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A Case for Board Games – Why Board Games Help You Make Better Video Games – Extra Credits

Extra Credits
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Analyzing and designing board games will lay bare the hidden rules and mechanics we often don’t pay attention to when we’re playing video games–and in turn, that makes us better video game designers.
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(Original air date: August 14, 2013)

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  1. Board games were my first great passion in the 70s, and Diplomacy in particular.

    Conversely the one board game I've sworn an oath NEVER TO PLAY EVER AGAIN is Monopoly. I was forced to play this with my brothers but we never had an actual copy of the rules. I found out years later that we'd been playing it WRONG. Small solace for panic attacks, migraines and lots of crying.

  2. I saw the pic with advanced dungeons and dragons….

    yea, there's only 1 reason he got that… to prove how the dungeon master did something wrong…
    I LOVE D&D!!!!!!!!!!

  3. YES! so all those times of playing chess and losing will help me make a game!

  4. Thank You for the Video.I thought MY Game was almost extinct.Type James Stubits and SEE…"It's All About The Money".

  5. im trying to design board games and more of these would be helpful

  6. this is why I'm subscribed to geek and sundry, because of the different tabletop series they've got either showing off different tabletop games or following a specific long term type game, I'd say my collection is larger and better because of them x3
    I just wish I had people to play the more interesting ones with

  7. I've designed quite a few bord games at this point and I can tell you it is a challenge.

  8. I'm not much of a video gamer, but I love the medium because of the stories they can tell.

  9. Im currently am working on a board game and I think its a decent idea as part of the kind of werewolf card games but with different mechanics. This video helped me lay out clearer rules, thank you.

  10. well a long long time ago my friend and i played risk with a few different rules it ended with a huge no man's land in every continent as we would try to counter each others moves as the wars were most costly we each ran out of men too fast to really keep the game going

  11. My ideas for a game involves randomness and the logic is almost the exact same as DND dice rolls. At least the logic is the same.

  12. Interesting that the image of a board game collection has the German version of Ticket to Ride

  13. Could Dungeons and Dragons or Shadowrun be considered a Board Game?

  14. old video but still.

    Board games are almost an infinite levels better than video games. I own a ton of video games and I love them BUT! board games and tabletop games, will always be better

  15. Dominion FTW!!!! My game crew has played more Dominion than any other game I own.

    Also, Avalon. Great party game!!!

  16. The pun in this title was very punintentional.😆

  17. Good example: DC universe card game heros and villains. That rule book is so vague for a lot of characters, there should be an online updated version.

  18. I know I’m late, but not just board games, ALL kinds of games have inspired me in creation of video games.

  19. Just make the same board game on a computer

  20. 2:04 there so much tension in that photo, also they’re playing that game at 1:00 in the morning

  21. What about tabletop simulator (board game video game)

  22. You got the perfect warlock, her weapons and Design. Because you need a place to store your stuff because you're so disorganized. You click open the web page you've heard about critical role. Now you're ready to kick some butt in a mineshaft full of gnoles.

  23. Also you guys should do an episode on tabletop role-playing you vaguely referenced things about it before and I would love for you guys to do an episode on it.

  24. Omg you mentioned Shut Up & Sit Down! They are amaaaaazing! Never in my life I'd have thought that I'd hear of any actual board game reviewer here, much less of so good game reviewers as those people.

  25. It's funny how Diplomacy is supposed to improve your social skills and yet it deprives you of people to interact with

  26. I can vouch for board games here and I'm not even a game design student, I'm a visual arts student who made an entire card game of 220 handmade cards (I almost hospitalized myself making this project because of my lack of sleep… Coming up with the rules of each card was so difficult. No even before the cards, the rules of how you play were tricky because I got some feedback after playing it for the first time and people told me that I should put something I forgot in the handmade manual I made. And for every card (which there are 20 different types) there was a rule for each. I had 4 stacks of differently color coded cards and that was hell to make and even come up with.

  27. Design a board game before you design a video game

  28. I used to make a ton of board games and TCGs when I was young, they were unbalanced, certain things basically said "you lose the game"and all of it was made out of cardboard paper…it was amazing! no one really played them, but…it definetly helped me be a better game developer!

  29. This video is amazing, I love how video games are still connected to video games 🙂

  30. A great place to start is to take a game, like chess, and make a game that fill the same role in the game ecosystem. Im working on a chess style stratagy game based on chess, as well as a few roman and viking games. After that, it would be a great idea to find another classic game, like say craps, and make a game that is similar

  31. 2:50 Advanced Dungeons&Dragons isn't a good example…

    3:46 Advanced Squad Leader on PCs when?! Q_Q

  32. I remember when it was my dream to make video games and after struggling and failing to wrap my head around Java programming, I dropped from college thinking "What do I do now?" So for the last decade I have been figuring out board game ideas since I have fellow tabletop gamers who enjoy playing board games and, as soon as I have the courage to do so, I'd like to test out my finished ideas with them. One of the great things about board games is not having to worry about system requirements like a video game would.

  33. Oh, I know rules. I’ve played AD&D 2nd Edition!

  34. You can make the board game in tabletop simulator

  35. OK, I have to know what the game is with the weird shaped city tiles.

  36. Also, board games are just fun! (not as much the "common" ones like Monopoly, Risk, etc. But games like Settlers of Catan, Carcasonne, Seven Wonders, etc.).

  37. I have been going back though the game design playlist and now I have an overwhelming desire to download unity

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