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8 Board Games That Will Never Leave My Collection

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This was harder than I thought. 8 Board Games I don’t see myself ever selling. What Games in your collection do you think you cant see yourself parting with?

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  1. Really wanted to get into CoH, but 2nd Ed. is just incredibly expensive, unfortunally. Everything you'd want is another add-on, and even when shelling out like 400 bucks you'd still have to make multiple compromises and skip a lot of content. Also, the SGs leave me extremely unexcited since they are rather small, far apart and most of them are locked inside add-ons, so if you don't go all in you don't get a lot of them.KS could've been run better in general, no final plan on VAT, no component list on the page etc. kinda make it seem a bit unplanned.Game looks great, though. The devs seem to really dig their game and think about it, which is a feeling I don't always get from Mythic, CMON etc.

  2. Space Hulk will never leave my collection. NEVER.

  3. Some games, like War of the Ring and Blood Rage, I’ll never get rid of simply because I’ve invested far too much time and effort painting all the minis. The other games that I’ll never get rid of are my “board game Ambassador” games. These are the games that I routinely use to introduce non-gamers to the hobby. These are games that have non-gamers pulling out their phones at the game table, going on Amazon, and purchasing a copy for themselves before our game even ends. It’s an underwhelming list by gamer standards. It includes games like Love Letter, Splendor, Carcassonne and Catan. Someone needs to stand up for the classics! I do appreciate your more grandiose list.

  4. So jealous of World of Warcraft being in your collection. I should hunt that down

  5. War of the Ring has blown me away… such a great game and so evocative of the books/films. I’ve even been playing it solo double handed and it works well

  6. As a fellow Risk fanboy, my favorite version is Risk 2210 AD. I keep trying to convince my friends to play Risk Legacy. Spheres of Influence, a better version of Risk, is my grail game. SoI designer was looking to launch an expansion, but the pandemic shelved that.

  7. YESSSSS, Too many Bones!!! YESSSSSS KEMET YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS War of the Ring, I am super excited to here these titles

  8. I really want that company of heroes game now that it's on Kickstarter, but the price to get everything is a kick to the pants…
    Kemet and war of the ring are cross overs with me for sure

  9. Not the angle I was expecting you to approach from. Shows the collector and enthusiast in you, which I can relate to.

  10. That WoW game was ahead of its time. Now it'd be a huge Kickstarter. 🙂 I have it and have played it a few times. I enjoy it quite a bit, but it can draaaaaag out. The two expansions are on my grail list.

  11. I'm the opposite if I never play risk again I'll be happy

  12. Massive Darkness
    Blood Rage
    Here Be Dragons: Into The Unknown
    New York Zoo

  13. You definitely love combat games. Great selection man!

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