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9 Awesome Games You’ve Never Seen

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Traditional board games have Monopolized our game nights for too long, so we found nine crazy, fun, and crazy fun games that you’ve probably never played.
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  1. 9 games I've never seen hmm
    Me looking at the thumbnail: I literally own this game

  2. About the thumbnail: I actually have a lazer chess…… So yes I have heard about it, I have it lol

  3. I want lazer chess, jishaku, oh snap and happy salmon this christmas!
    These are awesome!

  4. I cant play what's that smell cause I cant smell

  5. Too bad we can't help with the subs anymore…

  6. I have gravity maze so it’s not like I’ve not seen it before

  7. Ohhhh I'm really loving this channel😍😍😍

  8. The laser chess literally a ripoff of another game called Khet. But if it was actually chess than it would be cool.

  9. i have actually seen that laser chess before, although the one i saw was broken and missing a lot of pieces.

  10. I own throw throw burrito and I will not lie it is even better than they say it is

  11. I have taco cat goat cheese pizza and it’s really fun!😃👍🏻

  12. I had throw throw burrito before they gave it out

  13. I seen that laser chest Before in my after school program 😁😂👌

  14. actually i have seen lazer chess before. my brother has it and have had it for years and i never knew what it actually was until now. ive just been using the lazer part as a cat toy.

  15. “The fact that we have a board and two players” OMG YOUR RIGHT!!! EVERY BOARD GAME IS CHESS

  16. 8:10
    Me: I already had that game before I even discovered this channel!!

  17. Throw throw burito is my favorite from them all

  18. can you make a giant among us jello pls?


  20. ALSO I KNOW ONE PRODUCT OF THIS ITS WHATS THAT SMELL CAUSE I WATCHED NINJA KIDS YOU YOUTUBE CHANNEL is dislike 43762387467236273746 + likes6 732843728739874 maybe i should stop using big words

  21. I actually have throw throw burrito lol

  22. laser chess: exist

    Garry Kasparov: yes deep blue will never win in laser chess

    Deep Blue: (⌐■-■) I bet

  23. Dope or nope is from my fav youtube channel

  24. I’ve seen and played gravity maze and oh snap!

  25. Happy Salmon sounds like The Devils And The Details from The Jackbox Party Pack 7

  26. I think I like the laser chess🤔🤔🤔😊😊😊😊

  27. My sister has throw throw burrito. It’s fun

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