Best Board Games Coming to Retail in May, 2024 -

Best Board Games Coming to Retail in May, 2024

Grant Lyon
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Best Board Games Coming to Retail in May, 2024 from Grant’s Game Recs

Here are 27 board games coming to outlets near you! There’s a little something for everything coming out.

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Intro – 00:00
Donut Shop – 01:16
Let’s Go! To Japan – 03:14
A Message From the Stars – 05:35
Star Wars Bounty Hunters – 07:18
Chandigarh – 09:28
Sfynx – 11:44
An Age Contrived – 13:56
Cascadero – 16:33
Cascadito – 18:39
Spectral – 19:54
The Walking Dead Surrounded – 22:38
Tangram City – 24:46
Onus Traianus – 26:47
Sand – 29:07
Sirens – 31:34
Defrag – 34:17
16 Candies – 35:43
Clash of Galliformes – 37:23
Surf’s Up – 39:10
Star Tycoon – 41:49
Slip It In – 44:00
Garden Getaway – 46:05
Task Team – 47:09
Jinxx – 48:16
Courtisans – 49:36
Faraway – 51:16
Explosion in the Laboratory – 53:07
Outro – 54:28

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  1. "An Age Contrived" was a Kickstarter, and backers got to redesign the way the box looked. It is cool as heck to have a game that you chose how it looks on the shelf

  2. Thank you for the video! Added a couple to my wishlist.

  3. these are awesome! just found out about this series. hype

  4. The most fun part of the month! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Awesome video grant! Looking into getting Faraway and Courtisans.

  6. Great video. Lets hope some of these hit retail in Australia.

  7. Great video! I have Message From the Stars on preorder, and I'm also planning on picking up Faraway and Spectral.

  8. Looking forward to the walking dead game. I think Slip it in is going to be the next big party game. Speaking of waiting in line at amusement parks… might i mention Coaster Cutters! It literally plays off of the theme of waiting in a line at an amusement park. Check out my walkthrough of it.

  9. Awesome video for an awesome month!

  10. I'm surprised that so many of the games look the same- square tiles, pattern making. I'm also suprised An Age Contrived went retail after declaring they wouldn't on KS. Good for them though. I'm also suprised that Clash of Galliformes is making a retail run, best of luck to them.

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