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9 Games That Will (Probably) End Up in my Top 50…Once I Play Them!

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We all have those games that we haven’t yet played, but that we look at and say “Oh I know I’m going to love that game!” There are a bunch of games I haven’t personally played that I’m sure will have a great chance of making my Top 50 Board Games of All-Time once I do. Today, I’ve narrowed that down to 9 that I think are the most likely!

What games do you need to play that once you do, you’re fairly confident they will be among your favourite of all-time? Let us know in the comments!
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  1. What games do you still need to play that once you do, you feel certain they will be among your favourites?Let us know!

  2. Concordia is legit GOATed. It is the greatest Euro that doesn't have the name Rosenburg or Lacerda on the box.

    I need to play more Terra Mystica. That's a game that I'm sure I would love, just need to find the right 3-4 victims to get addicted to it. Tough in the age of COVID.

  3. I love discovering a new hobby and falling down the rabbit hole! I do the consuming all the content thing for boardgaming now as I'm still fairly new to it and keep seeing new to me games that I need to research! And the cycle continues 😂

  4. Clank Legacy all time great 👍 you'll love it. Smart phone inc was a hit with my SO, the 2p board isn't even necessary from the update.

  5. I tried Concordia online at boiteajeux. I did not get the full experience since I did not know what to do. I kind of expected more from the game.

  6. Root is a great game! My wife bought it for me as an anniversary present back in September and now I have the clockwork , Underworld , and Riverfolk expansions. The Root online app is a great way to learn as well playing co-operatively against one of the clockwork characters. Brass has always interested me as well as viticulture. Also hoping season 3 Batman Gotham City Chronicles makes it easier to get to the table.

  7. Good video. I'ed have to agree on the Uwe games. There are quite a few I haven't tried. But I know I would probably love them if I do.

  8. I can definitely recommend Clank Legacy and Smartphone Inc. Both are really great games.

  9. Consider yourself berated… takes deep breath


    Was that good enough? 🙃

  10. Orleans, Concordia, and Terra Mystica are all on my list too! I also love Clank but haven’t played any legacy games so I’m undecided on Clank Legacy. Other games on my list would be Hallertau, Ginkopolis, Glass Road, Nova Luna, Marvel Champions, and Roll Player Adventures.

  11. I have a few that I'm pretty certain would be in my top 50 but haven't bought mainly because I don't have anyone to play with currently (either due to the heaviness or theme). Games like War of the Ring, Twilight Struggle, Gloomhaven, Game of Thrones TBG, Cosmic Encounter, Root and such.

  12. You're going to just keep messing up asymmetric and asynchronous to get us commenting aren't you :D?
    I'm 100% confident Root will never be a played game in my group and therefore never in my top 10.
    Orleans seems really interesting but I'd rather see games iterating on this idea.
    Concordia I want on BGA desperately so I can try it out.
    Clank Legacy I have owned for two years and never played because of the pandemic.

  13. Por acaso consegui apanhar uma cópia do Ark Nova! E está simplesmente fantástico! Até tenho uma gameplay no canal 😁 adoro o vosso canal abraço

  14. Interesting. I’m completely the opposite in anticipation habits. Board games are expensive and spend limited gaming time, so I thoroughly research them. In contrast, a movie is easy to experience without alot of commitment/energy, so I tend to avoid spoilers more. Plus, I feel like the knowledge of a movie is more of the experience. With a board game, the experience is so much about the players (at least in the games I like), which cannot be spoiled.

  15. Games I really want to play that I think might really click with me: Bloc by Bloc, War of the Ring, Babylonia, Undaunted, Glory to Rome and Paleo.

    On your list, I've played Concordia, Dwellings of Eldervale and Terra Mystica.

    Terra Mystica I did not like much. That said, I'm not at all a fan of euros that are complex for the sake of being complex and that's what TM felt like, to me. Didn't help that our 5-player game took 4 and a half hours to finish. But take my opinions with a grain of salt. I prefer my euros on the lighter end of the spectrum (I'd much rather play a Knizia than a Uwe or Feld). — 4/10

    Concordia was quite good and I enjoyed it more than I expected to. I would play it again, although it wasn't one that I feel a need to personally own. — 7/10

    Eldervale was also decently fun (although I didn't think it was nearly as good as the hype behind it) and several of the mechanisms felt unique. It did feel just a tad longer than I would have preferred and my biggest criticism is that the monsters felt a bit "out of place" to me in the way interaction with them was handled. It was also a table hog, for sure. We played at 5 players and I don't think I would recommend that. I honestly think 3 might be the sweet spot. — 7/10

  16. I absolutely love Ark Nova, got my copy in December and played it so many times since, just can't get enough of it!

    I definitely prefer Gaia Project to Terra Mystica, maybe also because I played Gaia Project first, the only negative point is that the player number decreased to 4.

  17. Great Video. Le Havre looks fun, and almost bought it, but i can't decide if it would be fun to exchange resources for over an hour. I have difficulty with longer games anyway. Root is fun, but not fun to play on occasion because of the un intuitive rules. It's not all that enjoyable to try to remember the rules, re read the rule book, wonder why they didn't make the game more simple, having a sense that there could be something fun here, the art is so cool, then wondering if you're having fun playing the game or just feeling success that you finally figured out a complex set of rules.

  18. I have a lot of the same games on my to get list. One game that isn't on your list that I have on order, because of people droning on and on and on and on ad infinitum about how good it is…Feast for Odin!

