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7 best two player board games 2024

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With cold winter evenings keeping us indoors and Valentines Day on the horizon, it’s about time to sit down for some amazing games for just two players. Whether you want a cosy night in with a significant other, a fun afternoon with a friend or family, then we’ve got a selection of games that are perfect for a duo. Stories set in sweeping fantasy worlds, quick puzzles, and amazing card games – we’ve got something for everyone.

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General Orders 00:44
Sleeping Gods 02:31
Boop 04:01
Next Station: Tokyo 05:40
Lorcana 07:19
Art Society 09:32
Donuts 11:04
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  1. New bucket list item: Be on this list for 2025 😍😍😍😍😍😍 Yall want a review copy? 😀

  2. Hi there nice list yet…So many amazing missing ones for two players.. :)Sky teamTarguiHiveCodenames duoAeon's end / Astro knightsSplendor duel / jaipurStar wars deckbuildingMindbugJekyll VS hydeDice forgeBlitzkriegAny of the 3 FFG LCGsAlice's garden / Cascadia / Kingdomino / CalicoCrypt of sedlec / Circle the wagoonAnd so, so, sooo many others :)Cheers from belgium

  3. Great reviews. My one thing, I myself personally find is probably not a good idea, is to have back ground music while talking. A) you don't know what music people find annoying B) unless it is super quiet then some people may find it difficult to understand you, an international audience is from a wide variety of countries and may already have difficulty with a different accent C) I'm not sure it adds much to an already good review segment. Why risk turning off some people from a great review by having unnecessary background music.

  4. To live a pure unselfish life, one must count nothing as ones own in the midst of abundance.

  5. First time coming across your channel, followed! Like others mentioned, music a little distracting but not unbearable.

  6. To live a pure unselfish life, one must count nothing as ones own in the midst of abundance.

  7. No offense but Art Society is absolutely horrible at 2 players because bidding does not work at 2

  8. Getaway Driver! A small boxed tile laying boardgame!

  9. Oooh instantly adding some of these to my wish list ^^

    Though have to ask where did you get those adorable dragon plushies on the shelf? ❤

  10. Bought Lacuna recently and it is a banger. Such a cozy chill but surprisingly strategic quick game. Love it.

    Also, Splendor duel is good stuff.

  11. Great list, I definitely need to pick up General Orders! Fungi is one of my favourite 2 player games! And Challengers as a more recent one

  12. I just absolutely love the chaotic energy of you lovely goofballs! <3

  13. You could have easily made a 10 or even 20 list games, there are so many good two players game. But I did enjoy your selection. What I did not enjoy was the music over voice, so distracting. By the half of the video I had to mute it and turn on subtitle 🙁

  14. Unrelated to the list (which is great as always), I just want to show appreciation for Wheels' beard. As a fellow beard-haver, I like it. Maddie, you're lovely but I think you should grow a beard too so I can comment on its lustrousness and neat cut.

  15. Summoner Wars: Second Edition is fantastic.

  16. Sorry for anyone struggling with the music! I'd recommend headphones for better listening as that was what I edited on – Maddie

  17. Claustrophobia 1643 is a good 2 Player game if you're into a bit of "Horror", Patchwork was mentioned, Air Land & Sea, Summoner wars/ Tash-kalar…we will play CMONs new Dune game.

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