Are These Games Still Good 7 Years On? -

Are These Games Still Good 7 Years On?

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I watch back my first board game reviews and decide whether I’d still recommend them.
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Deception: Murder in Hong Kong Review –
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10. Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small –
9. The Game –
8. Carcassonne –
8a. Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers –
7. Battle Line –
7a. Schotten Totten –
6. C.V. –
5. Patchwork –
4. Paperback –
3. Arboretum –
2. Pandemic –
1. Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective –

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  1. One of my favorite bits of all time is "I can't discard that, I can't discard that, I can't discard that…" and I 100% do that every time I play a game and am in a similar position!

  2. You still look young handsome and like a proper English lad.

  3. Very sad that Deception is apparently out of print. I can't find it anywhere. Anyway, love you channel and your influence on making our game nights much more fun!

  4. Are we getting more of your top 50? I have checked out Broom Service sense your last one and really enjoyed it.

  5. So what changed on for your thoughts on flashpoint fire rescue?

  6. Such a quality and funny board game reviewer, how has it been 7 years and yet he hasn’t got 100k yet he’s the best out there!

  7. 7 years! kudos to you for the games, the laughs, the characters, the costumes and the commitment to still making videos despite some ups and downs (i'm certainly minimizing what it likely actually was like!)

  8. Honestly, in the Funemployed review your former self looks like he’s about to cry 😂

  9. Hey Jon, out of curiosity, have you played Hardback, the follow-up to Paperback, and if so, what made you choose Paperback over Hardback?

  10. I wanted to get Sherlock Holmes, but when I looked into it I saw there were a bunch of different versions and quickly gave up. Since you seem to be a big fan of it and have multiple versions, could you rank or rate the ones you have played or know about?

  11. Battleline is still one of the best 2 players games. Grats on the 7 years :O

  12. Absolutely love your channel since I discovered it recently – never clicked on a video faster! 😀

  13. Greet video format, wonderful way to remind people we don’t always have to look to the next thing, there has been at least a decade (+) of superb board game releases, so this look back is perfect!

  14. CV – I'm pretty sure I bought it because of your review. I've very much enjoyed every play of it, but it's not a game I play often. It's great to play with non-gamers. I really wanted to get the expansion, but when I looked at it I just wanted more of what CV gave you, but the expansion gave you different stuff.

    Pandemic – Love it, love the system. I'm pretty much always up for any of them. Best game system ever? Probably.

    Battle Line – Love it. Not something I always want to play, but I always enjoy it. I'd recommend Schotten Totten over it for the better art.

    Carcasonne – Played Ark of the Covenant which I believe was a retheme. I did not like it, but I wonder if that was partially due to my inexperience with that type of game at the time. I also tend to not like games where an early decision seems to restrict later play and I remember at least in my head it did this.

    Patchwork – I hate this game. The gameplay itself is alright, but the theme is just so bad, bland, and boring. There are so many other polynomial games now, but this one left such a bad taste that I cringe at the thought of playing any of them and I've played a few.

  15. Feels like it's been 7 years since the last video, but at least they're always bangers!

  16. Loved this one dude! A great insight into your own starting out 😄 I will be using your link for funemployed (cant believe ive missed that one) and patchwork which I've always wanted anyway. 😊👍
    It would be great to see you do one of these styles for say party games?

  17. Me: O sweet a new Actualol video I hope he reviews the new hotness!

    Jon: Okay so like I'm reviewing me tho.

    Me: sigh… likes, comments, subscribes and hits that bell

  18. We're 40ish plays into "The Game" and we love it! It's my Wife's favorite all time game and comes with us on Vacation along with Qwinto and recently "Walkie Talkie". You might not have loved it but I'm so thankful you recommended it because we love it!

  19. I started watching this channel only 3 years ago but honestly, I’ve always felt that the quality was okay to amazing

  20. Love it. Absolutely hope you (and others) take a moment to look back and critique old works. It's nice to revisit games you may not have thought of in a while

  21. It's so funny seeing this look back. I first found you because of the couple's game video, purchased Patchwork, played it a couple times, hated it (but loved so many of your other recommendations), and it left my collection. My LFGS ranted and raved about Patchwork for couples games, and I kept wondering what I missed, so I recently repurchased it. Playing it now, I love it- turns out I read the rules wrong! Seeing you look at your past videos and critique your past self, I can't help but think back to how much I wish I could go back and tell myself that I had so much left to learn! Great video Jon!

