8th Carrom World Championship - MTC Finals - Ind vs SL - Prashant vs Nishantha - cutlassboardgame.com

8th Carrom World Championship – MTC Finals – Ind vs SL – Prashant vs Nishantha

Carrom ICF
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  1. 47:30 was MASTERFUL but you have to watch every second up to that point!🤣

  2. India annoyed me from the start with how he shook everyone’s hands

  3. So this is: checkers > meets billiards > meets shuffle board. Interesting…

  4. NOPE. I can't stand having chalk on my hands like that for 60 seconds, let alone several hours of matches. Not gonna play this game.

  5. they look noob… even i play better than him

  6. கேரம்.விலையாட்டு.எனக்கு.உயிர்.நண்பா❤❤🎉

  7. Another version of pool- i like it! You don't need those expensive pool tables and sticks. Seems like a really great game! Thanks for the video introducing me to this neat game 😀

  8. நைஸ்.போடு.எனக்கு.பிடிக்காதூ.😢😢😢

  9. What are the rules? One player gets red and one player gets black? Is there a special order?

  10. Anyone else actually searched for this instead of being randomly recommended?

  11. I used to play on one of these boards as a child…had numerous games on either side. Didn't know how to play or any rules but it sure was fun!

  12. Not sure what's happened, I somehow ended up watching techball now this at 3 in the morning. Is this finger snooker?

  13. Thrown away carrom men

    Hunting for the queen

    Grey white turqoise marbles

    a spinning top on the table

    an electric motor a gadget then

    bifid nibbed fountain pen

    Cassette wheels and a chip of steel

    ran faster than ritzy hotwheels

    tazos and trumps spurred triumphant jumps

    peacock clay in redolent sandalwood

    I collected and carry in the treasure of childhood

  14. Ane paka carrom ,winadi 5n iwarai game eka hukanawa kalpana Kara Kara hutta

  15. பிரசாந்த்.வெற்றி.பொற.வாழ்த்துகள்❤❤🎉

  16. 10 minutes in the Video . How only 6 points ? Queen is of 3 points ? We consider queen of 5 points. And hence if 3 pieces are there , we win by 8 points .

  17. Never seen this before YT recommended. Gave a bit of asmr for me

  18. Never seen it before, would certainly have a go though.

  19. We used to play this game at the boys club,in the early 50s. It was called "SNAPS."

  20. ಇದಂತೂ ಮೋಸ ಇತರ ಹಿಂದಗಡೆ ಎಲ್ಲಾ ಓಡಿ ಬಾರದು

  21. I cane from snooker and Pool. Makes sense.

  22. まあまあ面白そう。ポケットに円盤を入れた数を競うのかな?

  23. Sawai ke Amar channel khela dikha amount on road

  24. I've never seen this kind of game before. Looks interesting. 🙂

  25. OMG! We had a carrom board as kids in the 1970's in Ohio. Just a fun and creative multipurpose game board. Never knew it was a precious sport in any Country? Also, I had a game with a bunch of different sized poker chips that was rectangular shaped where it had a massive amount of games, Chief among them was the hickey game where you flicked one chip between two other chips to score goals. I remember blue and red poker chips. There was two diamond obstacles right in front if the goal to block easy scoring. It was a great simple strategy game you didn't even need two players to enjoy playing it! Memories! Memories! Why this video came up in my feed I have noooo idea (I was watching political videos)? But my mind is just so happy that this reminded me of the game. Somehow the number 151 is in my head too? Was it the Carrom game or the hockey game?

  26. If this finals then why there is so much of noise

  27. My dad bought me a carrom board when I was a kid. Time to buy my kids one.

  28. I can't believe that international championship Carrom is played without bong rips.

  29. que es lo que se le echa al tablero ? sal? polvo de talco necesito uno!!

  30. I've been playing checkers all wrong, all these years!?

  31. We grew up playing this board game in South Africa. We call it finger board

  32. Was anyone else on the edge of their seat? ( I didn't think so…)

  33. Does a Zamboni machine come out at half-time and resurface the playing board?

  34. For the record I did not search for this. I guess I do like checkers, air hockey and pool so I kind of see what youtube did there.

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