Best Bets, Top Picks, New Releases, a Version Diversion, & MORE! - Board Game Buyer's Guide -

Best Bets, Top Picks, New Releases, a Version Diversion, & MORE! – Board Game Buyer’s Guide

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Top Board Game Releases & Restocks This Month – Board Game Buyer’s Guide! 30 Best Board Games You Can Get RIGHT NOW! We’ve assembled a list of “best bets”, games that caught MY attention, and a few wildcards to suggest – in this month’s Board Game Buyer’s Guide.

*Eila and Something Shiny*

Choose your path as Eila, on an epic adventure across a mystical world!


*Art Society*

Collect and arrange paintings on your wall while affecting the trends of tomorrow!


Special thanks to Our Family Plays Games!

Queen by Midnight updated rulebook and FAQ:

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Our Top Picks, Retail Releases, Best Bets, a Version Diversion, & MORE! – Board Game Buyer’s Guide

00:00 Intro
00:25 Honorable Mentions (Part 1)
04:42 Eila And Something Shiny (sponsor)
05:31 Honorable Mentions (Part 2)
09:16 3 Picks for Families – Featuring: Our Family Plays Games
14:38 Art Society (sponsor)
15:56 Version Control: Lords Of Ragnarok
20:38 Best Bets!


  1. I think Mick needs a bit more enthusiasm. 😂😊🎉

  2. Thanks so much for including Romi Rami!

  3. Excellent stuff as always Chaz. Have my ticket bought and hotel booked for Airecon 2024, looking forward to seeing you all there again next year.

  4. I had to turn in my copy of Risk Strike as the print on the back side of the black action cards was quite off. One card even had a white bar at the top (the part that USUALLY gets removed when the cards are cut). It should also be noted that the card quality reallt isn´t that good – mass market quality…

  5. Say, I have several of these games en route to me right now! I'll totally give you credit even though I bought them before this video posted. Thanks, Buyer's Guide!

  6. Chaz, you have to watch the alliteration in your presentation*

    There were so many P’s in the second sponsor announcement, that you ended up spitting in my eye! 😜

    *Hey, I’m a poet and didn’t know it! 🤪

  7. So glad 'Tales from the Red Dragon Inn' was on this list, I haven't seen too much buzz for it, but it's one of my favorites in the genre.

  8. I love Our Family Plays Games! Such a great surprise to see them here! 🌟

  9. Thanks for inviting us on, Chaz! We had a lot of fun doing this and we're glad to be here.

    Also, yeah, a plural "Our Family Plays Games" is definitely "Our Family Plays Gameseses!" 😂😂 – G

  10. Age of innovation still not available on amazon 😢

  11. I wanna believe that Queen by Midnight is in the same universe as Sleeping Queens

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