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A new BOARD GAME for 1982’s Commodore 64 computer?!

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Peri Plays new Commodore 64 text adventure dungeon board game The Nightland and reviews the game for ZZAP! 64 magazine. Do you agree with his score? Oh and check out – great PCBs from just $5!

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  1. You filming this while doing classes of metallurgy?

  2. Not a fan. I'd rather play the Avalon-Hill Games made for the old 8-bit computers.

  3. Garthe Sykes? I see what you did there! 🤣

  4. This reminds me of the Avalon Hill games of the early 80s, where they tried to integrate the traditional strategy games they were known for with the personal computer. The results were mixed, depending on the game, but I enjoyed them. Pretty sure we played using my friend's Commodore, either a C64 or a VIC20, can't remember which.

  5. Great review of the game. Really fun to watch. I like the boxart and the idea. Back in the day Several systems had the combination of boardgame and videogame. The Philips G7000 had some amazing ones: For example: "The Quest for the Rings", amazing boxart.

  6. Maybe it's just me, but the great thing about the SSI games back in the day was /not/ needing the board and dice. It might appeal to some people, but I don't see why anyone can't use their imagination just as much if they show the map on screen.

  7. It reminds me of the old Dungeons and Dragons electronic boardgame, but with the computer actually useful and you don't have to build the maze lol

  8. Hey thank you so much for reviewing my little game, I'm flattered! Woha! I will certainly update the soundtrack description with something more understandable (I apologize). The game runs under a z-machine interpreter (like Zork) so I could not insert sounds or graphics, but I hope that it was a fun fantasy flight anyway. Really, thank you so much!!!

  9. It's a cute game… but was it a Bored game or Board game? Seems like there was a familiar theme: Go directly to the oubliette do not pass "GO" do not collect magic double speed potion… anyway, agreed it was original and could have had supporting sounds or graphics added. Cheerio!

  10. Can you help me whete i can gaet a Amiga 500 and 1200 computer at let me know please

  11. I can´t remember of any PC board game around here. This is definitely suprise for me!
    Bonus points for you👍

  12. Hope everyone in the heatwaves are doing okay, I'm hiding in our unfinshed basement with my tablet, a cold drink, and a fan…

    Oh yes and a Retro Recipe video

  13. I wonder if any #demoscene people would take up a community effort to convert those tunes to SID and patch the game. I'd love to try and take one of the tunes on.

  14. many years ago playing book based RPG's with a set of dice and my Grandmother queried me on what I was doing, she called it satanic and devil worship so did a school friends father though that was painting fantasy miniatures with symbols etc claiming we'd anger god etc and flipped out sent everyone home, My Grandmother was fine though after I explained what a character sheet and the rules were, I still have the one book she bought for me even though I'd stopped playing by then to move onto doom and duke..

    The can of memory worms has fallen over again.

  15. Great idea, but needs a bigger board, ability to have more players, music and imagery. Hopefully the next version will be bolder. 😀

  16. Garthe Sykes wouldn't walk he would jump in his custom naboo fighter named Goliathoo and fly to the fortified citadel while saying "PeriFractic is a….Living…breathing….Insult…. To my existence" … lol someone might think I'm a bit of a fan boy lol so true

  17. I have a C64 adventure game with a huge foldout map. Sort of a boardgame, trying to keep track of where one are at.
    This is pretty cool though.

  18. The story and gameplay beats were very fun — I liked the lore and such, but I feel graphical and music and sound additions would justify the use of the Commodore. It could easily pass as a simple enough text adventure, at present — but short 8-bit cutscenes and sound would really help with the interactivity. Seems fun, though.

  19. It reminded me of a board game called Dark Tower. The electronic component of it was a tower with a 2 digit led display which directed you to dialog in the manual.

  20. Thank you Perri any new game for the 40 year old C64 has to be good.

  21. Younger me would’ve loved this. As a child I created my own board games.

  22. Wut? This program not sponsored by PCBWaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too expensive

  23. I can just barely understand the need for a board but the dice is totally useless. Automate the dice roll.

  24. A little weird that you have to stream the music on a separate device instead of including it in the game itself. I mean, this appears to be a VERY simple game (4k? 8k at the most?), so there would definitely be enough room for some actual SID music.

  25. Foolish knave, thou hast learn'd nought. The house always wins.

  26. Board game? Yeah, I'm bored, ha! 😛

  27. What great concept, but terribly executed. Nice graphics and sound could have increased the atmosphere drastically. But the most stupid thing is to speak of squares where there are clearly just circles for positions on the board.

  28. The Night Land is a classic horror fantasy and a classic set millions of years in the future when humans have been much changed and live inside a huge citadel, The Last Redoubt. Those outside have been further changed by having had intercourse with monsters from another dimension.
    It's mad stuff. 🤗

  29. Very interesting concept. On a more important note, I hope you feel better soon. Ironically, I was watching while feeling poorly, isolating in my old teenage bedroom as I'm visiting family in the UK. All the best

  30. Was an interesting game and entertaining review. But it has now sparked a memory that is going to be bugging me until I can find the game I'm thinking of.

    One of the C64 magazines, either in the late 80s or early 90s had a cover tape that included a board game you played on your C64. Not a board game translated to the 64 (like Risk or Hero Quest), but a game you played on a board, with added functionality provided by the C64. The magazine had a pull out which was the game board printed as a poster.

    As I recall, you had to play against another person, there was no computer character turn. I have a vague recollection there was a postman/mailman theme.

    If I hadn't lost my original stuff in a house move years ago, I go and find the tape that had it on. I've spent the last 40 minutes trying to track down a photo/scan of the tape or cover, but to no avail. I'm sure I cannot be the only person that remembers this.

    I had thought it was a Zzap Megatape that it was on, but I'm far less sure about that now.

  31. What an interesting game. The way it operates, it kind of reminds me of Dark Tower because the C64 is running the game as the computerized tower did in that game. But the tower did provide sound and bits of music.

    Perifractic’s Chess Board… that’s what it stands for! Finally got it correct after all of these recipodes 😂.

  32. I am very much into idea of C64 and board game hybrids. For quite a long time. This is a cool little example, and I am looking forward for more such stuff in the future. Ever more complex, too.

  33. When will the rev b be released to fix the text mistakes?

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