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A Very Large Board Game Haul | We Need More Shelves | Board Games & Brew

Foster the Meeple
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Welcome to Foster the Meeple, a channel dedicated to board games and all board gamey things! Join us as we share all the new board games we got in the past month! One might say.. it’s too many!
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00:00 – Intro
03:47 – Game 1
04:40 – Game 2
06:06 – Game 3 /4
06:43 – Game 5
06:58 – Game 6/7
08:17 – Game 8
08:57 – Game 9
09:34 – Game 10
10:10 – Game 11
10:38 – Game 12
11:00 – Game 13
11:56 – Trying to remember stuff
12:39 – Game 14
13:49 – Game 15
14:41 – Game 16
15:52 – Game 17
16:57 – Game 18
17:53 – Game 19
18:16 – Game 20
18:49 – Game 21/22/23
20:14 – Game 24
21:12 – Game 25
22:20 – Game 26
23:10 – Game 27
23:54 – Game 28
25:16 – Wrap Up
26:31 – Game 29/30
27:16 – A Little Bit Extra
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  1. You guys need Caverna! We just recently got it, played it yesterday (Francis & I) and we absolutely LOVED it! Such a fantastic worker placement game. So jealous you found Meadow! 🥺💕

  2. Rococo, Cobble and Fog, Memoir 44, and Targi are a few games that I own and all 4 are great games. Glad to see you enjoyed Unmatched……………I called it! 🤣🤣

  3. I have Kanban and Rococo. Can verify, great games. Kanban is one of the lighter lacerda games. Perfect first one to try.

  4. Kanban EV is fantastic!! Yay Lacerda! Rococo Deluxe is great too!

  5. Such a great haul! Some of these are new to my radar. Time to go hunting! For our first Lacerda, we chose Kanban EV as well. Excellent game and so great to look at! Thanks again for the amazing content!

  6. I briefly misidentified Isle of Skye down in the corner as Brian Boru: High King of Ireland, and I was going to say "More like Board Games and Boru" and now I'm sad that doesn't make sense (Isle of Skye is great and you'll enjoy it)

  7. First off, I LOVE watching you guys so much. I literally never fast forward and you both are so entertaining all the time. Also, I am soooo happy you now own Meadow! It was in my top 5 of 2021!!!! I think maybe even number 3?! You’ll love it!

  8. Love the Exit series, and the best ones are Dead Man on the Orient Express, Theft on the Mississippi, Kidnapped in Fortune City, and Catacombs of Horror.
    So if you like the premise, check out these ones. They are more of mysteries you need to solve, a Who-dun-it. Catacombs if just a two-parter, and hardest of them, and has some very tricky and unique puzzles.

  9. Can’t wait to see your reviews on the new games.

  10. I am on hiatus from buying games. Just started a sleeve tattoo and have 3 more sittings $$$. Though I do have Massive Darkness 2 , X-men United and HoneyBuzz expansion KS's to look forward to.

  11. Commenting this until we get a 5 second 'hat of the day' segment

  12. Rococo is such an amazing game. And so pretty !!

  13. Yay for Exit games and Kanban! Kanban was my first Lacerda game and it's still my favorite of the ones I've played!

  14. If you like crokinole you should try carrom. Combines crokinole and elements of billiards. Should have my board in march.

  15. What a great haul! Targi is one of our favorite 2-player games, Colt Express is hilarious, we just finished (and loved) The Adventures of Robin Hood & we've had a lot of fun with Exit games (and other escape room type games). We received Abstract Academy recently & I'm curious to hear your thoughts once you've played.

  16. Kanban EV and Rococo… So Good, and so beautiful.

  17. Sweet score on that Rococo deluxe edition. Fun game! Played Bear Raid recently, not a fan. Realllly dry. I'll look forward to your thoughts as it doesn't seem like either a Jamie or a Jeff game.

  18. Hey, folks! I see you got Wilderness War finally. Jeff, if Jamie is going to be away for a bit I am more than happy to teach you this game, and the hex and counter wargame niche has a lot of differences from even the COIN series, which I don’t consider in that niche. These games have a lot of “chrome” to cover the unique historical aspects of the conflict in question. For a COIN game, that’s in the operational differences between factions and the cards. For Wilderness War, it’s a lot of rules. The game is very good, and flows very well during play, but it is not an easy learn for newbs. Happy to play on VASSAL, or TTS if there’s a module there although VASSAL is usually a lot better at handling these games as there are no physics (and it has an undo function, novel concept). Even happy to record it if you wanted to put it on the channel. You can get ahold of me via your Discord channel, I’m dugcool with the dog peeking out of pillows avatar. Let me know if you want to set something up. My time is largely my own, and while I’m 3 or 4 time zones after you, I can almost certainly be at your convenience. I just like teaching people how to play games. I’d even be willing to contribute a segment on good hex and counter wargames for Euro and strategy gamers, and I’m pretty good at it.

    Finally, if you like Cuba Libre, you should like Colonal Twilight, which is a COIN game specifically for 2 designed by fellow Canuck Brian Train on the Algierians kicking out the French. Not as good solo, though, as it only really has a bot for short games.

  19. Oh my goodness!! I need to get that Root shirt! 😍

  20. Startups is my favorite Oink so far. Haven't tried Scout. Certainly worth getting, because Startups has just enough to act as a filler.

