Amazing game you'll play in 2027 is here! Mordred is not doing well? -

Amazing game you’ll play in 2027 is here! Mordred is not doing well?

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0:00 Intro
0:27 Shadows of Brimstone: Lost Tombs & The Hell Train
4:18 Scarface 1920: Bloody Business
5:20 Sankokushin miniature
5:40 Sword & Sorcery – Abyssal Legends
7:38 Tales of Evil – Final Chapter
10:27 Mixrack Modular Paint Storage
12:24 Mordred


  1. CMON has multiple problems.
    Releasing stuff that isn't clicking with the masses. Mordred just doesn't appeal, especially the art style.
    Their shipping prices still include freight and are super high.
    They have way too many projects outstanding.
    They are not good at promoting the gameplay, don't provide prototypes to content creators.

  2. I'm glad Brimstone is crusing Mordred and Sword & Sorcery.. 😉

  3. I might consider backing another cmon game when they deliver the rest of my Trudvang pledge. But probably not

  4. I've noticed with campaigns where it is a revision, sequel, expansion, etc that Kickstarter/Gamefound campaigns only show the new stuff instead of showcasing the original game for new backers it is entirely focused on the new stuff. As you have mentioned the lack of gameplay videos just comes off as a bit lazy. I've especially noticed that with how expansions to certain games work. It's like "Here's an expansion!…Crickets". Mordred seems interesting but until they have a video or a review, I think I'll sit this one out.

  5. To reinforce what KoA said, if you bsck SOB, don't expect any communication and it will be a couple years. I backed the last Kickstarter knowing this and was perfectly happy with the way the campaign went.

  6. Mordred doesn't have a solo option. After COVID, I rarely buy a game without some kind of solo option.

  7. Good to see Tales of Evil getting a shout out. I have a bit of a soft spot for that one – strikes a nice balance of slightly creepy narrative and silly fun. Expansion alone seems a bit pricey to me though so will have to consider that one. Nice to see Shadows of Brimstone doing well and also delivering their previous KS. That one has some great emergent narrative and there's something appealing about how old-school it is.

  8. I passed on the last Shadows of Brimstone KS because of the minis needing assembly, but the game looks really solid! I really like the Egypt and Railroad themes so I'll probably jump in on this one.

  9. I am so fed up with SoB at this moment, it's hard to express how much. The core (Western) gameplay is just so outdated at this point, why are they even still propogating the same design. Oh wait, that's right, "fans" are still eager to throw hundreds of $$$ at this property. I'm still waiting from my SoB Adventures game, years too late, and am just no longer interested in it anymore. Yeah, hope you get your "new" game expansions before 2030 folks! So sad….

  10. I am just really hesitant with backing anything anymore. I have 3 outstanding KS games and one looks like it will be asking for more money already and they are really lacking on updates. My other 2 backed KS are behind but are good with updates as to what is going on. I am now more likely just to go retail.

  11. are you doing a video on the newest kdm update? besides that any thoughts or feelings regarding finally getting the gc

  12. CMON has too many open orders for me to care anymore about them for now. I don't want another mythic.

  13. I am worried that CMON is the next Mythic games

  14. I'm actually so sad Mordred isn't doing better. It looks awesome – the art, the minis, the theme – one of CMON's best looking games yet IMO. Thr issue is that they did barely any prelaunch marketing for it, I haven't seen a single ad for it. I actually learned about the game on THIS channel….

  15. CMON after scalping ridiculous 'shipping' charges are not getting any pre-orders from me. Plus recent games they offer are easy to skip.

  16. Aesthetically Mordred is very similar to Trudvang. Any CMON backer who backed Trudvang though probably is pretty unlikely to back the project since CMON has done such a poor job with that game. This project isn't the mass market appeal of Zombicide so I could see backers being hesitant this will just be another project that sits undelivered.

  17. Please consider doing an episode on GMT games, they have a very unique take on "kickstarting" called their P500 program. Worth taking a look at for some more obscure but often very good games.

  18. Mordred just isn’t doing it for me. I generally love Smiths art but this art not quite as much. The minis remind me of Trudvang minis which I also disliked. I also don’t feel like I need another cmon area control game.
    The board flip feels interesting, if perhaps a bit gimmicky. I really didn’t get a good sense of the game play.

