Ask the Chairman - Board Game Q&A 7 -

Ask the Chairman – Board Game Q&A 7

Chairman of the Board
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  1. Terrific, well thought out, objective content. I love Dice Tower, Actuolol, SUSD….because in my family of 6 to get anything to the table it needs to be fun. The one that gets all 6 of us out is Quacks. However if I want an objective, intelligent review of a game, many of which I don’t know, I’ll come to you! Thank You.

  2. What Feld games would you like to see get reimplemented in future City Collection titles? And any you would like an expansion for? Personally I want Strasbourg, Amerigo and Oracle of Delphi to be reimplemented, with Amerigo and Delphi to come with an expansion, they are crying out for it.

  3. Tills Question: Are you aware of Alexander Pfisters Drafting/Multiuse Card Game Tybor the Builder? If yes, have you played it at a player count of 4 and what do you think of it?

  4. Thanks for answering my questions and as eloquently as always. Dennis Lohausen & Klemenz Franz always catch my eye too. Ian O’Toole is one I see more and more of, which I like a lot. He’s usually associated with heavier games (e.g. Lacerda) but he did the new version of Ra too.

  5. Tills Question: Have you played Byzanz, a cool two phase bidding, set collection card game with strong hand management aspect, and if you have what do you think of it?

  6. This guy is so boring. He only plays games with his family and gf and doesn't play with other gamers or friends. A very abnormal and unhealthy way to live with such limited interaction.

  7. Thank you Dan for taking up my questions and sharing your views on your channel. I feel honoured. Was really happy to see that you loved Joraku which you ranked number 1 in your earlier video. Keep making such great content and people like us follow u. Basis your reviews and comments I have bought many games and hope to continue the same.

  8. What is your opinion on the failings of rule books to explain the rules efficiently ?

  9. Question: if you were planning a trip to Japan (or knew someone going), what hidden gems / hard to get games would you be interested in picking up? Asking for a friend….

  10. Our tastes align quite a bit except for trick takers which I'm obsessed with right now. Have you tried cube rails games like Chicago Express, Irish Gauge? That's my next path to try in gaming.

  11. Great video!
    – what are your thoughts on Whistle Mountain? (Luke Hector keeps on raving about it)
    – have you ever scrabbled components to “simulate” another game in order to try it before buying it – or simply avoiding buying it at all (ex. Playing Detective Club with Dixit/Mysterium cards)

  12. wasnt expecting my questions to be picked up. thank you for sharing your thought. always appreciate your perspective in this hobby space. 🙏😊

  13. If you don't like resource gathering and contract fulfilment games, then you probably won't like the one I'm designing lol

  14. i have another question for you. you say your tastes have changed quite a bit and you now prefer more minimalist games – not the really heavy euros. i tend to agree with you. my question: why is this? is it the teach time [and play times] that is involved in the heavy games – and you now prefer something shorter?

  15. I think randomness is an element of game design that allows for variety in game states (i.e. a large deck of cards, some of which won’t be seen at all in a game of RftG) and luck is more a matter of that randomness affecting final outcomes of a game – which can actually be useful for preventing situations where a more seasoned gamer would otherwise absolutely steamroll people just getting into the hobby. I think randomness is about variety and luck is about using randomness to improve accessibility.

  16. Thanks again Dan, for addressing my prior questions.

    Below, I pose new ones for Q&A 8 (incl those I submitted too late for the latest video):

    1) Given your colour blindness challenges, do you have any special techniques you deploy to distinguish colours when components or game board lack symbology or other coded identifiers?

    2) Is winning a board game important to you, or is the gameplay experience all that matters?

    3) Why do you think your gaming taste has evolved away from the heavier variety – life or work pressures possibly?

  17. With 2nd editions happening more and more often. Is there a game that you like the 1st edition more? For example “Great Western Trail” or do you just replace the 1st edition straight away to stay up to date with rules/card changes?

  18. Hello,
    Question: If you lose a game, do you prefer to lose by a tight margin? Or lose by a lot? On the flip side, if you win, do you prefer to win with a tight margin, or by a lot?

  19. Solo games: have you tried Coffee Roaster? Luke Hector really liked it. It's solo only. Or, Friday? Jury's still out on that one…

    Played Unfathomable solo (three-handed – no traitor, of course) just to learn the mechanics. Not difficult. However, it's been hard to find others to commit to a game.

    Shem Phillips is ONE of my favorite designers (Raiders of the North Sea, Architects of The West Kingdom).

    Thanks for sharing!

  20. I love your content! may I ask, what's your favorite legacy game? do you tend to go for them?

  21. do you like deck builders a lot? what's you favorite pure deck builder?

  22. Thanks for answering my questions.😊
    Enjoy this group of videos.
    Next Questions
    Would you consider some videos ranking boardgame designers?
    I’d be particularly interested in seeing your thoughts KRAMER & KEISLING; Feld, Cathala etc.
    Are there games on your shelf that remain unplayed for more than a year or two?
    Is the challenge of getting some games to the table a factor in moving them on?
    Are you going to UK GAMES EXPO?
    If you’ve been before, what are your favourite things about it?
    Would you bring up a game you love to make it more appealing to folk you wish to introduce it to in order to help them experience the fun you want to share?

  23. Thanks for the video, Dan!

    Q: You mentioned you prefer to do the teach for games as your mind tends to make assumptions to rules as you learn them. Does this happen as well when you learn them on your own? (This has happened to me before). If so, do you ever feel that your gut impression on what the rule(s) are may have merit (i.e. are you disappointed when your impression isn't the actual game rule?).

    Q: Have you ever regretted a review you have done?

    Q: I haven't seen a Corporate Cardboard in some time. Was that series discontinued?

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