Best Board Games Coming to Retail in November, 2022 -

Best Board Games Coming to Retail in November, 2022

Grant Lyon
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Best Board Games Coming to Retail in November, 2022 from Grant’s Game Recs

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This is the biggest month I’ve ever had for retail releases! So many publishers are releasing games as we gear up for the holiday season.

Intro – 00:00
Oh My Brain – 01:06
Gartenbau – 02:22
Verdant – 03:39
Weird Little Elf – 05:30
Sync or Swim – 07:19
Disc Cover – 09:17
CoraQuest – 10:41
Fall of the Mountain King – 12:12
Monolyth – 14:11
Naasii – 16:01
Lacrimosa – 17:56
Winter – 19:20
Regine – 20:37
Clank Catacombs – 21:41
Endless Winter – 24:16
Schitt’s Creek Love That Journey Party Game – 26:01
Turing Machine – 27:39
Encyclopedia – 28:54
Evergreen – 30:17
King of Monster Island – 31:35
Astra – 33:00
The Wolves – 34:34
Orichalcum – 35:45
Time of Empires – 37:01
Brazil Imperial – 37:52
G.I. Joe Mission Critical – 39:04
Boop – 40:12
HerStory – 41:21
Atlantic Robot League – 42:27
Outro – 43:42

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  1. I like the natural world too! I feel like we just bonded. Great list! Clank catacombs is my fav this month.

  2. Grant, this is the most invaluable video series I've discovered this year. Thank you for doing this every month!

  3. Loved Lacrimosa! Also, it's amazing how many of these I haven't heard of!

  4. I see Fall of the Mountain King on your shelf. How'd your first playthrough go?

  5. Great preview, you always manage to be both entertaining and informative

  6. Very excited for Clank! Catacombs, Turing Machine, and King of Monster Island! Hopefully I'll find one or two of them under the tree this year.

  7. Oh my brain is really really a fun clever game!

  8. Love this series! Thanks so much for all the detail on so many games!

  9. Thanks a lot! Love your comment about HerStory. I'm a woman and started playing summer 2021. Very quickly I realized that women representation is definitely not 50% (you know, like, 50% of the population) and when they are, it's often because they look like strippers or Barbies. My fav artist is The Mico for that reason: he always has almost 50/50 AND doesn't care if in history women were kept from the army or whatever roles. He represents women in all sorts of roles! And men in all sorts of roles, too! Glad the industry is going towards better ratios of all sorts (people of color, etc).

  10. Both my kids have art in Cora Quest! It's super cool! One drew the treasure monster, the other has some skulls and bones on a dungeon tile!

  11. This is awesome! Thanks, Grant! Some titles I’ve been hearing about are coming to retail. That’s exciting! Probably the most excited about Lacrimosa.

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