Best Board Games of All-Time (#20-11) -

Best Board Games of All-Time (#20-11)

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We’re back with another top list! This time we’re going through our favorite board games of all-time. In this part we’ll be talking about the top #20-11, and sometime within the next week we’ll be revealing our top 10.

We’re curious to know if any of these are also in your favorites, or if you think we’re way off 😀

P.S. Sorry about the delay, still trying to find out how to juggle this channel and a baby at the same time, but I do hope and plan to release videos on a more regular basis by optimizing our workflow.

Time stamps:
00:00 – Intro
00:42 – Michael’s #20
01:52 – Kathrine’s #20
03:22 – Michael’s #19
05:00 – Kathrine’s #19
06:45 – Kathrine’s #18
08:02 – Michael’s #18
10:26 – Michael’s #17
12:03 – Kathrine’s #17
13:40 – Kathrine’s #16
16:10 – Michael’s #16
17:58 – Michael’s #15
19:59 – Kathrine’s #15
21:32 – Kathrine’s #14
23:40 – Michael’s #14
25:39 – Michael’s #13
27:01 – Kathrine’s #13
28:50 – Kathrine’s #12
30:33 – Michael’s #12
32:20 – Michael’s #11
34:15 – Kathrine’s #11
36:37 – Outro


  1. What a fun list, and good dynamic between you two. Fun to hear danish(?) accents on boardtube 🙂

  2. Wonderful and fun presentation! I guess I will have to try your crossover some day. 😄 As the tactile aspect of one of your games was mentioned, have you tried “Project L”, yet? I sure like it. Already, I have taught it to four others and they all enjoyed it. It is easy to learn and a game of it is over in about a half hour.

  3. Altid fedt med toplister, jeg ser frem til jeres top 10 liste.

  4. Fed topliste og lækkert med nogle anbefalinger. Carcassonne og Kvaksalver er nogle af mine yndlings fra jeres liste. Glæder mig til top 10 listen.

  5. Enjoyed this list between you two. It inspired me to play more and get back into it a bit more especially with more recent titles. Thanks! And look forward to the Top 10.

  6. You guys are adorable! I love the differences and similarities you guys both share. Can't wait to see the rest of the list

  7. Catan har også en ringe catch up mekanisme i forhold til spillere, som er kommet ringest fra start. Hvis vi spiler 6 personer, kan de to spillere, der er kommet mest skidt fra land sidde flere timer og spille uden reelt at have nogle chancer for at vinde, og det kan være mindre sjovt. Det snyder lidt, fordi der er så gode muligheder for at komme tilbage fra de sekundære positioner. Meget uenig i heldfaktoren også.

  8. Hello to you both! I'm compiling a database of Youtube presenters' Top Board Game lists. I'm going to aggregate them all into one list and try to publish it this summer. The more info I have, the better – and the more your own lists would impact the overall list. Having said all that – do either of you (or both) rate games on BGG, and if so, would you be willing to share your usernames so I can see the games that you considered for, but didn't make, your top 20 lists? Thanks!

  9. Welcome to youtube. Thank you for this list and excited for the top ten!
    Do you have a favourite game that plays 6+ players?

  10. Kan I ikke lige sige hvordan I gør? HOW? Vi har en 2,6 år gammel datter og har sgu ikke fundet tid eller kræfter til at spille 40min i træk mens I laver videoer på 40min!
    Men ok, min kone er heller ikke gamer som sådan, jeg har fået spillet med gruppen, men stadig ikke nok.

  11. Nice video! I'm thinking to start my collection of boardgames, so far I only have classics like Risk, Monopoly and few others, Citadel, Catan (cities and knights) and I have just bought Betrayal at the Hill House 3rd edition. Looking forward to watch your top 10

  12. Keep the top lists. They justify a subscription to a channel.

  13. The "should we just play carcassonne? " game, for my wife, would be "Ganz Schon Clever".

  14. Very interesting list. My wife, my sister and I will make our list in the end of 2022.
    And what part of Denmark are you from? We are located at Bornholm 🇩🇰💚

  15. Hey, do I get it right – Kathrine is not a native English speaker? 🤔

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