Adam's Top 20 Board Games Of 2021 -

Adam’s Top 20 Board Games Of 2021

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IT’S TIME FOR THE TOP BOARD GAMES OF THE YEAR!! And what a year it’s been. Join Adam as he runs down the best of the best to hit the NRB tables is 2021

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  1. Would any recommend the crew: planet nine? Since it's the only one translated to my language and available in my country

  2. Any chance we can get a 2022 list as well?!

  3. I'm still holding out hope for a Top 10 of 2022 video.

  4. Thank you for everything Adam. I wish to meet you some day. I’ve been here sense the beginning and I just wanna thank you so much for helping me through tough times and giving my laughs. And thank you most of all for reinvigorating my love for board games. I love you all so much. This is my favorite channel on YouTube and I hope to meet you all one day.

  5. Awesome! I fell in love with this channel this year! Keep up the great gaming content!

  6. You guys are quickly becoming my favorite channel, the Blood on the Clocktower games are so good and along with every other game you guys play. All the hard work last year with all the restrictions, you guys still managed to deliver great content. Everything has stepped up another level with the in person game sessions now, seeing everyone interact in person really shows how much everyone loves the games. Keep up the great content

  7. "here are my top 10, 20 board games of 2021" this is why i love this channel♥

  8. Please Adam, change your phone. or repair the busted screen. it's not so expensive!!!

  9. Adam nerding out about board games is still just so wonderful! Beautiful list, Adam! Loved all the NRB content in 2021 and can't wait for what the future holds for this wholesome channel in 2022 and beyond! Have a merry Christmas and a happy, less shit new year everyone!

  10. Many thanks for your excellent videos which helped me through 2021! 😎👍

  11. Man the more I hear about Mind MGMT the more I wanna get it before it becomes the big hotness and everyone buys it.
    Also: Am saddened no Oath but understandable, that game is very love it or hate it.

  12. …I would pay very, VERY good money to get to be in just ONE gaming session with you guys. The games you pick are always so interesting. How do you hear about new games?

  13. Adams burns are perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

  14. I would love to see a series where you guys play through Sleeping Gods. The way you hyped it up, I know I’d sit down every week to watch a series on it!

  15. Great games, but I think I'll keep playing the classic "Put a spoon in the box"

  16. ROFL!!!!! You leave Mushroom Blair alone!

  17. Loving the shoutouts to the NRB crew in this!

  18. Wait… I don't unserstand Destinies. At least the… "reason" as to why you have to be the first to "fulfill your destiny". Do the others have a destiny that contradict yours ?

  19. Fantastic list! I would love to try all of these. The only one I have played is Mind MGMT and we adore it. You're right, the production is bonkers good. The shift system is an interesting way of dripping in new content. Subsequent games get played subtly differently which always keeps you on your toes.

  20. Great list, great channel. Wish I could see more playthroughs. Proving you can keep the viewers engaged and immersed. With great editing (showing us cards up close or highlighting a change on the board) and great group of personalities. Hope to see more games with miniatures, I love them!
    Nemesis has to be my favourite game you played. Drunk captain Sully, Stone Cold scientist Tom, Can't hit for his life soldier Isaac, Selfish pilot (you not coming in!) Laurie, and ofc The other half of the science bros Mechanic Adam (also fixes only half the time).

  21. Great list Adam, amazing content NRB! I wish you all at NRB an amazing festive season and all the best for the coming year!

  22. If ‘Hit the Silk’ wasn’t on here, I would’ve rioted.

  23. It’s between Pandemic Legacy S1 or Mysterium Park for me

  24. It was really wholesome to see every player of the crew getting a shout-out at some point of the video. It's a pity Elliot didn't get a shout-out too.