  19. I watched the CMON Mordred community video when it was released, and still came away unsure of the gameplay. Their minis are nice, but when aren't they? Finally subscribed- enjoying your content. Keep up the good work.

  20. Both of the SOB sets are insane, and exactly up my ally, but I can't really commit to a 2 year project, especially that will probably be a 3 year delivery. (But I REALLY want it).
    With Mordred, I REALLY like the art, and the game seems kind of interesting, but I'll be damned if I'm paying upwards of $ 62+ USD for shipping.

    It's kind of like what's going on with the Shards of Infinity Kickstarter.
    Ignoring the fact that there's no upgrade kit, which I can get over, a base pledge is asking like $ 40 USD to ship a box of 300 cards!

  21. I am a gigantic King Arthur fan. The fact that I didn’t back this game is somewhat telling. I am pretty well done backing games that don’t show me how it is going to play. I have also jumped off the mini’s are cool backing. I have plenty of mini games. Finally, I know that Shadowborne games has a King Arthur game coming. At this point I am way more intrigued about what their game is going to bring to the table.

    On a completely different note. I love Shadows of Brimstone. What I don’t love is assembling miniatures. I absolutely hate it. It just isn’t my thing. I got myself through the assembly on the first game but knew I would never back again. If they ever switched to assembled models I would be back in a heartbeat.

  22. Dice tower do a video playing Mordred, I don't know how feel

  23. Mordred reasonably priced? For EU, the core with VAT and schipping is $180. That's not reasonable anymore. Nobody can keep spending close to $200 per boardgame that doesn't even include expansions when you can easily find good games in retail under $100. I said it before, I don't want "value" at that price point, I want value at/below $100.

  24. They already passed mordred on day 1. Shadow of brimstone kicking it out of the park.

    I have too much of it.
    But I’m backing at the pharaoh level. They give us a lot. I love that giant snake and the sphinx.

  25. For me, I think Brand Fatigue is what is effecting my excitement for CMON. Just like Marvel, they do their thing, it’s fine but you just get tired of it. I’m also still not agreeing with their shipping prices at this point and that really hurt them for me. Mordred looks cool and I may go for it but I’ll have to see.

  26. Wow! It’s been awhile since I been to this channel. The coverage seems a lot less negative and “get views at all cost” oriented, particularly on the low numbers from the CMON campaign. I looked back at the recent content and the click bait is significantly toned down. Back on board and look forward to your content.

  27. I consider CMON unbackable from Germany right now. Shipping and VAT make Mordred almost 160 bucks expensive. That’s just a horrible deal. I don‘t see any reason why I should not get 3 great games at retail for that money.

  28. I backed the Mixrack campaign because they have an insert for the Billy bookcase, which is the popular Ikea shelving system that a lot of people use. I'm pretty excited about it.

  29. Im a huge CMON fan and I may back Mordred I just can't find out hardly anything on it. Dicetower finally has a play through so ill watch that. I don't understand the marketing with it at all. Hardly any adds, no coverage, super weird. All their projects I have backed seem to be moving forward at a decent pace though so I am not worried just confused CMON area control games are usually a big hit not sure why they didn't market it

  30. I was sure that I would be backing Mordred and Abyssal Legends. Mordred just hasn't got me intetested, beyond the great trailer. There is something about the art style that isn't working for me. Abyssal Legends, I just looked at all the content that I already have, unpainted, for Sword & Sorcery and decided that I didn't need it. Maybe I have just developed crowdfunding restraint?

  31. I have lots of King Arthur story in a twisted way coming, and Mordred just feel very bland compared to Tainted Grail and Kingdom's Forlorn that I don't feel I need it. Don't get me wrong I love that theme, but how many do I really need in my collection.

  32. I personally don't think the Mordred art is very good, and have some questions about the overall depth

  33. Mordred: full disclosure – I back it mainly because of the art of Adrian Smith. Of course I hope the game will be good as well, just as the Lang trilogy DOAMs. With that said, I think so far the campaign is a failure in the terms of CMON, even compared to CP2077… They did a lot of questionable decisions so far. Usually they launch theur projects 5 weeks after it was announced, leaving enough time to drop a teaser or info about the game twice a week, now they launched after only 2 weeks and did a weak job at the build up.
    Also, the game is mainly designed by Alexio Schneeberger who's made two small children games and his main title (CP2077) hasn't been delivered and tested by the public… (FD: I have nothing against him, but he hasn't proved himself yet).

