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Best Board Games to Teach Quickly

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Hey, not everyone has the patience to learn (or to teach for that matter) board games. And sometimes you are just in a hurry and looking for a game that is easy to teach. Here is a list of the best board games you can teach in less than 5 minutes.

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  1. Hello, what is that game with a dragon and airplane on your wall there ??

  2. Quest for El Dorado, Welcome To, Spots, Scout, Cockroach poker

  3. Planet Unknown and Project L are my faves from this list. I'd also add Terrorscape!! 10/10 and easy to learn.

  4. This is a big concern of mine. I got all these amazing games but some are quite complex. I've had my eye on Star Wars Deckbuilding Game for awhile now. I think the time has come to scoop it up. Thanks guys! You are the best!

  5. Hogwarts Battle is an excellent Pandemic alternative, but like many Ascension-likes, it suffers from a cloggy market and lack of deck culling (iykyk). And perhaps a lack of Dominion-style soft synergies

  6. For me,
    Sagrada (in addition to Splendor – but it has become apparent that Sagrada went over better than Splendor… Yes, I know… Different type of game… I have never played Century Spice Road, btw – only the 2nd of the series, I think).

  7. Most Knizia games fall within this category – High Society, Through the Desert and Ra are all good options.

  8. I have only played Planet Unknown from this list but I feel like I COULD play every single one of them right now. Great choices!

    The one I would want to try most is Freelancers. I hear so many good things about it, it sounds like a lot of fun.

    If I had to teach someone an easy to learn game it would most probably be Zing-a-Zam or Savernake Forest because those are the easy to learn games I own 😂

  9. Love u guys❤

    Also easy to teach, is Quest for El Dorado

  10. Great video. One that you guys might consider is Foundations of Rome/Metropolis. I've taught it to 15 people this year and it's been super easy to teach each time. You only have three actions: take income, but property, or build a building.

    Great video as always.

  11. I think Dungeon Fighter is a great one. It's super easy and fun. You can set it up, start playing, and explain details along the way. It's a great game that's not a party game but makes you laugh as a party game.

  12. My recent acquisition is Imhotep. Takes stones, place stones, ship stones. 🙂

  13. Great picks!

    Mine are:

    1. Just one – fastest teach ever. You chose a a random word without seeing it, everybody writing a similar word, show them to each other, similar words are removed and then you try to guess the word. And that’s it, you are ready to play.
    2. Las Vegas – Throw dice, choose a number from the die result, take all the dice and add them to the casino with the same number. If you win at the end of the round, you take the money. Easy peasy.
    3. Foundations of Rome – this game is simple, but offers strategic depth and looks spectacular on the table.

  14. Ive never heard of Freelancers, it looks so charming 😀 I didnt think itd be easy to explain but Ill have to look into it

  15. I taught Horrified to a 10 year old and to a drunk friend. It went smooth both times, maybe a drunk 10 year old would be a bit too much though.

  16. It's hard to find these kinds of games. I call these "party games for gamers". I'd take any of those games over exploding cats, etc.

  17. Azul, Kingsdomino, Feed the kraken

  18. Star Wars DB!! Yes! I’ve got 4 out of 10. What do you think of Santorini & Skyrise on this category? Honorable mentions?

  19. My go to are currently Marvel United and Cascadia

  20. Actually Base Dominion is one of the simplest games to teach yet has vast replay ability.

  21. Lots of great games on this list. added Project L and Freelancers to my imminent shopping list! the rest will come at a later time!

  22. 😤 OMG 1:41 WTF u doing!?!?! You'd do better placing pieces with a brick 😂

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