Best Board Games Coming to Retail in August, 2023 -

Best Board Games Coming to Retail in August, 2023

Grant Lyon
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This month is HUGE for retail releases! This is the most games I’ve ever seen hitting retail in one month. Hope you find something you love!

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Intro – 00:00
Fika – 02:01
Lords of Ragnarok – 03:29
Barcelona – 05:25
Moon River – 07:05
Castles by the Sea – 08:57
River Wild – 11:10
Age of Innovation – 12:50
Floating Floors – 15:13
Race to the Raft – 17:24
Queen By Midnight – 19:29
3 Ring Circus – 21:20
Wild Tiled West – 23:57
Everything Ever – 25:21
Deadlines – 26:58
Sushi Boat – 28:43
Chicken! – 30:19
My Island – 32:33
Cosmoctopus – 34:28
Thera – 36:45
Beacon Patrol – 38:37
Freelancers – 39:58
CDSK – 43:09
Tales of the Red Dragon Inn – 44:47
Sea of Thieves – 47:00
The Perfect Wave – 48:51
Dawn of Ulos – 50:43
Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Board Game – 52:41
Snakes of Wrath – 54:37
Robot Quest Arena – 56:08
Hunters of the Lost Creatures – 57:38
Outro – 59:08

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  1. I have been searching Age of Innovation and Barcelona almost everyday for 1 month now on Amazon. Still nothing.

  2. thanks for taking all the time to research these, and spreading the word for the awesomeness coming this month!

  3. Always love this series! So helpful and there are always games I haven't heard of before on your list! Thank you for all the time you spend putting this together and connecting with publishers and doing the research to make it happen!

  4. Always excellent content. Love what you do and you're probably one of my favorite boardgame content creator.

  5. Published 42 seconds ago! Yes!!! Fresh off the press 😀

  6. A History Major? Ok, I did not expect that 😀
    Your voice sounds a little different, hope you aren't under the weather.
    Playing Forgotten Waters with someone like you must be epic! Good point about blind people, so sweet you can play with your aunt 🙂 To make it more manageable time-wise, we don't use Misfortunes. You could decide to lose Notoriety instead of those tokens which really lengthened the game.
    (Thanks for the chapters, I can go to those I don't know about or I'm interested in easily)

  7. Whoa!! An hour long video!! Thank you for putting in all this work helping fellow board gamers. These videos of yours are ones I look forward to every month!!

  8. I am so impressed with your ability to distill the essence of so many games and describe them concisely to provide viewers with a thorough understanding of what the games are about to enable them to make purchasing decisions. You’re the best! The gaming world is lucky to have you as a contributor. Thank you.

  9. so many fun games…and I cant have them all.

  10. I believe "nubs and concave holes" ARE the official names. 😂

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