  34. Mordred #2: Unfortunately the campaign is underperforming (is it a failure so far in terms of support?), and that they made the first expansion "KS exclusive only" only supports this claim. They never did in any of the Lang trilogy games, but did it in the CP2077 campaign in every expansion, but one.

  35. Unfortunately, many backers still can't play the original Scarface 1920 because they sent us German cards instead of English. Lies, delays, evasions from Redzen and still no replacement cards. Back with caution.

  36. I've got a great question for ya. I recently backed a very cool 5e setting from privateer press. Based on hordes and war machine. I have a few of their minis but have you seen anyone making stl proxies? I'm having trouble finding any.

  37. I dunno about SoB man. 3 years is a long wait, it pretty much all goes to retail, and money in your pocket today is worth more than saving a couple 100s years from now. SoB only seems worth it if you're a junkie, and if you are you already own way too much to feasibly play.

    S&S is probably going to get my money, I'll buy SoB stuff years from now.

  38. Love FFP games!

    Just a shame that imo SoB, the lesser game to AToE or F&G is their real money maker.

    Still good fun though and the brothers genuine love for their games and the hobby in general always shines through.

    Been waiting about 10yrs for the hinted/promised Victorian era SoB, so we made our own using the Mansions of Madness tiles. Works great and using zones instead of squares speed things up.

  39. I went all in. I love Egypt. The Hell Train I might sell, but I want all the stretch goals! I am pretty sure they will be able to deliver in 2026. ❤

  40. Shadows of Brimstone was a nightmare KS the first time around. Renders to production quality was poor – and that’s generous. Worst build quality of anything I’ve ever got. Gameplay was clunky and town was too time consuming. Not sure how this game is a still going.

  41. My group really likes Shadows of Brimstone, so I am sure to jump on this one as the KS campaigns are really good deals. Once all the SGs are reached, they tend to be $1200-$1400 MSRP worth of stuff in the all-in type pledge.

  42. CMON has too many outstanding projects and they had a very low profit margin last year. I am starting to get worried that it is using one projects funds to complete another.

  43. The art looks like massive darkness which I didn’t like at all. I’m fact some of the minis almost look exactly the same to my eyes. Big pass for me on Mordred.

  44. Ugh now I question all my decisions… should I back out of tanares for shadows of brimstone 🥴🥴🥴

  45. These SoB kickstarters with new core sets every 5 years. It's ridiculous. This will be 7… 7! core sets with this latest one. There's just too much stuff for the game. I got 1 original core set, the FF stuff, a ton of extras and now an all in on the last KS. It's way too much stuff and none of these new iterations makes the game any easier to play, sort, manage, nothing.

  46. Mordred, I just don't have a big interest in fantasy games as much as Sci-Fi. I have Dune, Cyberpunk and Zombies of the Marvel variety.

  47. I liked your video, but there's nothing there that really interests me (the games themselves I mean)
    Looking forward to Ascendancy (august), Floe and the reprint of Isofarian Guard (both september).
    I hope you will consider covering Ascendancy, I think it fits in the type of games you cover, and I would love to hear your opinion. (it has mini's and a promising rulebook 😉) ❤ Thanks!
    Rulebook Ascendancy :

  48. I am actually surpriced that Mordred is doing so well. So many people, not knowing anything a about the game, just uncritical pledgeing.

  49. Eh morded looks fine I guess but honestly I am waiting to see shadowbourne’s take on an Aurthurian area control board game – though atm all we have is one teaser shot for the game.

  50. As a sidenote: the warlords pledge went for like 275$ during the last campaign and when 3 years later it was about to be delivered, people offered tons of money for it.
    I like Shadows of Brimstone a lot, it's my favorite dungeon crawler. During the last campaign in the last half year they actually sent updates like once a month. But yeah, usually you back their campaign and then forget it until three or so years later at some point.
    In Germany a lot of the stuff is barely available, or not available or very expensive, so those KS campaigns are the chances to grab a lot of content for a fair price. I mean, it's still a lot of money, but you know what I mean.

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