Another 5 TERRIBLE KickStarter Board Games- SGR -

Another 5 TERRIBLE KickStarter Board Games- SGR

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It’s time to once again look at board games on the kickscammer show! I love playing board games myself and spend quite a bit of time looking them up and backing them on places like indiegogo and kickstarter!

Thankfully, nothing I have ever backed has turned out as bad as these games!

Here are 5 awesome campaigns

Here are 5 campaigns featured

⌛ The Complete History Series…

The ultimate in-depth documentary look at all your favourite gaming franchises such as… Metroid, Streets of Rage, Shinobi, Strider, Metal Slug, Parappa the Rapper, Toejam & Earl, House of The Dead, Earthworm Jim. Space Harrier, Jet Set Radio, Crash Bandicoot, Grand Theft Auto, Final Fight and many many more

⌛ The Kick-Scammer Series…

Join us as we look into some of the very worst Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns ever!

⌛ Random Video Games Fact Series…

The Strangest Video Game Facts found on YouTube

⌛ Quickshot Series…

Random bite sized gaming facts

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  1. Okay, how stupid is this Daniel bloke?
    How the fuck do you leave on your live streams THAT MUCH like omfg seriously,
    His dumb ass and his stupid fucking hot what they deserve and dare I say they deserve something even harsher, fucking idiots.

  2. That Daniel Perez guy is one POS. I remember when all this happened and how many people called the police.

  3. ok mat pat. just show ue face instead of cutouts

  4. I don't know why I find Daniel's reading of the comment "oh no please don't take back your dollar, lol" so funny xD
    But yeah what an ass he was and my god, the last campaign went from 0-100 real quick.

  5. All I care about in this story is those kids. Thank God they got removed from that house. They should never be returned to these idiot parents again.

  6. Wow, what a monster
    Jealous of his success? What success? He lives in a concerned dump and the stolen games he tried to pass off were shut down

  7. So wait I get the rest of the pics but drawing from a photo of a real person posing is theft how? What is figure drawing?

  8. 19:09 is this what happens when normies try to start their own business and think how gaming works? It's like digital homicide levels of unawareness. And then as the video went on nm this is just a derangement of a sad existence.

  9. Back fire back fired🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. I was going to say there is already a Pac-Man board game, but that seems to be the least of his problems.

  11. Ah yes. "Nuratoo" easily right up there with Japanese Anime greats like:
    "Durgunboll Zed"
    And "Joes Bizzarro Adventure"

  12. When it comes to bad kickstarters they seem to fall in 3 catagories:

    Dummies, Jerks, and total Sociopaths.

  13. I'm disappointed I didn't see a Mr. Bucket revival game :c I had that game as a kid and it terrified me when I was a toddler; but yet I was fascinated with it and always asked my mom to let me play it.

  14. Ugh, that audio was horrible. I feel so bad for those kids.

  15. I shouldn't have looked up that Daniel Perez video, I shouldn't have looked up that Daniel Perez video, I shouldn't have-

  16. well that Daniel Perez story was a wild ride, just glad his kids are safe and away from him

  17. I've had several ideas for games over the years (which I never discussed with any game company), only to find out that someone else already did it, or it would show up sometime after I thought of it. I never accused any of them of stealing my idea, I realized that they also thought of it and had the means to develop it and get it out to the public, all I did was applaud their efforts…

  18. Well this one turned into a 48 Hrs. Investigation close to the end…damn!!!

  19. Damn. The David Perez saga makes me happy that other kickstarters only run off with people's money

  20. Slopes said "I'm not playing the track" and I thought "lame, it couldn't be that bad"

    …Then I went and listened to it. Fuck.

    You tried to warn me Mr. Ibbertson. I didn't listen.

  21. Hey slopes u accidentally put a belle delphine video in the kick scammers playlist

  22. Those poor kids… they’re probably gonna be really messed up when they get older.

  23. Lmao, pretty sure klondike, at least the original Isaly's version, is older than that dude. Seems a little unstable.

  24. I’m still waiting for that Numberwang board game to get funded. Unfortunately I’m doubtful it will reach its twentington thousand pound goal.

  25. That dude isn't going to be very happy in prison if he gets charged with child abuse.

  26. Yeah the Daniel Perez story made me physically ill to my stomach, good lord……

  27. Hang on a second… so they setup a board game about starting up a company and because of mismanagement the whole thing lost them money? 🤦‍♂️

  28. What in the Hell did I just watch?! That was pretty bad Slopes, very hard to watch and nothing bothers me. 12 felonies should mean he won't be able to harm his kids ever again. By the time he gets out they should be old enough to be on their own (hopefully).

  29. UPSTART, how to start a business : Kickstarter.

    You win !

  30. Damn, that took a dark twist for an episode about questionable board games.

  31. It’s crazy that you can kickstart ANYTHING 😅


  32. I think the first one is on both the marketing company and the creator honestly, there's no hero in that story

  33. I have heard this from countless sources and its always hold true with a few exceptions here and there but:
    DONT DO BUSSINESS WITH CHINA. I have heard hundreds of storys about how they have no moral compass. From delivering crappy produced products that are not measured right and claiming its "Chinese metric" to just taking your money and running. Just like a call center with indian people offering tech support, dont trust them. Go with a German company, go with a south american company or even an american company but dont trust people in asia. They tend to take advantage of people because your laws dont apply over there so they can get away with overseas murder. Heck my family who worked in education with exchange students had to explain the concept of plagiarism to students many times and why they failed.

  34. I'm sorry but David LADYMAN??!!! LMAO

  35. Gotta say thank you for not playing the abuse that happened to those kids. I have to say honestly it is the best thing to happen hopefully for those kids because their parents didn't deserved them and i hope they are with folk who love them and are giving them the life, love and care they deserve!

  36. The last one is actually pretty sad for the kids. I really hope they are doing well now.

  37. The last 2 people are easily the most evil creatures ever to be covered on this channel. I hope they rot in prison and rats eat their eyes.

  38. I'm literally embarrassed to live in the same state as Perez, thank goodness that he and his wife were arrested and the kids are safe now.

  39. I'm just glad that Perez was such a massive idiot that he did all of this on a livestream. I dread to think how much longer he would have gone undetected if he was smarter.

  40. As someone who was raised in a family that took in foster kids for over 15 years now, it disgusts me people can hurt their own children…Not only that, the audacity to do it on stream and assume people would do nothing. That’s so sad and gross. It’s heartbreaking knowing two children who barely were the age to make memories were most likely traumatized for life. I hope they’re okay..

  41. Back-fire! You've been caught in the — back-FIRE

    *Sung to the theme of CrossFire 90's commercial*

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