Arcs is 2024’s Best New Board Game -

Arcs is 2024’s Best New Board Game

Shut Up & Sit Down
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  1. “This game will please absolutely everyone”
    (Two minutes later)
    “You can’t play peacefully”

  2. Nuts to reviews like this and Earthborne Rangers… Kickstarter games that aren't widely available.

  3. This game has entered my top 3 of all time. Absolute Curly Wehrle dream machine.

  4. And not a SINGLE negative thing to say? I always get suspicious about the reviwer, or the product itself, when i read reviews that are positive only.

  5. Seems fiddly and messy. But interesting.

  6. I've been waiting for this review my whole life

  7. There is a very big question that this review raises for me. Tom is saying this is a game that gives something for everyone, and suffers nothing from it. But everything that he is highlighting in the video seems to indicate that Arcs requires a careful attuning and learning how combos and strategies work, understanding how the context of interaction of other player action should affect your plans.

    This kind of game tends to review stable gaming groups where proficiency with a game develops roughly equally within the group. If you say a game "has something for everyone", and is the "best game of 2024", without specifying "for experienced gamers", the game should be one that allows a mix of older and newer players to sit down and have fun. However, I would imagine, and please correct me if I'm wrong, that an experienced player of Arcs will have a significant advantage over a new player, and it would be clear during the game.

    That said, if the gameplay itself is satisfying enough, a newer player might still feel relevant in the game, and enjoy the mechanics and interactions. I'm reminded of playing a cube draft in Magic: the Gathering, which could be said to be one of the most challenging puzzles in the game, as every draft, you need to create a functional deck based on the synergies and powers that come your way, and then be able to make use of them in an optimal way as you play. Knowing the cards well gives you an enormous advantage, but the puzzle of the cards themselves, and opportunities to mix and match cards you like can be fun even if you are less experienced (and end up losing each match anyway).

    I guess TL;DR, I would have wanted a bit more talk about how the game works when playing with players of various level of experience with the game, or even gaming in general. How accessible and clear is it? Does it meet the "easy to learn, hard to master" sweet spot?

  8. I was hanging for a review of Arcs from someone that I trust. I was probably going to get it anyhoo, but now I’d step over my fallen nan to get one if I had too. I thank you. My nan does not.

  9. The VHS style Resourses and You bit was dope

  10. Cole Wehrle and Kyle Ferrin just do nothing but cook on these games

  11. You know it’s serious when the cards are sleeved. 😅

  12. I wish this review had a section at the end: who won't like this game. Is SUSD leaving this format?

  13. The annoying thing is that I have to wait 10 years, when no one will remember Arcs and people will still be playing Twilight Imperium (5th or 6th edition by that time) to be proven right that this is yet another example of shiny new toy syndrome. People confusing new with better. If anyone is reading this comment in 10 years please could you bother tagging me? I want to say I told you so.

  14. The first versions of the map was almost enough to scare me from backing the game. The final map on the other hand is absolutely gorgeous in my opinion and I can't wait for my Kickstarter copy to arrive!

  15. 2:22 142 seconds into the video "Okay we're gonna get right into it" lol

  16. For me this review was like listening to Terrence Howard talk about high end mathematical equations in physics. . . I haven’t a fucking clue what’s going on 😂 but I’m here for it 👍🏻

  17. The glitching gets very annoying imo. Great review tho

  18. Never do these audio glitch effects again, its horribly annoying

  19. Tom – are you deliberately seeing how quietly you can sneak in music from Satisfactory and still have it trigger us poor addicts? 😂

  20. Does it suffer the same problem as ROOT? I love root but I always feel like the points system means it always just kind of ends unceremoniously, as opposed to something like chess, which ends with a definitive action, which I prefer

  21. I'm honestly just so delighted to see Tom beaming

  22. I'm gonna finish the video first but from that intro I'm very sold that I want this game. I haven't bought a board game in about a year because I'm pretty reserved about adding new things to my collection but this seems like the exception and it doesn't play like anything I have. I also really like this art style for a scifiish game. It almost feels like it could fall into any genre and is close to minimalist but still beautiful

  23. I must admit I was very close to being put off when you described one of the key ingredients as being "trick taking", but thankfully it seems to only have a small amount of that DNA. I'm very intrigued by this one! I'll probably pick this up over TI as my first proper 'space game'.

  24. Now I need to buy another beautiful board game. Thanks Tom.

  25. I love game similar to nothing.
    This is why I bough: Oath and John Company…
    and this is why I want ArcS….

    Cole – you lovley bastart! WHy you keep taking my money?!

  26. ahh good. another game that wont be in stock for months to come..

  27. Surprised that Pax Pamir 2e is not mentioned. The actions and tension sound similar.

  28. Hands down Cole Werhle's most accessible game. I feel like it's a gateway Cole Werhle game.

  29. There was a few places in this review where you rambled a bit and repeated yourself. A decent video, but needed a bit of script tightening.

  30. Am I going mad or is that supply icon identical to the one from Arkham Horror?

  31. Honestly, I think I'll stick with TI4 and DI:U. This looks like an abstract puzzle game masquerading as a Space Opera.

  32. Me at the start of the review: Oh, it's a space game – I'm probably going to want it, but it'll have to be something pretty special for me to be able to justify it with Eclipse and TI4 on my shelves.

    And then the review proceeds to outline how it includes a ton of my favorite mechanics for other games, and now I'm checking how much TI4 sells for because honestly I haven't got that to the table in years and it could probably pay for this….

  33. So Twilight Imperium has been supplanted? Encounters of a Cosmic TI?

  34. i really want to play this game… if only I still lived near my friends D:

  35. Tom your point about games feeling temporary or disposable couldn't be more will timed for me. 3 minute board game reviews recently spoke about this feeling and it struck me, now here you are repeating it. Even though the games we own physically last a lifetime or longer they seem to expire in our awareness. Buy the new thing, maybe play it twice, put it on the shelf for 3 years and then sell or trade. Novelty is more valued than mastery when consumerism runs the hobby. I'm hoping that Arcs can challenge that, at least in my group.

  36. Oh no, now I'm buying games on the video title alone.

  37. bud damn, that is some terrible 'I think a kid drew it' design

  38. Come on guys, just stop doing these reviews already. I agree so much with your takes that you make me buy the games each time and I tend to have fun.

  39. This is agreat review… And yet i still feel like its keaving things out! Theres just so much to say!

  40. I pre-ordered Arcs after watching your Patreon-only First Thoughts on it. I had the opportunity to play it this past weekend after a Twilight Imperium Session. His intro is not hyperbole, it is one of the best, if not, the best board game ever made. There is so much more to explore and I cannot wait for my copy to arrive in September.

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