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7 Light-Medium Weight Board Games Reviewed | Pax Unplugged 2022

Board Games for One
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Let’s review seven board games from Pax Unplugged that are new to me and possibly the perfect solo board game for you. There are some family games, two-player games, and a euro to fit your tastes.

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Escape from Flat Earth
Cyberdoom Tower
The Butterfly Garden
Token Terrors
Cosmic Run: Regeneration shorturl.at/glpPZ
Omicron Protocol

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  1. Hello!! We are so happy to see a copy of Token Terrors made it home with you! Sorry about any confusion on the inclusion of a solo mode in the 2player game – sadly, yeah, we do not have a solo mode in there BUT we do offer small solo mini-games with your 6 packs of minis – that could have been the mix up – here's hoping you can get some enjoyment out of our 2 player game =) thanks again!

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