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7 POUNDS of Jurassic Gaming is coming your way! – Board Game News

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Determine dino destinies in the huge new Jurassic World legacy-style game coming from Prospero Hall, subvert the Sinister Six in Marvel Champions, indulge in some very real Fake Chess, perform a little Alchemy, sell out for three billion dollars, and much more! It’s all the latest board game news for December 2021.

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00:00 Intro
00:28 Jurassic Word: The Legacy Of Isla Nublar
02:24 Legendary Gamer Contest (sponsor)
03:37 Street Fighter: Miniatures Game
04:17 Marvel Champions: Sinister Motives
04:57 Zombicide: Ghostbusters add-ons
05:57 First They Came RPG
07:21 Fake Chess RPG
08:04 Flat River buys Greater Than Games
08:50 Asmodee buys Exploding Kittens
11:42 Magic The Gathering: Un-Finity
12:44 Magic Arena: Alchemy
13:57 Werewolf Movie announced
14:42 My Journey To Catan book

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  1. I was so sure Chaz was pronouncing Isla wrong that I went into a deep dive on the proper pronunciation. Eye-lah = anglicized pronunciation. Eez-lah = Costa Rican Spanish pronunciation. So I guess both are sort of right.

  2. Advice from someone recently frustrated by a crinkly black backdrop I was using.. a handheld steamer and a lower f stop with smooth that back drop while still keeping the nice gradient. 👌🏼🏴🏴🏴

  3. Great video Chad! I usually avoid legacy games, but the Jurassic Park game looks like it would be a lot of fun! First they came looks a little dark, no pun intended. i don’t think I would be able to handle the theme. That is a tragic era in our history, and I don’t think I could handle a game about it. I am actually not surprised Asomodee sold, but they got more than I anticipated. Again, thanks for the entertaining and informative video!

  4. I wonder how many of these planned Kickstarters are going to become IndieGoGos or something else, as Kickstarter doubles and triples down on the nft nonsense.

  5. All I'm left wondering is why the Jurassic Park game chose that particular art style. The style reminds me of the 40 to 50 year old games you'd find used in a small musty used book store or off eBay. Odd choice.

  6. Ah, are you Matthew’s sub? I love the shirt and tie 😜

  7. This makes me want to play the one from 2018, Jurassic Park: Danger! Some really cool ideas in that one and the strategy can get pretty intense. Really underrated imho.

  8. It all started in the summer with Everdell and Meadow and was never meant to go any further, now I think I need one of those things to hold all these games I’m collecting, that’s it, a shelf…

  9. Talking about all the purchasing of other game companies; With the releasing of top 10 lists of this time of the year, I am not seeing as many Asmodee FFG games on those lists.

    Not to say that the overall consumer is not a board game enthusiast as well. I think that is an indicator that you are not seeing as many Asmodee/FFG games as an automatic on peoples top 10s. You have the Capstone's, Stonemeier's, CGEs, Stronghold games, gale force 9, Osprey, ect. holding peoples attention.

  10. That art work looked sub par in Jurassic park. Hopefully that’s not the final look.

  11. I'm gonna say Isla is pronounced eye-la, as in the Scottish river. Of course, I could be waaaaaay off target here. But…

  12. Came here for Marvel Champions, stayed for Chaz.

  13. I’m confused… It is cult of the news and it’s great as always. But something seems to be a bit off. Even if everything looks the same and feels the same it doesn’t look better than Matthew have gotten a beard and grey hair and sounds like an American. I’m really puzzled.

  14. Wait what! Zombicide Ghostbusters Pre-Orders!!!! to who, wheres the link, everything on the CMON site says sold out, which it did three months ago, even if your a retailer. Where did this news come from and can we get a link to where these "pre-orders" please

  15. Silly Chaz, don't forget that Matthew is British so "Seven pounds of content!" Really equates to about $9.24

  16. I gotta be honest, I'm pretty nervous about GTG being bought

  17. I wonder if Chaz is starting to think "I wish I was at Pax Unplugged right now with Palia and Matthew, instead of being here doing the videos. They must be having a great time over there." Maybe Rodney can join him as well.

    I look forward to seeing everyone back next month, unless another board game conversation starts in January 2022 that causes one or more of the staff to take another conversation break. (Pax's New Year Conversation, anyone?)

    And maybe as a note, it's be great if Palia and Matthew could upload something in the future about what they liked from the conversation, as well as if they ran into each other at it. That could make for a "Top 10 board games from Pax's Unpluggedm 2021" video in the future.

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