    Jon: "There's a number of hugely exciting games coming out this year, not least of all perennial Jon Gracie torture engine, blood on the clocktower". // "Unfathomable: also known as Jon Gracie's favourite game and not at all the easiest way to make him unravel like a spool of wool tumbling down the f*cking stairs".
    Sullyvan: "You idiot, Sully! Make a resolution to not be such an idiot!" // "Hope you guys like funny voices, I happen to know a certain Sullyvan who is excellent at them".
    Tom: "I fully expect to get lost in [meadow] and never return to civilization".
    Blair: "This little singing mushroom can f*ck off. It's like the evil Blair. Kill it!"
    Isaac: "I love a gorgeous, aggressive oddity. See this unrelated picture of Isaac".
    Brooke: "Like, Brooke, [picture perfect] is another lovely little weirdo".
    Carley: "At No Rolls Barred we are huge fans of american monsters, that's why we keep inviting Carley to keep playing clocktower with us despite her proclivity towards slaughtering us all with a smile".
    Adam: "Beautiful and difficult, like [Adam]".
    Rosie: "Play [night of the ninja] with chaotic friends like Rosie. Rosie is a very good ninja".
    Dom: "That means nonstop paranoia, haggling, threats, begging, shackling your friends to Dom with handcuffs, the same Dom that you also poisoned".
    Laurie: "Laurie is a Harkonnen in every bloody sense of the word".

    Out of the games in this top, hit the silk was the funniest one to watch in my opinion. I wouldn't mind a rematch.

  25. I didn't expect a barrage of messages informing me I've been dubbed an American monster, but happy Saturday to you too, Adam. I look forward to the next slaughter.

  26. My favorite game I played this year is definitely Sleeping Gods.

  27. I love how this video not only gives great recommendations that we may well have missed through the year, it also gives lovely little shoutouts to the Board Game Club Irregulars alongside a game that fits their personalities and "gimmicks".

  28. Fun fact: I was talking with my friend about your channel a while ago since I kinda want to know more (and that’s a bit dangerous since I won’t stop until I’m done) and today.. I got my Christmas present which is… Dixit which I really like since i like creating (silly) stories. Thank you to let me discover this wonderful world

  29. Summoner Wars sounds like the iconic ZX Spectrum game Chaos by Julian Gallop… very interesting 🤔

  30. Don't think I've played anything from 2021, the wallet has been… yeah, but Kimgdomino was a new inclusion to my groups online sessions and it's been bloody lovely to play; quick and easy to learn AND master, a great little palate cleanser in-between slightly larger and thematically heavy board games, and an ideal collection starter for anyone looking to break a friend into the hobby.

  31. "It's like the evil Blair."

    Isn't that just regular Blair?

  32. Other titles for this video include; "20 ways to erode your credit card balance that you have just spent the last year paying off", and "Here's several hours of content from NRB that you haven't watched yet, so get to it!"

    Thanks Adam! (Both genuinely and sarcastically)

  33. N03 GALAXY TRUCKER N02 FORGOTTEN WATERS N01TYRANS DE L'OMBRETERRE (new games in europe on 2021)

  34. Wait wait WAIT! If Blair is evil, would Evil Blair be… GOOD?

  35. id never heard of mind mgmt, and now i neeeeed it

  36. Top 20, because he couldn't quite squeeze in jabs at everybody in just 10 🤣

  37. Dune is a great game, maybe one of the worst productions I've ever seen though. Off-centre tokens, a board that's too dark, pathetic card stock, all in one beautiful first edition that got dumped into most buyer's laps. Amazing

  38. Please play Mind MGMT on board game Club!

  39. …Nemesis? Surprised that didn't make the list

  40. Please play Betrayal on House on the Hill Adam and company.

  41. Anyone else waiting for the Best Games of 2022 list so Blood on the Clocktower can finally win it?

  42. My number 1 for 2021 is Solomon Kane
    Number 2 Final Girl (the single most innovative production in gaming this year)
    Number 3 Burgle Bros 2

  43. Man, I have enough board games and now I want at least 4 more… Argh!

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