  19. Lots of Capstone Games on there. I think someone needs to visit their webstore soon lol. Im with you on Ark Nova, TTS has a great mod, which Ive played solo twice now and it’s only made me more excited to eventually get it. So much to do in that game! Dwellings is a masterpiece and Clank Legacy is the best Legacy game out there. Another cool series Dylann, awesome stuff

  20. Root will most likely be in your top 50.

    Also do consider Spirit Island, though its a coop game, and might not be something you fancy.

  21. Root can be one of the greatest games you have ever played. It can also be one of the most frustrating and unpleasant games you have ever played. It really comes down to the skill level of the people at the table, coupled with a need for all players at the table to be invested and engaged.

  22. I'm shocked that you've played Oath but haven't played Root. I would also predict you'll like Root. And coming late to the party allows you to choose from a smorgasbord of expansions. I envy people coming to Dominion for the first time these days. For the record, I hate Root for the reasons you mentioned. Le Havre is the first game I experienced loving then hating going from the first to second game. Orleans and Smartphone, on the other hand, I love them both still. And Ark Nova and Dwellings are also games I would like to play. I think all it would take is one reviewer to tell me Ark Nova is not that long of a game and I'd buy it . . . but nobody says this. Interesting video!

  23. Thats funny what you said about Dwellings where you don't want to know everything about a game before you buy it. I thought i was strange for doing that too! I don't want to watch playthroughs or unboxings or read any rules. Sure that would help me decide if I like the game, but all of that is part of the discovery. And I want that surprise. Sure I get games that i find out weren't for me, but usually based on mechanics/art/reviews I can get a sense of if it's a game for me. That being said, I want Dwellings!!!

  24. Great video, agree with Root, really worries me that my group will not sync with the game due to high entry level, Dwellings is AWESOME, we all love this game, easily one of our favourite games.

  25. Thanks for the info about possible new #1 TM. I'm in the same boat of expecting the fantasy setting to win vs space for me. A new updated version of a classic? Heck yeah!

  26. Great video and list. List looks similar to my own. As a very recent owner of Orleans, it is a fantastic game and you will enjoy it. It has elements that remind me of Concordia, Paladins, and Le Havre, all rolled together. Anachrony might sit atop my own list.

  27. I have the same "problem" with Terra Mystica and Gaia Project….. I love the TM topic but also heard GP is better mechanics wise… I am sooo unsure what to do and where to start

  28. Two player root like war game? Does it exist?

  29. I must have known this video was coming when I commented about root yesterday

  30. Orléans and Clank Legacy are two of my favourites! I'd love to play Terraforming Mars. I've only played online once and it was a terrible experience. So I want to play in person and decide. I even bought the game second hand for dirt cheap! But Covid has just been a bummer for gaming for me. Hopefully this year!

  31. Smartphone is excellent! I'm sure you've heard this a bunch already but make sure you play with at least 3 or even 4 players. Not nearly as fun with 2 unless you have the expansion

  32. Great list. Root, Orleans, Smartphone are all on my wishlist. I have all the rest and they are all great choices. Concordia was my first ever purchase and is great. I recommend the salsa expansion once you've played it a bunch ( The wild Salt resource and forum cards are good). i just got Ark nova and it is fantastic! Regarding the artwork there are soooooo many cards and no repeats so if they had gone with Art instead of pictures it wouldve been ridiculous amount of work. I think for this game pictures suit it well. The game trays on dwellings are fantastic.
    Other games I am on the lookout for are Vagrantsong, Modern art, For Science!, Whistle Mountain, and Anachrony.

  33. Le Havre and Orléans could be clearly on my top 50 ! Howewer about Orléans, it would be on my top 50 only if you add the expension « Invasion » with. It’s definitely a must have, I even think that it’s one of the most important expension in board games ever. Anyway thanks for all your contents and it’s really fun to follow you guys, great job ! 😊

  34. Great video, but I really miss the titles in the description. I always watch the whole video, but sometimes I want to reference a game title and that really made it easy.

  35. Great video. Of the games on your list titles, I have (and love) Root and Concordia, am currently playing Clank! Legacy., and have Ark Nova on preorder. I agree these have a good chance of making your top 50 in future years. As for my list of games to fill gaps, I also have Orleans and Smartphone Inc. (along with TI: 4, Anachrony , Caverna and Blood Rage).

    Terra Mystica was my favorite game for years. I do now prefer Gaia Project as a game (love the tech tree and the very balanced factions), but still like Terra Mystica's theme more. I am excited for all the Terra Mystica updates coming, from the Automa solo box and the anniversary edition to Age of Innovation. Tough call whether to wait or jump in now; I guess if you’ve waited this long, you could see if more specifics drop in the next few months before deciding,

  36. I two am thinking Ark Nova is something I would like to play this year. There’s another game as well but I’m woozy from all the shots and for the life of me can’t remember it’s name.

  37. I understand the appeal of a theme like Terra Mystica's. But Gaia Project is such a big improvement on the gameplay. If the plastic ain't broke on TM and you're willing to play the less appealing theme, sell TM! : )

  38. Ark Nova looks like the zoo version of castles of burgundy. Does not look attractive imo.

  39. Sooo many great games! Ark Nova was just released last week in Korea so I'm so excited to play it 😀 I've been holding out on Smartphone Inc. and now that you mention it, there's no reason for me to NOT get it (so I bought it just now…).
    The one game I absolutely have to play is actually Gaia Project. The reason is my group and I love Terra Mystica and played a ton in BGA, and I own the game lol. It's right there but so many new games are coming up, it just gets pushed back every time. Plus, COVID19 isn't doing any favors for gathering the group so I was so excited when BGA release Gaia Project.

  40. Oh man you're gonna love Dwellings. I don't push to get it to the table enough (it is a table hog), I'm gonna try to get it played again soon.

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