ameritrash vs euro games -

ameritrash vs euro games

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Summon the Rawk Kevin MacLeod (
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  1. Every time I hear victory points I always think of this video.

  2. I thought the ad read was part of the joke

  3. The fact i have real interest in the second game just shows something is wrong with me

  4. Just play Root for the best of both worlds!

  5. Ameritrash studios: nah fuck good game design just throw some dice that will give people some shit to do

    Euro: ahh yes, strategy! No luck nothing else but skill. loses man I was so unlucky

  6. Did a historian make the second one. It seems like one of those games

  7. I'm confused, which of these is American?

    And what does Warhammer 40k count as, since that's British…

  8. Asian games:
    Here are 20 pieces. Each piece can take another piece. Your opponent also has 20 pieces, the end.

  9. Can't believe I've been playing monopoly all this time when I could've played these!

  10. ‘There will no dice required for this pamphlet’ made me laugh more than I’d like to admit


  12. Lost in Random is unironically a good game. I played it on merit of my own interest.

  13. Canadian board games are entirely built on being as falsely positive as possible in order to succeed by hiding your inner aggression… oh wait that’s just what a poker face is… shit… no wonder my grandpa loves poker

    /j (sorry grandpa I love you)

  14. “After 19 actual real time hours have passed the winner is whoever received the most victory points” so basically as long as monopoly

  15. This is particularly funny to me given the first time I ever played a "european" game was a few weeks ago. When I was told this was a eropean game, I glanced down at the box, which clearly depicted a historically-accurate China. "Dude do you know what that word means"

  16. I once played what was effectively japanese monopoly and honestly it was kinda fun

  17. Lost in random was a fucking good game actually

  18. You’re videos are so entertaining and clever. Your comedic brilliance and satiric commentary are excellent. Love the awesome work you do.

  19. The European guy sounds like Hans Gruber from Die Hard.

  20. [german accent] Zer will be [american accent] NO DICE [german accent] required for zis pamphlet.

  21. Alternatively there's the old 1970s Avalon Hill games that make the Eurogame look like TicTacToe.

  22. Perfectly encapsulated why I hate both types.

  23. The Fact That You Roll 20 D6's and if any 2 dice match you rool 20 more, makes going to the next phase impossible

  24. Ah yes. My favorite "board" game. Roll balls onto metal and draw cards to annihilate your opponent.

  25. I have been attempting to watch some Wingspan playthroughs to see if I want to purchase the game, and I can't make it through any of them without thinking of this video.

  26. Jamestown sounds like settlers of catan… and… I’d play it

  27. I still haven't finished Lost in Random dawmn.

  28. Not sure why he's excited about rolling dice in a Euro game… Dice in general suck.

  29. Okay but look exploding dice are fun
    I gets ta hab all da maz rocks an den i gits moar rocks

  30. oh shit there are Agricola components in that. Fantastic game

  31. I love how gamesworkshop, a European game, is more close to ameritrash

  32. The definition of Overstimulation vs Understimulation respectively

  33. Look yeah the rulebook says there are 36 Auction Phases but REALLY it's more like 8 once you understand what's going on, so it's not that bad. I'm sure my family will LOVE Jamestown the next time we have boardgame night!

  34. First one is mostly 40k
    Jamestown is in the US.

  35. A manual that's too big to be called a manual; a manual as massive, thick and heavy as a Berserk Deluxe volume? Wow

  36. Warhammer 40k, the best of both of these extremes

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