A game that will take your breathe away… 👹😱 #boardgames #gamenight #tabletopgames #horrorgame - cutlassboardgame.com

A game that will take your breathe away… 👹😱 #boardgames #gamenight #tabletopgames #horrorgame

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  1. meanwhile me with me asthma: AHAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. This game will ruin your friendship and I haven't even played it I just know

  3. Fantastic idea! Can’t wait to play this game against the champion of under water diving holding breath for more than TEN FUCKING MINUTZW

  4. So its just a test of how big your lungs are?

  5. Looks like me practicing safe autoerotic asphyxiation will finally start to pay off in other areas.

  6. The first thing that pop up in my mind was fear & hunger

  7. "Hold your breath to live"

    Death Stranding: The Board Game

  8. Who else was able to hold their breath for the whole vid?

  9. Im not even a fan of board games but this one actually looks really good ngl

  10. This game is fun when im not playing it with a group cause i can hold my breath for a long time

  11. The board game must have a nose pincher thing that comes with it so that cheating will be prevented. 😜

  12. ''The last of us'' as a board game. Damn.

  13. I have astma, meaning i know how to not panic when I´m unable to breathe. That would be nice advantage.

  14. i have been practicicng holding my breath for 7 minutes consistently to quicken my butterfly personal best

  15. "How did you die?"

    "I played this board game"

  16. “The infestation will have their own thralls and attack” proceeds to use dice power

  17. I like the idea of a cardbaord horror game

  18. You only hold your breathe during the exploration part of your turn. There is a sandtimer included, if you prefer to not hold your breathe. As always be safe and have fun! 🥳👹

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