Best Board Games of 2023 That We Reviewed RANKED -

Best Board Games of 2023 That We Reviewed RANKED

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We ranked the best new for us board games in 2023

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  1. I love this list and love top 10 board game videos. I’d say though that adding Nemesis Retaliation is a stretch. I love Nemesis, but adding a game that was only played as a prototype and won’t be available for another year or two just seems wrong…🤣.

  2. I'm waiting for World Order, are you? Next game by Hegemenony Projects

  3. Love the list. Would absolutely love to see you guys review Mercurial!!!

  4. Interesting list! I just cant imagine picking up hegemony though, simply because of the theme 😁
    Maybe if they do a dystopian future or fantasy reskin one day! 😊
    Thanks for your great humour and content, warching your videos always leaves me feeling good 🤗🤙

  5. My favourite new-to-me games this year were Hegemony, Netrunner (I'm OBSESSED), Perseverance, Revive and Tapestry (yeah I'm very late to that particular party). It's been a good year!

  6. Thanks for a great year of reviews. I really like Star Wars TDBG and Twilight Inscription.

  7. Played Hegemony 4 times. Dont get the hype. Suoer rules-heavy, clunky and not even very thematic.

  8. Thanks for sharing your picks gents. I keep hearing great things about Hegemony and am looking forward to adding it to my rotation. For me top of 2023 was Sleeping Gods: Distant Skies, though I was also introduced to Mantis Falls this year which was my favorite of the year.

  9. Would you say that planet unknown is something between terraforming mars and my city/bären park?

  10. I have been wanting to play Crokinole for so many years but I found that there was no way for me to get the game here in South Africa… Aaaand its super expensive 🙁 great game though…

  11. hegemony is amazing. i played it once, bought a copy and played it twice and it became one of my top 5 games. i think its a game that is going to be around a long time

  12. Cool list. Seems like Earth and Hegemony is on everyone's lists this year. Have not played any of the games on your list 😂

    My best new games I played this probably are Moonrakers with expansions, Dwellings of Eldervale and Burgundy Special Edition

  13. I knew Hegemony would be number 1 even before watching 😁, I wholehartedly agree.

  14. Waiting for that promised Lands of Galzyr review… 😓

  15. Dogs are much better than cats.
    Pineapple on Pizza is awesome.
    Spaghetti should be eaten with a spoon.
    Moon landing was fake.

  16. a lots of cool games but please don't include shitty Prototypes the final game will often be completely different.

  17. The story on how JT betrayed everyone last-minute makes me want to see your playthrough of Nemesis Retaliation 😂. Must be fun to see you guys play the game.

  18. I might have forgotten some great games I played this year for the first time. Still, my favorites are Horrified: Greek Monsters (it might be my favorite from the Horrified series), Dungeon Fighters (it's as great as you said in previous videos), and Stranger Things: Upside Down (a very nice game with IP I really enjoy).
    Those would be my top games of the year, but the year is not yet over, so I might still find another favorite in a day or a few.

  19. Hegemony is my No. 1, too. And I only am 2 games in😅
    You can't stop thinking about it even after days. If you describe it, it doesn't sound like a boardgame at all, that's what I love.

  20. Putting a prototype for a campaign (that isn't even out of the late pledge phase yet) as 2nd best game of the year you played, is not only bizzare, it has a weird smell too.

  21. Best game of 2023 for me is For Northwood! A solo trick taking game.

  22. If you get a chance, try Stationfall.

    I'd love to try Hegemony, but don't know a single person who would play it.

  23. If you’re including crokinole then I’m saying dungeon fighter is the best game of 2023 for me. I’ve played it so many times and with so many different groups. S-rank game

  24. Getting a video notification from you guys is the highlight of my week! This is the most entertaining board game channel out there. I recently started getting into the hobby and can't wait for more videos to come next year! I really enjoyed playing Dead of Winter, This War of Mine and Eldritch horror this year. (Would love some board game suggestions for someone getting into slightly heavier games)

  25. Hey great top 10 guys! I can't wait for Aeon Trespass and Nemesis Retaliation. I think my favorite game of the year has been Marvel Zombies. I finally got the rest of my pledge in last week and my group, who recently had a bad falling out, put aside their squabbles to play the new expansions. We're getting the band back together! Thanks for the great content this year!

  26. Lacuna is a natural top 10 for 2023 👏 Beautiful 2p.

  27. My favorite this year is Dead Reckoning.

  28. Solid list! I absolutely fell with love with Earth and can't wait to play more of it! Hegemony has also been on my radar ever since the original review video, so I'm hoping it becomes available soon!

    Happy new year!

  29. Star War DBG is a lot of fun. So simple and you immediately want to play again after you finish.
    I'd like to see a LOTR version (just because I like LOTR more than Star Wars)

  30. This is the year i got oathsworn. So its my game of the year. Amazing triumph of tabletop. Also where is the thunderroad love?

  31. And the game of the year is… Galileo Project! 👍

  32. Great list! I really want to try out Hegemony and the Star Wars game for sure. I play a lot of solo but want to play more multiplayer games this upcoming year. Look forward to every video you produce! Happy New Year to you guys!

  33. wow Nemesis is that high and its for a prototype copy, would you consider it better than base game? Since I might be keeping only one.

    For Hegemony, I was about to ask why you forgot about such a great game, glad I finished the video before doing it 😂

  34. Thanks for the great video and for mentioning Earth, happy new year to you guys!

  35. Depends on which points or aspects you made the list ? Frequency of playing, number of players, quick set up ? I'm very interested thank you guys for that awesome year i just discover the whole hobby 2023 abd iam so happy that i found the best Board Game Channel Out there🎉❤


  37. I've only played Hegemony once, but it really stood out as unique and thematic and challenging while being really fun too. Also, I'm super looking forward to Nemesis: Retaliation. And I've played Earth a bunch of times of Board Game Arena, and I like the novel way its tableau works, but I think I already have enough card-driven, nature-themed, tableau games that I really like (Everdell, Meadow, Wingspan), so maybe that's why it doesn't grab me as much as it seems to have grabbed many others.

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