Are we on the same Wavelength? -

Are we on the same Wavelength?

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We were mostly on the same braincell! 🤣
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  1. First one i would have said giving birth, because its hard as fuck but theres more hardcore illnesses

  2. I would’ve said sandwich for the second one

  3. Awful take on marshmallows, have you never had a s’more?

  4. wtf so you just like marshmallows then, have you ever tried idk maybe roasting them?😭🤣

  5. You guys get a lot of views but why no comments and likes?

  6. The marshmallows one was just preference she should kinda get disqualified

  7. Nooo marshmallows are so much better hot and you can't change my mind.

  8. Pizza would be perfect for the second one

  9. Can someone explain how you are supposed to play this?

  10. All the way cold implies that you put them in the freezer, you could have at least put it in the middle for room temperature like??? dude is terrible at this game 😭🤚 I’d have said backflip for the first one

  11. should’ve done tea instead of marshmallows

  12. It would have been better to say popcorn

  13. How this game work? I am very confused

  14. People in the comments being unironically heated about their marshmallow take is making my week lol like how silly can people be 😭 how can you be annoyed about a marshmallow take like get some perspective please

  15. Hard to do easy to do
    Brush her teeth reallly hard

  16. Can someone please explain how this game works

  17. marshmallows was a good one tbh cause i only really eat them in smores 😭

  18. Not to be offensive but bruv when playing this game you should always remember that neither the game or your opponent gives a da** about your opinion

  19. Why did you I know the second one right away

  20. Should’ve said Pizza for the second one, cold leftover pizza do kinda slap.

  21. I would’ve said pizza for the second one

  22. Make a full video playing wavelength

  23. Your marshmallow opinions instill fear in me.

  24. Driving with a blindfold on wouldn’t be too difficult, not hitting things is a different matter

  25. Has Bro even known that s’mores was a thing

  26. On the first one would have said reading a book upside down

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