Best Board Games Coming to Retail in May, 2022 -

Best Board Games Coming to Retail in May, 2022

Grant Lyon
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Best Board Games Coming to Retail in May, 2022 from Grant Lyon

If any of these games pique your interest, there’s lots of ways to go out and get them!

Intro – 00:00
Prehistories – 00:28
Sunny Day Sardines – 01:38
Mortum: Medieval Detective – 02:32
Air Land & Sea: Spies, Lies, & Supplies – 04:17
Next Station London – 05:51
Omicron Protocol – 07:13
Usurp the King – 09:18
In The Palm of Your Hand – 10:52
Save Patient Zero – 12:48
Sakura Arms – 13:51
Bullet Star – 14:53
Olympus Lunacy- 16:19
Platypus – 16:56
Sobek 2 Players – 17:58
Carnegie – 18:35
Everybody Lies – 19:29
Chronicles of Avel – 21:00
Unmatched Jurassic Park: Dr. Sattler vs T.Rex – 22:00
Nemo’s War Ultimate Edition – 22:51
Outro – 24:04

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  1. Just discovered you. Subscribed before you were done describing the first game. Great video! So informative.

  2. Subscribing because it isn’t just about Kickstarter.

  3. I didn't know about several. Looking forward to a few. Next stop, your Avel video!

  4. 05:53 Next Station London reminds me of a PC game called Mini Metro. Same feel, right down to the colored subway lines and polygon stations. Also incredible music!

  5. I like the idea of Omicron Protocol – anything that elaborate that can be played individually is a win!

  6. This must be a ton of work to curate and prepare for, Grant. Really nice video you put together here. 🙂

  7. Really appreciate that you do these videos
    It's a nice break from all the crowd sourcing games that get thrown at you.
    Nothing catching my eye this month but my bank account is ok with that!!

  8. I always look forward to these. Thank you for putting the leg work.

  9. I love these videos, even if my wallet cries over them.

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