An Intro To Board Games - Shut Up & Sit Down -

An Intro To Board Games – Shut Up & Sit Down

Shut Up & Sit Down
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  1. This is one of my favorites videos on youtube

  2. Is this… an elevator music version of The Super Mario Land theme?

  3. What is the name of the background music at 5:20? It's from a video game, but I cannae remember which one.

  4. Monopoly is the best game … for never wanting to play a game withe dice again …

  5. "…the table, as a medium, can be used for *anything*…"

    Oh really? 😉

  6. the mario music here reall works, i love your select

  7. Hey Stratford! I didn't know SUSD was filmed from my hood!

  8. Lol. If they were in Victoria now (in Australia) they'd be in lockdown due to stupid kids (and brainless adults) spreading covid.

  9. "Board games give you something to… Hold"
    Haha yes, I definately have friends in real life who like board games and don't just play through Tabletop Sim…
    Edit: Shit this video is meant to help me get my friends into them isn't it

  10. I wonder what games would be used if this video were remade now? Maybe a Wingspan for the excentrics, a Terraforming Mars for the space opera, and a Secret Hitler for the simple hidden role game?

  11. IMO your Lawrence of Arabia costume was pretty authentic

  12. The one thing keeping me from getting into board games is my lack of friends

  13. that looks like the Olympic park in the background…..i work just down the road 🙂

  14. My main concern with starting a board game collection is that I'll might end up with games that are all more or less the same, like I might have 40 games at some point, but only 10 or so that bring a new concept whereas the rest might end up just being copies (hope that makes sense)

  15. Please make an updated version of this 😊 love it!

  16. You need to redo this with up to date games.

  17. I was finding it super hard to introduce modern boardgames to my best beloved cousin, but when I saw this videp olI knew that it is perfect and it was.

  18. 4:33 You were were making me think 'A Clockwork Orange", then a pear stole the show.

  19. Nice Bug Wars music at 2:54! idk if that is where it is from, but that is where I know that specific track from .

    Very unfortunate that the version I played on never allowed me to be the hoppers. I think it was glitched… 🙁 looking at you Armor Games.

  20. Would love to see an updated version of this video. It was great at the time, but some of the games (Archipelago, maybe Ladies and Gentlemen) maybe wouldn’t be the first choice to feature now?

  21. thanks. any plans to redo and this vid with better production quality? I was looking a good video to intro board games to people new and this was really good.

  22. Quinns looks amazing wearing eyeliner
    Video is good too

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