Beast Review - Big Game Hunting! -

Beast Review – Big Game Hunting!

Shut Up & Sit Down
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Beast is an electric and unusual hidden movement game that we just loved playing. That’s it! That’s all you need to know! Enjoy!
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  1. Is this not the same as Fury of Dracula? Love that game.

  2. Do Quinn and Matt not appear in the same video anymore? Haven’t seen one in ages

  3. Just finished catching up with the podcasts, so happy to see a video review of it!

  4. Such a contrast to the Dice Tower review. So much confusion…

  5. So I’ve been designing a board game for the last 6 months that is uncomfortably close to this one and I’ve got to say. Quinn with face paint on hits different when your body is full of dread.

  6. i heard age of empires in the background?

  7. Possibly the best board game review I’ve ever seen. Love your work

  8. Funny how i disliked this game even at 3 players, in spite of my love of hidden movement games.
    It never felt like you had real options if your cards weren't everything you needed for that turn, and there were so many turns where the hunters knew where the Beast was but couldn't do a thing about it because of the cards in their hands. A promising game with some interesting ideas but, in ky opinion, poorly executed.

    Great review though!

  9. Is this the beginning of furry Quintin arc

  10. Great video a lot of fun to watch while being informative

  11. Are Quinns and Matt in a fight? Haven't seen them in a video in ages.

  12. 20 seconds in and this video has already paid off by seeing Quin's true form.

  13. Lol, Tom still clutching the frying pan after Quinns sits down

  14. Don't think it was on purpose, but the partial shots of the standees in the mirror added to the horror- themed flavor of the video.

    Or were those actually people? They were standing real still….

  15. I'm so glad you guys like this game and that I got this on Kickstarter because as you said the art is amazing! As someone who loved playing Evolve, this definitely has the same feeling as that game. Haven't gotten to play it yet but I look forward to doing so.

  16. it was at the 4 minute mark i recognized the music from age of empires

  17. anyone knows any store that send this amazing game to peru?

  18. "And humans acquire hatred by the more human activity of playing cards" Sounds like someone has been playing too much Magic the Gathering.😁

  19. 0:43 "Adult human men" I really don't want to be that guy, but please tell me you didn't intend for that to sound like a transphobic slogan?

  20. Is it me or SU&ST have become less and less critic with each new review? I remember the good old days when they bashed the bad things even in good games, Idk it feels more prudent and safe nowadays , still great review!

  21. I just want to say how much I appreciate Tom as an addition to the channel. You're great, no matter what's on your face.

  22. Problem with these games is I only want to play if I’m the monster (or equivalent).

  23. pity that it the 2 and 4 player versions aren't as good

  24. Love this game. I've had 6 plays mostly with 4 players and although I agree that it's best with 3 – 4 players game still feels very challenging and interesting for all parties involved.

  25. This was seemingly everywhere at the UK games Expo.

  26. was initially interested but it has some pretty bad user reviews on bgg

  27. So you loved the game, but it's not actually at the "SUSD Recommends" level?

  28. We got acrylic standees, makes a big difference. Agree rule book could be better.

  29. You’ve done some funny reviews but this one may have taken the…. the… biscuit?

  30. The fact that Beast has to reveal itself multiple times in the course of the game really sold this on me. I’ve had such horribly boring experiences with e.g. The Fury of Dracula that can happen when the hunters just can’t seem to find the trail early enough.

  31. Items that let me item are my favourite itemy things.

  32. You can't just put in age of mythology music like this, I was reliving my whole childhood instead of paying attention to the rules explanation

  33. Yet Another Game that lools great but I really need 5 player games, or even 6 players…

  34. I would have liked to have had a summary or final verdict instead of me having to watch the complete video and also jump marks so I can skip the lengthy explanation and ramblings. Missed opportunity.

  35. OK you absolutely based beasts, since this is the second time I've had this doubt, I'll bite:

    Are you using Age of Mythology soundtrack in some of your videos??

    If so, you had my curiosity and attention but now also my respect.

  36. Okay this game looks great! Was off to buy it, but then you can't get it anywhere yet…

  37. Hot take – Tom Brewster is the superior board game Tom.

  38. Clearly Brighton is where all the cool and tanned people are. 😂
    PS: Quinns, you got it right. The singular form of ' paparazzi ' is indeed ' paparazzo '.

  39. Quinns wearing a "Gamer" shirt had been one of the most disturbing things ive seen all week

  40. Probably his attraction to… dice! An epic vid – thank you!

  41. Love you guys. This video was what I needed after this working week

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