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Apiary – Board Game Review

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Hello everyone!

It’s time for another review of a board game, and this time, it’s all about bees…and space!!!

Today, we are taking a look at Apiary, the newest game from @JameyStegmaier.
It is designed by Connie Vogelmann and has art by Kwanchai Moriya

Apiary is a worker (bee) placement game where you are trying to expand your colony, gather resources and score victory points.

We hope you’ll enjoy the video!
Thanks for watching 😀

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Intro: 00:00
Theme: 00:14
Overview: 01:14
Artwork & Components: 03:26
Rulebook & player Aids: 05:08
Playtime & Player Count: 07:20
Straight forward gameplay: 08:14
Worker placement/Worker bumping: 09:14
Everything is OP (in a good way): 15:45
Tight & Loose at the same time. 17:07
Some luck here and there: 17:55
It’s a race: 19:57
Weight & Who is it for: 20:44
Is it fun & Final Thoughts: 21:20


  1. Bees ( apis melifera ) 'cluster' over winter, each wiggling their way to the warm middle, then being pushed to the cooler outside; & repeat. So they don't 'hibernate' as such.

  2. Great video! We had the exact same path with it, it feels better each play.

  3. Where did the Broken Meeple's tirade about the game being broken go? I was going to show it to a friend and we would have laughed at it together. Guess he deleted it😂

  4. Thanks for taking the time to check out Apiary and share your thoughts with the community! I followed along with your Essen adventures, so I'm glad you are covering this one!

  5. Lots of love. 15.5 spiced honey points for each of you. I agree, i really was surprised how different and fun this game is.

  6. I'm really liking Apiary so far. I played it solo four times last month and had my first multiplayer session (4 players) this past weekend. Everyone enjoyed it. I like how the asymmetric faction tiles and hive mats can provide guidance – especially to new players – but don't necessarily restrict your options either. It is fun finding the combos too! Also, it was nice to finally try the other side of the board with the 4-player session.

  7. Apiary is a 9 for me and I think it will make the top 100 on BGG. Just a fun, very smooth game with great worker bumping, a nice production and that should be in the comfort zone for many players. Amazing effort from a first-time designer who is now on my radar.

  8. Worst thing about the rulebook is that it looks dirty.
    Really like the game – it plays fast, is easy to learn and for me it is fun to do "broken" stuff.

  9. It has a really big buzz since its announcement. So great to hear your opinion. Explanation of things doing things was amazing 😆 When I first heard about this theme: Bees in space and took a glance on the cover – first thought was omg who came up with that idea it sounds like someone asked Ai to create new theme – that strange – definitely thinking out of the box for the theme and attention grabbing. So is it A game or B rated? 😉

  10. I loved the ramblings today – many lol moments 😂 I really enjoyed my first play of Apiary and I’m hoping to get it to the table again soon 👍

  11. I was also underwhelmed the first couple times I played this! I'm so glad I gave it a few more tries, because the strategies really opened up for me. It went from a 6/10 to a 8/10 for me. Really enjoy this one!

  12. "That's why I didn't laugh" made me laugh 🤣

  13. Here's a merch idea for you:you sell a game called Board Game Ramblings, but inside, there is no rulebook (and more importantly) no game, just a print out of Johanne's face and a speech bubble: "This is NOT a game!"

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