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Best Deck Building & Pool Building Board Games

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What is Jānis G. favorite game mechanism? DECKBUILDING! What are the best deckbuilding games? THESE ARE!

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It’s all about making your board game experience better. From finding the right games to creating the best house rules for those games. We’ll also talk about finding community-created content and optimizing your own strategies and play style so you can kick your friend’s asses! So if you want to join the Board game Hangover community click the subscribe button and share this around!

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  1. Ok, no Aeon's End, friendship is over 😅

  2. A few very good deck builders missing from your list or perhaps you don’t consider them that good, Marvel Champions, Imperium Classic/Legends, Undaunted series. I do think Star Realms is worth a place, as well as Dune Imperium.

  3. 1. If you are not familiar with Shards of infinity and Ascension Tactics (not the entire series before it) – you should definitely try them.
    2. Volfyirion looks simple, smells generic (both fantasy and deckbuilding wise) – BUT(!) despite being so small –
    Is REALLY really fun.
    3. Try out Xenoshyft in 2 players. – You might like its twist.

  4. For me and my son we have a lot of fun with Star Wars the deckbuilding Game these days. A must-have for everyone who loves the Star Wars Theme. Check this out. You‘ll love it – perhaps 😬

  5. Good list, I enjoy most of these. I'd add Spirit Island and Moonrakers. If you like Dominion and negotiation games, you will like Moonrakers a lot.

  6. I think my favorite deckbuilding game is the DC deckbuilding game. Not sure what my list would be, but I know that Millennium Blades, Thunderstone Quest and Lost Ruins of Arnak would be somewhere up there. Also love Warp's Edge as a bag builder. Love Quacks as well. Always heard good things of the Harry Potter deckbuilding game and wanted to try it.

  7. Nice video. I'll throw my hat in for Quest for El Durado. My favorite deck builder and one of my favorite games, period.

  8. where is Terraforming mars (or ares expedition) 😢
    also quest for el dorado for me – deck build racing game !

  9. No Ascension Tactics love? Pretty awesome that it combines deckbuilding with moving around a board for territory control.

  10. Surprised to not even hear a mention of Lost Ruins of Arnak from y'all? Star Realms (and Shards of Infinity) should be on this list, but surprisingly I enjoy the GI Joe Deck Building game more than both of those. It is not often that you get to roll dice in a deck-building game, and I love that in GI Joe DBG. Also, Warp's Edge is an amazing bag-building game, one of my favorite solo games of all time.

  11. I always find it interesting when Dominion makes it onto a list like this, but no one mentions Arctic Scavengers. It’s basically Dominion with an actual theme and a bluffing mechanic. Very underrated!

  12. This is only the 2nd video I’ve watched of yours and both mentioned Wonderland’s War…a game I’ve never heard of before! Will definitely be looking into it more. Just subscribed!

  13. Hey guys , how come you didn't even mention Tyrants of the underdark? It's pure gold + area control

  14. My Top 10 is:

    1. Dune: Imperium
    2. Lost Ruins of Arnak
    3. Legendary: Aliens
    4. Imperium: Classic/Legends
    5. Tyrants of the Underdark
    6. The Quest for El Dorado
    7. Aeons End
    8. Dominion
    9. Thunderstone Advance (especially the coop tower defence mode)
    10. Orléans (bag building)

    Some honorable mentions, I mean games that are partly higher on my all time list but Deckbuilding is either a minor part or it's no typical Deckbuilding (e.g. no drawing from a deck or no shuffling), but still you individualize your deck/hand during the game:
    1. Pathfinder Adventure Card Game
    2. Great Western Trail
    3. Mage Knight
    4. Mombasa/Skymines
    5. Luna Maris
    6. Condordia
    7. Spirit Island
    8. Blackout Hongkong
    9. Viscounts of the West Kingdom
    10. Century: Spice Road

  15. Dc deck build should be somewhere on this list. So many expansions. You can mix multiple different sets to create a new game every single time. Plus who wouldn’t want to play as Superman or Batman

  16. DC Deck Building Game is one of the bests, and I find it weird that so many lists for these never mention it

  17. Dominion almost at the very top when ranked at year 2023. I am shocked. Last time I played this was in 2014. When did you play it last? I can appreciate the sentiment, but I don't see myself choosing to play it ever again ahead of any other games you mentioned.

  18. Have you tried the new Star Wars Deck building game? I liked it more than star realms and hero realms. (Love hero Realms)

  19. One of my best is the DC deck building game !!!

  20. Where's the Aeon's End series..? Come on, even not in the first ten..?

  21. Orleans is a great Euro bag builder.

    The Quest for El Dorado is top notch entry deck builder racing game.

    Cubitos is more enjoyable to me than Quacks but slightly more fiddly.

    I do like your picks and I’ve heard good things about Wonderlands War, but the theme turns me off.

    I see several people recommending Star Wars: deckbuilder so I’m interested to try that.

  22. Tyrants of the underdark needs more love, please give it a try

  23. How dare you compare Legendary (great) to Ascencion (sucks), and should be probably Top 3 (not outdated Dominion). If not already played by you, check out Tyrants of the Underdark.

  24. Janis G keeps sneaking in Willy Wonka quotes.

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