), and everything is completely open for everyone to see (so no worries if you have a very limited working memory like me). ^^bAlso, even though it is a competitive game, it’s not really one that encourages sabotage, and it’s usually almost impossible to tell who’s winning until the very end, so everyone still tends to like each other even after a difficult game. ;;>.<bAlso also, solo play makes you better at multiplayer play, but the scores are still generally close enough that people will forgive you and keep playing with you as long as you don’t gloat too much. ( ̄^ ̄)b

  2. Nice to see a run down but not enough footage of the actual games.

  3. You shouldn't be playing by yourself. How do you blow your nose? Marvel Champions and Arkham Horror LCG

  4. Does anyone know how to get their hands on Witchcraft! in the US? I’m not sure if it’s just sold out everywhere or it’s not being produced yet.

  5. From that list; Spirit Island would be my go to. Playing "true solo" (1 spirit) is ok but the joy is playing two different spirits to co-operatively destroy the invaders. The different combinations of spirits make the game so incredibly replayable as each combo plays so differently.

  6. In my opinion Spirit Island is the best. Great collaborative game, but you can play solo as well, better controlling 2 spirits in game. 😊

  7. i studied english at an english school in Peru and i always thought english should sound like a "bottel of woter" and "would you like some tea?" I remember my scottish teacher trembling from drinfking too much coffee and smoking too much teaching us and we found it almost non understandable. Listening to Maddie bring back the memories…

  8. So well presented – thank you for that…

  9. Yo why no mention of Marvel Champions? Please support/promote FFG so they can finance Star Wars Unlimited for decades XD

  10. I wouldn't go anywhere near Spirit Island or Mythwind if you want them for solo play, they are very much meant as multiplayer games but have a solo variant added in but not really the way it should be played to get a good experience. Hundreds of other solo games I would put before these two. Witchcraft and Final Girl are good choices.

  11. Thanks for this vid…. I was looking for a solo-game and found it !!! And didn’t know that Final Girl existed…. Good thing it is 😁 after this vid watched many other playthrough and decided to buy the series 1. I love it!! 👍😁

  12. I love Final Girl, and hope to try Mage Knight. Great variety on this list.

  13. Good solo or solitaire games:

    Undaunted Series
    Shadows of Brimstone Series
    Great Western Trail Series
    Various Submarine Series (Hunters..)
    Various Leader Series (Aircraft)
    Revolution Road ((1775)
    Sniper Elite the Board game
    Soldiers in Postmen’s Uniforms
    Castle Itter
    Keep Up Fire (Boxer Rebellion)
    Heroes of Series
    Dawn of Empire(1898)
    One Deck Dungeon
    Nemo’s War
    Dungeons of Doria
    Defending America
    (from the German Amerika bomber)
    Call to Adventure Series


  14. Oh, this is great. I was just thinking about how none of my friends like me and I'm going to be alone forever.

  15. Set a Watch hope there will be another Video in which Wheels gets crushed…again.

  16. "Three Sisters" looks lika a nice relaxing game- I'll have to check it out when I get a chance:)

  17. Mythwind and Three Sisters are calling my name

  18. For Final Girl, I heard the summer camp one is a good one to start with for that series. Would you agree it’s a little less complicated than the others?

  19. I've bought six games in the last two months and I've only gotten to play one of them.

  20. I got distracted by the beautiful presenter and missed the games.

  21. This is the 999th dicebreaker video. Next one will be the 1000th so congrats for that achievement.

  22. 1 player games I think now is just as important as group games even more so.

  23. Final Girl is a really cool idea and Spirit Island looks fun. Sometimes I play Castle Panic solo. It can be pretty fun.

  24. Great list!
    I’m just wondering when is Conservas coming out to retail 🤔

  25. in theory i like the idea of solo board gaming… in practice i often feel like it's not worth the set-up and tear down just for myself… and i just play a video game instead… or a digital version of the board game, lol.

  26. Marvel Champions and Under Falling Skies have still been my favorites so far!

  27. Hi there, lovely pick


    Where are…

    Aeon's end / Astro knights
    Warp's edge
    Sprawpolis / Naturopolis
    Planet unknown
    Street Masters
    Welcome to the moon

    (and I'm not speaking about any of the 3 FFG LCGs games) (as they are much more expansive :p )

    ? 🙂


    On the other hand

    -Final girl : I haven't found it quite balanced or "even" at all! You will die a lot more than survive this game with those dice rolls 😀 (which is thematically good) (but after experiencing a 15 blanks rolls in a row… I had to get rid of it 😀 )

    -Mage knight : when too much is too much (rules and micro rules to get funny anymore) (for my brain anyway:p)

    -spirit island : if you like the game, and get slowly annoyed by it, grab the branch and claws expansion!

    -witchcraft : I much prefer resistance theme and graphics. (but I'm just boy i guess :D)

  28. I find it weird that I've never heard of this channel before. The Youtube algorithm took long enough to get us matched up.

  29. Thanks so much for the kind words about Witchcraft!

  30. I watch content from many boardgame and RPG channels and enjoy their content a lot, but never have I seen a channel this obviously biased – towards money. Things already appeared very fishy with some games in past months, but don't tell me you weren't paid a handsome amount of money for putting Mythwind in the No. 1 spot during their Kickstarter. At least be open about it! This is not how other reviewers, paid or unpaid, operate. Not a single one I'm aware of. This is disgusting.

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