  21. Great video guys! I don’t consider myself a heavy game player at all but I’ve played Kanban EV and loved it and didn’t find it tooo difficult to learn to be honest. It’s truly amazing! Hope y’all enjoy it!

  22. I was interested in Kanban EV but I backed Weather Machine and his games all look similar to me so Im just gonna wait on the weather machine. Look forward to your input on Kanban tho.

  23. Targi is literally one of my top 5 games, I would love to see you guys do some content on it! Also: Before You Play has a really good playthru of Imhotep: the Duel, if you wanna do a little more research

  24. For some smaller game storage, I make use of a flip top ottoman in front of my recliner chair. I am able to place a good number ( over thirty) inside it.

  25. Glad you've added Isle of Skye to your collection! It was one of my gateway games and I still really enjoy it now – solid game 😊. I'm trying to get a copy of Meadow too, the artwork is beautiful! Have fun playing all of your new games 😀

  26. You should get the Druids expansion for Isle of Skye! It makes it really really good at 2p and just adds an extra buy phase, but basically no rules overhead!

  27. That opening flashback is hilarious! It's concerning how many times I've said, "Yeah, I think I'm pretty much done buying games… there aren't really any more games I want!" One month later I've bought 6-7 new games… 😂

  28. Nice haul. Not sure if you have ever heard of Starship Catan and Settlers of Catan the Card Game. They are both amazing 2 player only games and they are probably my 2nd and 3rd favorite 2 player only games. 7 Wonders Duel being first, also I haven't played Dice Throne yet, but feel like that would be higher too. I'm not sure about Starship Catan, but Settlers they reprinted recently and may still be available.

  29. Trek 12 issue is adblocker so if they disable unlock or whatever they use for blocking ads only for bga then they will see the numbers

  30. Some awesome stuff there. Anno 1800 – great Martin Wallace game. Targi – brilliant two player game. Kanban EV – Kanban was our gateway drug to Lacerda games and now we have them all (I’d suggest Lisboa next, especially given Jeff’s love of Brass Birmingham. I also think you’d love Escape Plan).

  31. Oooohhh I just got Kanban EV, On Mars AND Vinhos Deluxe Edition all in the last two weeks, and Kanban EV is so darn good!!!! Excited for you to try it! I haven’t tried Rococo yet but it’s on my short list of games to look for next.

  32. Ooh boy, that is one hell of a haul! The CC must really be stinging after all that!

    I've found Lacerda games to be a brain full. I've loved all of them, but the amount of braining involved is non-trivial. The EG version of Rococo is so beautiful, too.

  33. Jeff annoying Jamie and think it's the funniest thing in the world is now and forever the best intro to any video! you guys always make me smile, thank you for that!

  34. I bought Kanban EV and Rococo together also! Very expensive but both games I’ve researched extensively and knew I wanted. Love watching your videos!

  35. I love how much love you two give to The Board Room Game Cafe. It's such a great spot! I remember when it opened and I was so thrilled (I've bounced back and forth between Halifax and Toronto quite a bit – next time I'm there we should play some gaaammmess)

  36. At this point when anyone who loves board games says they won't buy any more, they are lying… 😉 But also Anno 1800 is such a good game, I love it!

  37. My fiancee and I have tried or own a few two-player-onlys: Jaipur (also and oldie but a goodie), Patchwork (obvi), Odin's Ravens, Raptor, and Cairn – check those out for that fuiture content 🙂

  38. Great video thank you. I also have run out of space for board games and I have quite a few Kickstarter’s to deliver.

  39. Eyy so glad y'all found a copy of Quantum! +1 for Set A Watch & Targi as well. ^^

  40. Jeff, Jamie is going to replace you with someone willing to follow the script. Men are not irreplaceable, come correct.

  41. Unfortunately, you got the ugly version of Rococo 😃😃😃

  42. I was watching this on my TV, and the audio was a little low. Before I got around to fixing it, Jeff got loud. Im just that lucky!

  43. Oh I own dominant species! I brought it along to a friend after work in the middle of the week. We played until three in the morning… But if given its due I think it can be a really cool one. So much paralasys 😀

  44. Love the board game hauls.. just passed up Rococo deluxe a couple days ago and I’m already regretting it 😭

  45. I’m also in Canada and looking for a Canadian manufacturer of board game tables. Can you share who is making your board game table?

  46. Love how the longer the video went on, their Canadian accents got progressively more noticeable 😂

  47. We just bought Meadow and I’d say that it is our first modern board game. My 10 year old daughter and I played it last night and loved it. She had it all out again today playing against herself. Now we need to convince my wife to play it with us.

  48. dont gift the Netrunner base games. You need at least two copies of the base box to be able to have enough cards to make a deck with 3 of each card. A lot of the living card games have this problem. Try to keep at least two copies.

  49. of the three GMT games I think you'll like Wliderness War the least. its the most war gamery of the three. Twilight Struggle is a lot of fun, but you're not going to play it well the first few times as you have to know the cards. or rather, people who know the card will trounce people new to the game. Its probably good then that both of you have never played. I own Dominant Species but have never played it. Its the most Euro of the three and is pretty mid weight to heavy from what I hear.

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