  22. Hi Jon,
    thanks for your great videos. I'am happy to see that you upload again more videos in shorter time.
    You often convince me about games which didn't seem interesting to me at first. Like:
    Blue Lagoon
    Diamant (from one of the last videos)

    And I got also other ones which I still need to play first like Funemployed.

    Do you know the game "Limes"? And if yes do you like it? It is a quick game with easy rules. Think you might like it

  23. Really cool video! Noticeable to me how much better paced your delivery is now.

  24. I am fairly new to the Boardgame Youtuber space currently. I will have to do a look back on my early content at some point in the somewhat distant future to see how I progressed.

  25. Looking forward to the next one re-reviewing this after 14 years reviewing!

  26. lol… love when you are watching yourself and you go, "Yeah, I agree…" lol Surprising that you are agreeing with that guy in the videos. 😉

  27. Great video – what a trip down memory lane! And great to be part of the journey with my convincing portrayal of a corpse. That was a fun evening.

  28. Jon, you are the best!! Greetings from Brazil!!

  29. Great job & as always, a pleasure to watch. Will have to try SHCD now!

  30. Glad to see that amendment you've made about recommending Funemployed – there are some games I feel like would be perfect for say a drama course where everyone at least aspires to having that sort of improvisation skill. Do you have any thoughts on Gloom? That's one where I feel like the agency to spin a tale is completely in the realms of a player. You can probably enjoy a game even if you aren't willing to spin a tale yourself like Cards Against Humanity, but a few players at the table who can ad-lib a story about the cards will elevate it for everyone.

    I'm always wary of a recommendation like "every couple should have a card game like this" – I think it's where you've grown in to a great reviewer, you seem more aware than most about little quirks in any game that may put people off, or be particularly enjoyed by others. I couldn't see you doing a list of "games you must own" for example as you seem much more in tune with how people's tastes alternate

    In regards to scrabble, I still find it funny that an English guy won a French national scrabble tournament, but couldn't speak the language – he learned the short words and gamed the board which has become sort of the dominant meta. I don't find Paperback hard to set up because of how the dividers help, my problem is that it's a bit of a faff to put away as you try to split up the player's hands for the right deck in the market! It's nowhere near as bad as something like Marvel Legendary to set up *Shudder*. On the deckbuilder front though, would you include Star Realms in a recommended list for couples nowadays?

    Is there a reason why you'd not recommend FlashPoint now? I must admit, I was put off by watching it on TableTop and something about the dice rolling didn't sit right with me but I can't remember what it was exactly now. Just curious what made you change your mind

    Anyway, thanks for a fun video – Any plans for 20th anniversary one?… 😉

  31. Years ago when I came across the couples video, I bought the Game, Arboretum, Patchwork, and Sherlock Holmes. I've replaced the Game with the Mind, but the rest hold strong in my collection.

  32. There's a smaller version of the Deception: Undercover Allies box. Removing the insert allows the base game + expansion to fit snugly.

  33. We're big fans of the Pandemic series (currently halfway through a 4-player campaign of Legacy S1), but I would say that recently the Horrified games do a similar thing just a little better. While both games tend to have an asymmetry to player powers, the Horrified games add asymmetry to the games powers too, which makes it a little more interesting.

  34. Funny.. I like Carcassonne.. I like playing the relaxed way.. My "buddy" is a troll.. He likes spoiling shows and movies, and whatever you like.. Lol.. When i play him he trolls any activity i do.. Very cut throat.. He makes the game very frustrating.. But does turn into a good competitive game.

  35. Ha Ha – “I can’t discard that. I can’t discard that.”

  36. Have you played Enchanted Plumes? Wondering how that compares to Arboretum

  37. Fully agreed on patchwork, I think it will become a modern gateway classic alongside carcassone or ticket to ride

  38. Do you think Pandemic Iberia also plays well with 2 players? I saw on BGG that the recommended player count is 4, so I haven't tabled it yet. It'll be my first Pandemic experience so I'm hoping it'll be a great one!

    Also, so happy to see new videos from you regularly!

  39. I only found your channel a short time ago but it’s been such a joy to watch all your videos! Thank you sir!

  40. As always great videos, don’t go away please keep the great work coming.

  41. Love the video and the look back to the start of the channel! I disagree that you don't really attack or take away from the other player in Lost Cities. My wife and I love the game and each other haha BUT if there is a high number on a pile that I know she will get triple points for, I will take that number from the pile and not draw for myself JUST to make sure she doesn't get all those extra points. And vice versa. We still love the game and I think it creates less sabotage than Carcassone but there is a definite level of playing to make sure your opponent doesn't score too much. Happy 7 year youtubeiversary!

  42. It would be great with more re-reviews. This was great 🙂

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