Best Co-op Board Games RANKED I Cooperative games -

Best Co-op Board Games RANKED I Cooperative games

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You know what usually is the best genre of board games? Co-op games! But what are the best games in that genre? Find out in our video where we rank the best co-op games that we have played!


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It’s all about making your board game experience better. From finding the right games to creating the best house rules for those games. We’ll also talk about finding community-created content and optimizing your own strategies and play style so you can kick your friend’s asses! So if you want to join the Boardgame Hangover community click the subscribe button and share this around!

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  1. Eldritch Horror has a special, warm place in my heart. It's so good, even solo. For me the must-have expansion that made it awesome was 'Under the Pyramids'. Return to Dark Tower is a newer co-op that I enthusiastically recommend if it fits one's budget. Horrified is very accessible, fun, oozes theme with the special way each monster challenges you, and offers great bang for the buck.

  2. Mechs vs. Minions! I feel like this game doesn’t get enough love! Great video, love your content!

  3. I’m a big fan of the “captain is dead”, it plays great with a ton of people however I’ve found it’s harder with more people. The captain dies and it’s up to everyone at the table to maintain the spaceship and fight off aliens while they board you. Very tense game but some of the most satisfying wins I’ve had, I highly recommend checking it out!

  4. Dead men tell no tales is very interesting! 😊 I love the pace of that game and tension before every new threat that appears. Really makes you believe that you are exploring a burning ship 😁

  5. Guys thank you so much for all the cool content! I think I would add maybe Robinson Crusoe..? Or First Martians (since they're both basicaly the same..)Keep up the awesome work!

  6. Spirit Island THE BEST beefy co-op, but for quick and easy / casual we like Zombies keep out. A hoard of three coloured zombie minis are coming from a literal pool at your backyard, you have five access points to your house that you need to defend while building machines to win the game. If bad things happen, you take bites and can't talk very well or at all, so communication becomes hilarious too. Light and fun and the rules are very easy.

  7. Clearly you've never played Thunderbirds. 😉

  8. One we really enjoy, really suck at, but continue want to play is Co2 Second Chance.

  9. I know I'm probably in the minority here, but I hate games/activities where you have to look for hidden objects, so I don't think MicroMacro would be a game for me.

  10. I missed "tippi toppi", "the game", "just one", "cross clues". In my opinion "the crew 2" is a bit better than the first one

  11. I would love to have a version of Gloomhaven which you could just one-shot. I don't have time nor patience for campaign games, no matter how good they are, and I play with a lot of mixed groups. This is why I like Spirit Island a lot better: it has KIND OF a similar tactical card system, but doesn't have the burden of campaign stuff. Both games are heavy and require some time to teach and get used to, though, so I oftentimes keep The Crew, Just One and Ghost Stories at hand for quicker co-op nights.

  12. I would have put it above the crew. I want to try spirit island but i hear it's complicated so I've stayed away….for now.
    Love the mind and eldritch horror.

  13. What about Aeon’s End? I love that game!

  14. For me the Arkham Horror was oppenner for coop games.
    But for nowtimes my favorite cooperative board game is Pathfinde Action Card Game 2 edition.
    Why? Becouse it's have most cooperative mechanics – heal each others, help, fight against monsters (kinda)
    Very sad that's Paizo don't work on it =C

  15. I'm really happy HP : Hogwarts Battle made it to your top ten ! Love this game even if it's broken x)

  16. I thought Sentinels would be there, there's a new definitive version that recent came out!

  17. 5 minutes dungeon
    Itis a cooperative party game. Simple, quick, fun. Could be a bit of chaos, but there is no time to think, and every player do simultan actions and each player need to focus and do their best.

  18. 😱I think the video you uploaded is missing the last part where you put Arkham Horror LCG on top.

  19. What games should we add to this list next time?

  20. Horrified, the best family co-op there is. It's like Pandemic, but good.

  21. A game that's great for families and for kids to play without parents is Ghost Fightin' Treasure Hunters. It has a Pandemic Jr feel to it. Keep up the great work guys!

  22. Maybe Nemesis if you make sure everyone picks the co-op objective, Dice Throne Adventure and tranquility.

  23. You guys sold me on Forgotten Waters and yet you have Harry Potter on this list and not FW? Whats trhat about? 😄

  24. Return to Dark Tower and Cthulhu Death May Die would be on top of my list together with Spirit Island

  25. Dead of winter! My favourite co-op game with a sneaky twist

  26. Have you checked out Atlantis Rising? It’s a worker placement co-op that plays up to 7 players. I bought it to meet that higher player count.. and there’s no down time as players take their turn together.

  27. zombicide is our group's go to and the crew

  28. Very cool video! I would suggest Cthulhu Death May Die and Street Masters. Both have been some of my favorite co-op experiences in board gaming so far

  29. Blasphemy spirit island should be on top!
    Kidding aside hoping Distant Skies is good when its delivered, by then hopefully i will understand u guys 😁

  30. My new favourite channel! Great production, but most importantly, you have creative approaches to your content and how you share your info. You play really well off each other. Looking forward to the next one!

  31. Curious if yall have played The Loop? I haven't but hear nothing but good things and the artwork looks pretty interesting.

  32. Janis!
    You have hair under your baseball cap! I thought you were bald!

  33. Great videos! Please do one for best player interaction games!

  34. I literally thought about „when will the new hangover video come out“ COUNTLESS times during the last days 🥰 can‘t get enough of your videos. Can‘t pinpoint what it is about your videos however I really enjoy them SO MUCH ❤️ thank you two ❤️

  35. What are your thoughts about „Say Bye To The Villains“?

  36. Just arrived here to see some love for Magic maze and well, nothing!

    Personally I lately really enjoy and continue to think about Aeon's End, which is much better than Hogwarts Battle but fills the same niche

  37. With my gaming group, we’re mostly playing CO-OP games and one of our new favourites is Viticulture with the World expansion, really fun and very thinky game! Another fun, and way less thinky, is Massive Darkness- we’re currently playing the campaign play of the 2nd one, and we’re having a blast! And my last suggestion, for 2 players (it can be played with more than that but I think 2 is the perfect number), is Roll Player Adventure! That game bring us back to the old days of adventure books. It’s a super fun game with a lot of hard decisions to make! Great video, as usual!! 🙂

  38. I found coop games when my kids became teenagers and they started getting ultra competitive with each other, especially when their friends came around.
    Watching a bunch of teenage boys playing coop games is an experience….

  39. Burgle Bro's – 1 and 2 – spectacular co op game where you play diferent characters robbing a bank or casino and you have to move through unknown rooms avoiding guards and bad rooms using skills and items you have. then once youve grabbed the loot – GET OUT! – requires lots of planning and talking about plans. Most people we have played with have bought their own copy of the game.

  40. Would add Arkham Horror: The Card game, Dungeon Fighters and Magic Maze. But it's definitely hard to make a top when each of the games has their own best time when to bring them to the table.

  41. I would add Cross Clues and Chronicles of Crime

  42. Where is the "Forbidden" series: Forbidden Island, Forbidden Desert, etc? Hands down Forbidden Island is a the best first coop game experience for folks. Short, asymmetric game play, and enough strategy to make it interesting.
    Other coop games we really like: The Grizzled and Flashpoint.

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