Art Robbery — Fun & Board Games w/ WEM -

Art Robbery — Fun & Board Games w/ WEM

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In this review, you learn how to play Art Robbery, discover what happens to thieves with insufficient alibis, and learn what Eric sounds like when he’s barking. To learn more about Art Robbery, head to the game listing on BoardGameGeek:

If you’ve missed out on Reiner Knizia’s L.A.M.A., you can catch WEM’s explanation and overview here:


  1. Awesome video as usual Eric! Thanks for the in-depth look at this intriguing under-the-radar little gem

  2. Yeah, true that. I have to remind my son every time to take a card.

  3. You should do a review of the games on your wall in this video. Always intrigued to know what they are!

  4. Always glad to hear about more Kinezia (misspelt I feel…). Glad you brought up High Society – though it does then cause a comparison between the two games, which is where I’d be somewhat put off as High Society is absolutely gorgeous and this seems a tad functional 🙂

  5. Question: if someone has the dog and you have a dog card in hand, when you play that card, do you steal the dog from the player who owns it ?

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