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Ark Nova Board Game Review

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Ark Nova is a board game that came from nowhere and everyone says is one of the best board games in recent months. Or even saying it is better than Terraforming Mars! But is it?

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3:38 Best Things
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  1. These reviews are so good. And funny.

  2. I agree to almost all you said but quite disagree to one point:On BGG, about 60% do NOT recommend playing that game with 4 (which is reeeally high) and it's best with 2:Simple reason: combination of lack of interaction + downtime (resp. playtime almost scaling with player count).I have played it twice with 3 players and I will NEVER play it with 4….unless there is a reason to waste as much time as possible. 😉

  3. I think the time to complete this game would put me off because we would play this as a family with two boys 7 and 10 years old. We have dinosaur island and its a struggle to keep them interested past 1.5 hours

  4. Love that youre to the point and not padding things out. Great to have 2 perspectives. Good work.

  5. Oh man. You guys are awesome! The breakdown on who would like this game? The Euro scale. Amazing. You guys are fun and you have a new sub. Would love a measurement section in your reviews as well. You know, like "This is the size of the board is [inset size]" and "this is the size of the pieces as well" I bought a game and did not have enough room on my table. Keep up the amazing work!

  6. Length – three of us played it two times (only, so far) and both times it took 5h to complete (not much down time, ok, but it was long for us).I feel that "Reptiles" analogy – the same happened when I wanted animals with water icon – I needed them so much, but opponent got them all 😀 (must adapt definitely!)And yes, I want to play it moooore!Hahaha Hares Expedition, nice one!!!

  7. The "Its an euro-like game but there is luck" is more harsh in Wingspan! I hate that in the game you can loose if you are pulling up great cards and loose if youre unlucky 🙁

  8. Hi, do you think using the "wingspan" tray with 3 cards faced up and the possibility to take random, improve the "luck" problem with the game?

  9. I like your channel, but you guys put way too much commercials per video. Really annoying, stops me from checking out the rest of your content.

  10. This is an excellent format. Clean and concise. Keep up the excellent work guys.

  11. Hahaha "it depends on which monkey, some monkeys might" – I love how honestly you answered that

  12. I never bought TM because everyone around me had it, so I'm excited for this one, to scratch the same itch, and hoping what you said about it being more accessible than TM is true, because this is a theme my wife will connect with more so than the space theme.

  13. Really enjoy your reviews, and watch all or most of them. I would consider revising your negative points. It's jarring the way you do it, the way you have to explain your 1to5 system, and then put up the graphic and give a rating to the negativity. Why? If you rate the negativity, why don't you also rate the positivity? Or, if you are going to rate the negativity, why not use the same simple, easily understood language that you use for your overall game review at the end of the video? 1 could be "ehhh" (hardly notice the problem) to 5 being "yikes" (hardly sure I want to keep playing the game). OR whatever cool language you come up with. … Waiting for my pre-order on this game, so anxious to try it!!

  14. Great channel and interesting review format! Have you considered doing any content in Latvian? 🙂

  15. Still on the fence with this one but excellent review. I ended up getting Bitoku, so for awhile I will learn that and then see if I can find a copy of this. Cheers!!!

  16. Finally a nonSkype episode! It's good to see you back!

  17. Everyone that has played it frequently has said that the time is reduced drastically, and you should be at 2hrs with 4 players. Makes sense because of the two track system. The more efficient you get (the more you know the game), the faster then end comes.

  18. This game is great. So glad I bought it right away and without hesitation. I was never a fan of photos on cards, but it actually works for this one. It’s not the most beautiful game. But it’s one of the most fun I had in a euro in a while. Apart from Viticulture, this is the second euro game that’s actually thematic.

    The only thing I hate is shuffling all these cards, especially when I sleeved them all. I suggest sleeving it to prolong the life of your cards. Also, it’s a bit hard grabbing the cards off the board. Wish they made the board a playmat to make it easier.

  19. This review was made for me. You all do the best reviews on YouTube and I absolutely loved this one. I’m INCREDIBLY interested in this game, and that’s come a long way from when I first saw it. However, I definitely understand Janis G. I have 3 children- 4 years old and under. Full time job. No real game group. YouTube channel. Etc.

    As amazing as this game looks, if each game takes near 3 hours I certainly don’t expect to table it often at all.

    Despite that- still one I really want to snag once it becomes available stateside. And again, amazing review as always. 💜

  20. with 2 players who know the rules you can get it over with in 2 hours easy, and it plays great with 2 players. For me easy 10/10, love it

  21. Terraforming Mars for Wingspan fans 😀

  22. When you say "not a lot downtime between turns" makes me immediately think – does it mean not a lot of interaction? As that sounds like nobody spoiled your plan. You did not say any word about interaction.

  23. Good review ! Hoping this game comes to South-Africa

  24. I just got into board games and I’m lucky I’ve found you two! Thanks for showing me the ropes and being so engaging and humorous. Your friend from Australia 🇦🇺

  25. Pass for me. Nice review. Like the 3 points, when done 1 at the time. 👍

  26. I enjoy the chemistry between the both of you. Very entertaining and a perfect mix of being funny (without going overboard) and information. If you’ve played Dinosaur World, which do you think is better? They are both park builder-type games and I’m curious to read your thoughts, if you can.

  27. Nice review! Liked the interaction between you two. When I saw this game I thought it would be good to play with my girlfriend, because the theme is very appealing. But 3 hours is way too long, it's what turned me off on Terraforming Mars as well. I just got bored with TM after 1,5-2 hours. I wonder if the 3 hour mark is for a 4-player game and it can be more around the 1,5-2 hour mark with 2 players?

  28. Believe the hype, this game is ridiculously good. May even be better than TM, and thats my favourite game.

  29. I'm glad I just discovered you! Instant subscribe from me. Amazing review.

  30. How have i Never watched your guys reviews before? Just discovered you guys and instantly subscribed! I love your format 🙂

  31. Best review format ever. Sounds like you are having a fun time! So did I! Subscribed!

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