Best Board Games to play at Halloween -

Best Board Games to play at Halloween

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Halloween – a time of ghosts, spirits and monsters. And apparently scary good games. What are the best board games to play this Halloween no matter the situation? Find out in our Halloween board game draft video!

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In this video:

It’s all about making your board game experience better. From finding the right games to creating the best house rules for those games. We’ll also talk about finding community-created content and optimizing your own strategies and play style so you can kick your friend’s asses! So if you want to join the Boardgame Hangover community click the subscribe button and share this around!

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  1. Betrayal House on the Hill. Or the Scooby-Doo version

  2. You two are cute and funny! Plus, I love Halloween

  3. Horrified is great, as well as Arkham Horror LCG.

  4. Last night on earth should be in the list. Can't endure this game any other time, but love on Halloween!

  5. I just discovered this channel last week. Love your work. Now watching your Halloween video. I love board games, but I don't have a group (cry cry, sucks). But on Halloween my wife and two other couples, we played ALIEN RPG (one-shot scenario). They loved it and it passed as a Halloween game.

  6. For Gamer I vote for arkham horror LCG.

  7. Flick Em Up: Dead of Winter, Dungeon Fighters, Exploding Kittens zomboe edition, Mysterium, King of Tokyo: Dark edition and Betrayal at the House on the hill and some of TIME stories scenarios or Exits would also work well for Halloween.

    The elimination was awesome!

  8. Boy, oh boy, Nemesis or Dead of Winter. Both are fantastic games and I like both of them, but Nemesis is winner for me! I'm a huge Alien fan and this game is just perfect Alien game, not even official Alien games have this atmosphere!

  9. I wish this video came little earlier, Dead of Winter looks really good. 🙂
    I already bought Eldritch Horror and Horrified during Prime Early Access.
    Great video!

  10. Oh and absolutely bonus points for the thumbnail 😂👌

  11. WTH, no Eldritch
    Horror or Mansions of Madness?

  12. Good choices but two our family love are Horrified and Patchwork Halloween.

  13. You guys got some great chemistry!❤️
    I have a couple of spooky games in my collection but the ones I find more appealing is Final Girl and Arkham Horror LCG 👻😈😁

  14. The Night Cage is one I’m going to be playing a lot this month with its horror theme and advance rules make it more fun and replay able.

  15. For a wild card, I might go 'day of the dead', something very much not a halloween game, but the theme gives a nice twist on the usual spookiness.

  16. Great video – as usual! 😄 and you really got me giggling already at the intro! Thanx for that!

    Can’t really say that much/different about the mentioned games… but inspired by the „song part“ of the intro – and if you like another „spooky“ earworm – this time of the year I often listen to „poltergeist“ 😄 (by… Lolnein- needed to google it ^^)
    I’m usually listening mostly to 80s rock/Metal – so this doesn’t represent my usual listening habits – but maybe you might enjoy the song/video/Humor of it just as much as I do 😉

    Have a great weekend & spooky time!

  17. Wow, no Cthulhu in your Halloween, I respect that, because nowadays there are so many Lovecraft-theme games that could work for Halloween.
    I still think Horrified would be the best family game for this time of the year. A bit surprised that you didn't even mention it.

  18. Love the thumbnail 😂. Always wanted to try Alice Is Missing since you guys last recommended it. But it's definitely very different from the games I usually play with my group.

  19. As always a super fun (but still spooky 😀 ) video from you guys !
    My personal choices for Halloween have been: Mansions of Madness, Betrayal at House on the Hill,
    AtmosFear and Dead of Winter, as you mentioned!
    I would love to play any of those with you. you two are amazing and adorable we all know that..but how dark is your dark side? 🙂

  20. Guys you missed the best family weight Halloween game "Horrified" not scarry but an amazing game and super easy pick up and deliver with great theme.

  21. I see that some parts of the comments section might already agree with me:
    *family = Horrified
    *party = Unfathomable
    *couples = Arkham Horror LCG
    *gamers = Wonderland's War
    *wild = Exit

  22. Abomination by Plaid Hat Games is also an amazing and fun — and gruesome — halloween worker placement game.

  23. I love spooky games all times around the year! My choices are: Mansions of Madness (2. ed), Eldritch Horror, Cthulhu: Death May Die, Betrayal Legacy and Zombicide ^^ But I have a LOT horror games haha so I could list much more. 😉

  24. I've been dying to play a game called Dracula's Feast to see if it's good but haven't found it anywhere! But recently I played Horrified which reminded me a lot of the Alien game but kind of more fun in my opinion.

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