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Arthur Board Games

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Playing with Arthur Board Games!
PBG x Arthur Youtooz! ►

Peebs shows off his Arthur board game collection! We’ve talked about Arthur memes and Arthur tiktoks, I’ve done videos about the Arthur show on PBS, we’ve covered Arthur fast food toys, talking Arthur dolls, and now it’s time to cover the board games! I’ve got four Arthur board games in total: Arthur’s game (very creative), Arthur Saves the Planet, Arthur’s Picture Path Bingo, and Arthur Goes to the Library!

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  1. I had that Arthur Goes to the Library game as a kid and it was so much fun! i think the game pieces and putting the board together were probably the most fun things about it.

  2. I had arthur goes to the library and LOVED IT!!!!

  3. That picture path bingo thing I think, by the "path" they mean you need to have a continuous path between two sides of the same color, no matter how long it is or how many turns there are. That's how I'd interpret it anyway.

  4. Today we're doing something fun? I love fun!

  5. I'm sorry, but environmentalism stuff like this Arthur board game and Captain Planet permanently ruined me caring for the planet. Sorry, thems the rules.

  6. Bro spawned one extra boardgame. GAME CHANGER! 🗣🗣🗣🗣

  7. I think I might still have the arthur memory game and all the pictures for the memory game were screen grabs from arthur episodes.

  8. A collab between Peebs, YouTooz and PBS and they still nuked your final episode video…

  9. Arthur Goes to the Library was the Arthur board game from my childhood. I love how the game literally broke the fourth wall by allowing the characters to check out the Arthur books. 😂

  10. It’s really interesting that the artwork for older Arthur books (example: Arthur’s Eyes) was redesigned on Arthur’s Game.

  11. Fun time bingo (with Arthur’s friend Andy)

  12. 11:52 hey where are you going

    we gotta play the Arthur board game!

  13. those were some cool board games! I like how elaborate the last one was with the backpack setup, great video!

  14. "Pee-nut Peeper Peebies and the Sword of King Arthur."

    …sorry, I like to imagine YTP titles for videos like this.

  15. Just think, you can play those games with your baby in a few years.

  16. Me you gas station sushi. I see you out here with that sound.

  17. Im waiting for Peebs to run an Arthur DnD session. The ultimate Arthur game.

  18. I had the exact same subconscious connection with the last game. You described it, I saw the preview edit and immediately thought "oh like Guess Who", then realized it wasn't really all that similar, and 5 seconds later you went through the same process almost to a T. It was so weird but made me laugh pretty hard, I think the bookshelf and character portraits just bring it to mind.

  19. Im definitely a mix of muffy and rattles Lways have been

  20. How can you like DW, but hate Muffy? They're cut from the same cloth

  21. How to get good at shuffling:
    Buy and regularly use tarot cards

  22. What's the background music at like 15:30? I feel like it's Animal Crossing or something from Omori but I'm not sure besides "it sounds familiar"

  23. Oh my goooood I didn't remember having any Arthur games until he took out that last one! I don't think we ever actually played it, but I definitely remember playing my own little games with the standees, the "books" and the backpacks. Memory unlocked!

  24. I had Arthur goes to the Library as a kid and LOVED IT! Played it all the time <3 <3

  25. LOL I love you bro, and congrats on the Youtooz.
    And the human child!!!!

  26. "DW" and "Best character" are mutually exclusive concepts.

  27. That Labyrinth board game in the pamphlet is actually really cool, it’s a dungeon crawler while the maze path changes

  28. Those board games are a fine addition to his collection.

  29. You seen the Zelda Lego that was announced?

  30. local library only stocks books about a random child, everyone, including the adults, is absolutely enthralled and can't stop checking out these books, child isnt bothered about this neighborhood-wide stalking

  31. I just want you to know that the night of watching this, I had a dream about an Arthur multiverse. I don’t remember much beyond that.

  32. Nice choice using the Omori track! Always love the background songs in your videos!👌

  33. I love Arthur gose to the library game played it a lot as a kid

  34. Hey peanut butter eater. I think Starbucks every day or Dunkin every day would be a cool video. Aswell as please do the kids quisene every day

  35. A game telling kids to ask their parents to buy an expensive car is super messed up.

  36. My sisters have the Arthur goes to the library board game.

  37. Man child does more man child things

  38. I hope that someday in the distant future, the PBG x Arthur Youtooz becomes absurdly valuable to collectors as a rare piece of official merch.

  39. The last game he played looked the most fun

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