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A New Board Game Announcement! Chemical Overload

Rick Mammana
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Chemical Overload is a deck building, tableau building game where you create magical potions with varying effects! To do this, players will buy empty bottles and mix different combinations of chemicals into them. As these potions are made toxin levels rise adding event cards to the game and mixing up gameplay until finally the lab is full of toxins and the lab must be evacuated. Chemical Overload is a 1-4 player game available now on Kickstarter! 

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  1. Right when you said Red Fox I knew who it was,he did some funny stand up comedy and Sanford and son,cats always hide when company comes,I have one now,we used to always have at least 6,because of ex wife,I hope the board game goes good,but I never been into them,good looking food.

  2. Nice to eat with your family. Nice as now nim I'm 🛏 🛏 bound and watched all of the movie's on 📺 📺.

  3. Love the new game congratulations to both of them and good meal

  4. The game looks like a winner! Will definitely buy it! Dinner looked yummy! I remember stepping on Jacks; man, the metal ones hurt the most! Then when I had kids, I somehow always stepped on an errant lego that didn't make it into the box. Painful memories of Jacks would run through my head😂😂

    Enjoy the rest of the week😊

    Just backed the game on Kickstarter🌞🌞

  5. Awesome! Thanks for showing the game! TIME TA EAT!! 🙂

  6. Time 2 Eat.Nice Game.I hope they get to be on shark tank.Mr,wonderful used to have something with Hasbro.You might get Damon or Robert to make a deal or Barbra.Do not get greedy though but do not give away the company .

  7. You guys should get in touch with the "Beer and Board Games" YouTube channel (from Blame Society Productions); they always feature new board games looking for an audience.

  8. Hi all ! Dinner looks delicious ! The game looks great ! I hope you sell lots and become entrepreneurs ! You can all be on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon !! Have a great week !!! Take care ! Deborah 🇨🇦

  9. A happy Family dinner. Really enjoyed. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Congratulations, and Good Luck with your very own board game! That is unique! Nice seeing the family enjoying dinner together and having fun.

  11. Hey that’s really awesome looks like a great game!!!

  12. Awesome video. This was so fun. Love you guys so much. 👍❤😎

  13. Pretty cool about the new game! Dinner looked delicious! Is it a cat or dog they have? Kathy’s daughter does look like her 😊
    Take care

  14. Hi Rick great video this dinner looks really good 👍 I bet the board game was really fun I love your videos I'm just watching it now

  15. Great looking feast y’all had. Lots of good vittles. I like the look of the game and the concept. I’ll check it out this weekend. I hope it does well for them. Nice to see someone succeed when they put a lot of time and effort into something they are passionate about.

  16. Awesome lunch and cool game! Good luck Mike and Katie!

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