Best Board Games Of All Time [2022 Edition] -

Best Board Games Of All Time [2022 Edition]

Puzzling Games
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TOP 15 Classic Family Board Games (Adults and Kids!)
who doesn’t family game night, playing family board games, with kids, friends and family?
Here is the list of top 15 all time greatest classic family board games of all time, for all ages.

PuzzlingGames has tons of puzzle games, brain teasers, rubik’s cubes, board games classics, and more. puzzles for kids, brain teaser for adults, game cubes, speed cubes, family board games, and much more. casino games, card games, solitaire card games, puzzle apps and rubik’s cube solving.
Links To all 15 Games Can Be Found HERE!
– Connect 4 –
Sorry! –
– Perfection –
– Boggle –
– The Game Of Life –
– Snakes And Ladders –
– Backgammon –
– Trivial Pursuit –
– Othello –
– Clue –
– Battleship –
– Hungry Hippos –
– Scrabble –
– Monopoly –
– Uno –


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People ask me for my favorite Rubik’s speedcubes.
Here you go!

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00:00 – Classic Family Board Games
00:26 – Connect 4
01:06 – Sorry!
01:43 – Perfection
02:22 – Boggle
03:05 – The Game Of Life
03:49 – Snakes And Ladders
04:22 – Backgammon
04:59- Trivial Pursuit
05:37 – Othello
06:16 – Clue
06:53 – Battleship
07:29 – Hungry Hippos
08:07 – Scrabble
08:45 – Monopoly
09:25 – Uno

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  1. where's jenga? it's a very great one too

  2. There should be Risk, It is one of the top selling ones and it was first time at the shops at 1970

  3. My favourite are : Cluedo board game, Snakes and Ladders, Sorry not Sorry Monopoly Deal card game, Cluedo Card Game,Uno

  4. Eww all these games are terrible. We’re in the golden age of board games so if you’re looking for games to play then know that there are actual good games now.

  5. Seconded. It's such lazy research that any of these games are on a 2022 list. It glosses over so many people's hard work to evolve board gaming to today's golden age. Dice Tower, Shut Up and Sit Down and Boardgamegeek are great resources to discover modern board gaming.

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