An Out-Of-Print Favorite Is BACK, A Giant Cat, & More! - Board Game News -

An Out-Of-Print Favorite Is BACK, A Giant Cat, & More! – Board Game News

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The latest official card, board, and tabletop game news for August 2023.


Earn tentacles to prove your devotion to the cutest cephalopod in the cosmos!


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  1. I'm really excited for Waterfall Park. Also I think the Colossal Cat in the Box looks so much fun. You can get a plushie with it, and the first player marker is ridiculously big! Love it. Plus, I think Elvis is black, so Rodney's just got to get it for his furbaby. 😉

  2. The logical next step is to include an actual cat with Cat in the Box.

  3. Don't quite understand why a cheaper version of Foundations of Rome (great idea) had to change the setting to some dull modern city, why could we not have ancient Rome just without the miniatures?

  4. Great video! Always love the news 🗞️ 📰

  5. 'Bone Wars' sounds like an er…very different activity…I mean game.

  6. Waterfall Park looks interesting, but I'll wait to see how family friendly any rules changes are. I always wanted to do a Chinatown retheme, with players building the shopfronts on a space station. Ideally, it would be about populating the shopping area of the Citadel from Mass Effect. I tried doing art for a potential "just for me" print, but never got around to completing it.

  7. Ancient Knowledge looks interesting. Gonna have to look into that one more!

  8. Cat in a Box was one of my favorite games of last year, and I'm gonna jump on the new version toot sweet

  9. As I understand it the bone wars were mainly over mammal fossils though dinosaurs were also involved (got that from a Dr of paleontology on an excellent podcast). Will be interested to see if that's the way the game is themed…I'll bet it isn't bet it's all big reptiles 😁

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