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Bag of Chips — Fun & Board Games w/ WEM

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In this review of Bag of Chips, you’ll learn how to play, why I enjoy odd game packaging, and how probabilities laugh at you.

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  1. Wow, heard nothing about this game – but what a neat idea and cool mechanics, Thanks Martin!

  2. Just won the game from one of the creator, Théo. I'm eager to try it out. Let's get ready for some parties. Hope the Victory doesn't taste too bittersweet haha. Love the original packaging also.

  3. I understand they have their (good?) reasons for it, but I'm going to pass on any game with packaging like this. There are too many games to even look at them all, let alone buy them. I'm basically going to take any reason I can find to pass on a game and move on. The "box" can be a reason for me to pass on a game without even looking into gameplay. I'm certain gamers like me are a minority compared to impulse buyers, but a game that can do this "trick" without being a putoff (like Growl) seems like the ideal compromise.

  4. Looks like a solid game. Not sure the packaging does the game any favors though. A unique gimmick, yes, but one that gamers or non gamers will find more appealing compared to something with a traditional box? Not sure.

  5. Thank you Eric, I hope that the game will come in my country 😉

  6. While I fully understand the marketing behind this packaging, and I agree with it, if this is going to aimed at a mass market audience, I think for the most part, this type of packaging turns off most people in the board game hobby. I have heard Tom Vasel go off on many tirades about this type of packaging. Of course there is a solution. You can buy the game and throw away the bag it came with and store it in some other container that better conforms to your liking. On a personal note, I don't like the packaging. I would much rather have it come in a standard box. Perhaps the best solution for the publishers would be to package it both ways. One for the mass market and one for the hobbyists. I know they did this for Chickapig. I am still upset I have the burlap sack version.

  7. Cool games e…can’t wait to see you display mines….hopefully soon…🙏🙏🙏🙏🥰

  8. Love the packaging but would still like it in a box, it would stack better with my other games.

  9. I wonder if it's called Bag of Crisps in the UK version. It's cute the tokens are also chip shaped. I don't mind when companies do this, I like the quirk to it, but I dor prefer something that stacks on a shelf. Thanks so much Eric!

  10. Are those the most common flavors of chips in Canada?

  11. I also have not heard of this and I live in Canada. Super rare win for us!

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