A new game punches into my top20 of all time! | Rahdo Recaps the Board Game week! (Sept 24th-30th) - cutlassboardgame.com

A new game punches into my top20 of all time! | Rahdo Recaps the Board Game week! (Sept 24th-30th)

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• September Roundup
• Cargo Empire
• Dice Manor 2p
• Ticket to Ride Legacy
• The White Castle
• Cretaceous Rails

• September Jen Jogs
• Apiary, Ezra & Nehimiah, Neotopia, Humanity, Nocturne – or

@OneStopCoopShop Disney Sidekicks
@TabletopTolson Dorfromantic post-campaign
@ShowMeHowToWin12 Rivers
@3MBG Top 100

5. ArcheOlogic
4. Restart
3. Pharmacology
2. Silver & Gold Pyramids
1. Jump Drive CO-OP!!!

0:00 Intro
1:26 New backer-exclusive videos on the channel
3:17 New public videos on the Rahdo network
6:07 New videos on other channels
11:20 My fave new game discoveries
20:17 The weekly playlist!!


  1. Thank you so much for mentioning and including "Restart" in your list. We promise to have much more to show to everyone about the game very soon.

  2. thanks for including 3minute board games — the countdown covers new & old games, various themes and mechanics

  3. Restart artwork very thematic…Unconscious Mind's cousin? 🤔😊 AI-pocalypse: refer to Terminator 2 😅

  4. I own Silver and Gold and there is no memory mechanic/issue as there is already a card in front of you that shows all the possible cards that can come out and there are like 10-12 cards. Still keen to see the second game.

  5. Kia ora Richard e hoa. Many thanks for the kind words here, it brought a big smile to my face and made my morning.

  6. FINALLY someone talking about Archeologic!!! I was wondering if it's worth checking out!

  7. Thanks for highlighting Pharmacology! I'm thrilled that you're that excited by it. It's one of my designs that I'm most proud of and I hope someday many more people have the opportunity to experience it. 😊

  8. This is a great kind of video, might need to check out the back log! Rahdo, you are a source of good in the hobby, keep it up.

  9. So which game got into your top 20 (as per video title)? I cannot find it.

  10. Thanks for the shoutout Rahdo! I never leave the house without that handy universal translator😉

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