Best Board Games to Start Your Collection (BUDGET CHALLENGE!!!) -

Best Board Games to Start Your Collection (BUDGET CHALLENGE!!!)

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Joining the board game hobby but don’t know where to start? Here are two board game starting collections for two different budgets!

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It’s all about making your board game experience better. From finding the right games to creating the best house rules for those games. We’ll also talk about finding community-created content and optimizing your own strategies and play style so you can kick your friend’s asses! So if you want to join the Board game Hangover community click the subscribe button and share this around!



  1. I have a good collection of games at home and I have a 100 euro limit for new games. Would recommend a big game like sleeping gods for 90 euros or lots of smaller games?

  2. Thank you guys for the extra content, much appreciated. 🙏❤️

  3. An amazing cheap game to have is Oriflamme!!

  4. Nice lists guys.
    I recently bought Planet Unknown. We only managed to get it to the table this past weekend and everyone really enjoyed it.
    What a great game, it is definitely my favourite polyomino game right now with Isle of Cats in the second place.

  5. I really liked your categories! I would have picked: 7 wonders duel, 7 wonders, Sheriff of Notingham, Hanamikoji, Decrypto, Hanabi, King of Tokyo, For Sale, Dixit, Love Letter, Avalon as my starters. But I really into Heavy games so this one are rarely played)

  6. Bought Just One after your best party game recommendation and its fantastic, everyone loves it. Thanks!

  7. I love this format. Consider repeating it, but without preset categories: Let each player create a collection of 5 (or more/less) and argue what role plays in the collection.

  8. The Crew and Just One would be very high on my list as well! Just One is a blast with everyone and The Crew doesn't appeal to all but when it does, it's the best game out there.

  9. My choices:

    Sushi Go: This is a card drafting and set collection game. It can be found major retailers such as Target and WalMart. MSRP is $10-$15. It’s colorful and easy to learn. Replay ability is good. Good for 3-5 players.

    Pandemic Hot Zone North AmericaEurope: A fun cooperative game. All players must wipe out a plague before the plague wipes out the world. There are 4 different roles that are all fun. It is possible to solo this but 2-4 players is better.

    Palm Island: The base game is a solo only game. This is a heavy resource management game. You are also making trade offs. Do you use a resource now for a gain or upgrade to maybe gain something better later on?

  10. Nemesis covers most of those prerequisites. 😅

  11. Really like this video idea it was fun to watch!
    Also, thanks for the new podcast episode. Hope to hear more!
    And have you guys seen the KS for The Curse of Candelabria? I think the game would be up your guys alley.

  12. Great video! Thinking Splendor might be my next purchase.

  13. Ohh I loved this video! Please more lists in this category. I would really enjoy lists for games with more complexity or an added story/campaign category;)

  14. For eur 100 Dune Imperium with Rise of Ix expansion. For unlimited Dune, Frosthaven, Twilight Imperium, Kemet, Scythe, ISS Vanguard.

  15. Good to see just one there, as I do think it should be the game in every household, not that old dinosaur Monopoly. I had a lovely surprise walking into a lovely little Polish 'mini supermarket' (in Norwich, England). Up on the shelves behind the counter, were a small number of Polish language games, including a Terraforming Mars expansion and Just One. I was like a proud parent complimenting them!

    On a budget?
    – Circle the Wagons at ~ £10 is a super 2 player game, with far more depth than a mere 18 cards has any right to deliver
    – Cockroach Poker is another large player count game that fits the many players & 5/30 brief
    – Furnace could be a useful option, as a 1-4 player game, with resources and a surprisingly simple teach, but delivers some of the crunchy thinking of much bigger games. One of the cheapest 'brain burner' games out there.
    – (cheating here) I still think the card game 'cribbage' is good today, as although there's seemingly quite a lot of luck, a league I took part in 30 years ago(!) showed that over multiple games, the better players performed better. As cheap as a pack of cards, a pencil and a sheet of paper. As an aside, our games group plays in a room overlooking where cribbage was invented!
    – Games where there's a lot bundled into a single box e.g. Pulsar 2849 which could easily have been carved up into base game + expansion, but it's all in that box (even if it's a horror to pack away!) or Istanbul's 'big box' which allows for a nice compact lower player count game with the original 16 tiles, all the way up to the full 25 tiles, which I'll use if we've got 4 or 5 players. The price remains very cheap for what you get.

  16. I would go with Concordia, Terraforming mars ares expedition , Stockpile, Brass Lancashire, Axis and allies anniversary edition.

  17. Carnival of monsters is very underated, good artwork and interesting combos with few rules.

  18. Oof a hundred euros. That leaves out Mage Knight the Ultimate Edition 😞.

  19. Cool idea, really like the aproach about budget and not lists.
    If you repeat this – would you consider of covering areas as 1)games with kids, that adults can enjoy, 2)with your other half, who might not be so into board gaming, but would play time to time, 3)wow! games, that has amazing visual appeal, components and rest, and also is good mechanically, 4)something with a unique twist, that would "open a door to wonderland"

    Thanks, and keep up the good work. You guys are awesome!

  20. For shure Janis lost that challenge if for no other reason than he did not think Feed the Kraken was thematic pfft.

  21. Of course feed the kraken is there. Rightfully so haha

  22. Great video!
    My starter collection would be Flamecraft, Tiny Towns, Railroad Ink (green), Horrified, and Catch Sketch/Doodly Quickly. You can get all these games for approximately 150€.

  23. just started properly getting into collecting board games – im loving the way you guys shoot and edit the videos, plus the personality and knowledge behind it, the design, everything really! subscribed! 🙂

  24. Anyone else just not like Max Verstappen as well

  25. Wow… you're both fun to watch. Keep doing that, don't change. The only problem is when someone starts collection, the games must be available, which is not the case with some here. I would strongly suggest Bohnanza card game, fun to play , cheap to get.

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