Best Euro ( Economic ) Board Games Ranked 2022 -

Best Euro ( Economic ) Board Games Ranked 2022

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We have played many euro games. You may have played many euro games. But which ones from those many are the best? THESE ONES!

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It’s all about making your board game experience better. From finding the right games to creating the best house rules for those games. We’ll also talk about finding community-created content and optimizing your own strategies and play style so you can kick your friend’s asses! So if you want to join the Boardgame Hangover community click the subscribe button and share this around!

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  1. Vindication has to be on the list. It might have theme, but it's certainly a euro

  2. Sick production. Glad I stumbled across your channel.

  3. Like the fact that you cover so many games in such a short period of time,yes there many board game reviews and I don’t want waste over an hour to get ten or so recommendations,are you listening dice tower.

  4. Great list! Would add Brass Birmingham, Great Western Trail, Mombasa, Coopers Island and Lords of Waterdeep.

  5. You should play, Brass: Birmingham, Brazil. and for some reason never I like Puerto Rico

  6. I wonder what you guys would rate underwater cities. I thought that was a pretty good euro game

  7. Dungeon Petz is a great choice, because any Euro that includes cleaning up poop must be spectacular.

  8. Great list! In my top 10-15 there will be also: Keyflower, La Granja, Clans of Caledonia, Underwater Cities, Gaia Project. Something wrong in Dungeon Petz section – or red screen just covered all the crazyness in pet's cages? 😀

  9. Troyes… Check it out. My favorite euro.
    Also… Great western trail, Le Havre, Grand Austria Hotel, Lignum, and Madeira are in my top ten Euros.

  10. An absolute hidden gem: ❤️ Trismegistus ❤️

  11. I would think a couple of obvious misses would be Brass Birmingham, Concordia and Viticulture. But, a few lesser talked about games that I have really enjoyed are Village, Ys and Myrmes.

  12. Need to try some games from list. But I'm telling that not even close that Nations is better than Through the Ages 😀 😀 And where is Brass, Gaia Project, Food chain magnate and I know that 18XX is a league of their own, but it's heavy economics game 🙂

  13. It was mentioned already, but Viticulture is a great Euro and should probably be on this list. (my opinion)
    Also, Dune:Imperium is my favorite game right now, so top of the list.

  14. Great video. For the next time, i think you should consider Brass, Wingspan, Hansa Teutonica, Great Westen Trail, Clans of Caldonia and Yokohama to name a few.

  15. Great video! All good choices featured! Ark Nova is a personally favorite of mine right now. Ready for some expansions!

  16. TM with it's cards randomness as best euro game? Haha, nice joke.

  17. Oh, Guys, I could not disagree more with this list. Not with the games in it – those are mostly fine. But stating Euro Games = economic games is breaking my past-economic teacher's heart.

    Yeah, in many of Euro there are resource management mechanics, but most of them are just vaguely connected with economics. Some great economic game examples would be PowerGrid where the game is based on supply/demand and market costs. Also Brass would be a good example where the game pushes players to adapt to the demand/supply situations and have good inner game economics.

  18. Hi guys new to your channel and loving it. I'm not sure if this is a Euro Game or what, but I found it in my grand dads closet about a decade ago and I love it. I know Janis has talked about history themed games being a favourite. Escape from Colditz. Definitely dated but very thematic

  19. Great video, so glad to see Dead Reckoning on this list already, DR is raising to be one of my favorite games of all time. Love it!

  20. I don‘t like Euro Games yet. But I love your videos 🤩🤩🤩

  21. I recommend Maracaibo. Bit of a beast to set up on the table, but really fun. I also really like Carnegie, which has a really clever yet simple AI for solo players.

  22. If I had to choose another euro game, it would probably be Brass: Birmingham (I think it was even ranked #2 in BGG). Other than that, I really like the list – mine would be quite similar. Thanks for the video once again!

  23. Haven’t played quite some of the games you were talking about, but feel comfortable in my choice of having skipped scythe 😄

    I have a few games in mind, that you probably didn’t play & would be high up on my personal list – but well, guess playing „all“ of the games out there is an impossible quest & as I said, don’t know some of your list 😄

    Also, not quite sure if every game I mention would be a „pure“ eurogame… but you need resources and spend them well ^^

    My 3 picks to consider (bc I enjoy them ^^) would be the following:
    Goetia, 9 kings of Solomon. Just recently got this Swedish game. Rules could be better, but like the very different (rather sinister) theme and mechanics (also worker placement)

    Bonfire – the gnomes are too cute, there are sooo many choices and things to do – one of my favorit games by Stefan Feld.

    And: the colonists. It is truly an epic game and without an Inlay the whole setup takes even longer 🙈 only played it with 2 players so far… we didn’t hurry, but didn’t brood on every decision either… but it can easily last 5hours, even when you know the game very well ^^ (or cats try to walk all over the board 🤣)
    Nevertheless, still enjoy it very, very much 😄

    Thanks for the great video! Hope you’re having a nice evening! (And btw, I agree with TM being the best eurogame 😉)

  24. Colonialism was so bad, essentially, aborigines where killing each other, sacrificing children, slaving each other, in a primitive state. Then the bad whiteys came and ended the cannibalism and perpetual war, and told them about Christ. Yes let us feel guilty now bad whiteys bad…
    UN and WEF approve this message..

  25. Great list there. Would you consider TM AE an euro game as well? Where would you rank it? From the list I only have played castles of bunrgundy and it is a great game. Your top 3 is probably my top priority on games to try. Great video. Please create more top something videos.
    Ps there is a glitch on the video at 5:43 (no image).

  26. You guys forgot the most euro of games.


    You got so many tokens to manage during the game it must be a euro, right?

  27. Scythe as last one… How dare you?? 🤣🤣

  28. what do you think about Garphill games? Raiders of the sea or Architects?

    p.s Janis T still tinkering on colour scheme? if finding oversaturated main video (or it's vignette?) a bit too much contrast from product video which are neutral. In this aspect last videos I have liked probably was a return to darktower and co-op video.
    I probably not completely understanding challenges you facing.
    Just one guess – JG seats a bit closer to natural light source? window, hall?

  29. Another great video, thank you for the hard work! Euros very rarely hit my table (expect wingspan is one of my all time faves, does it count as an euro game?) , but I do own a couple. For example I have terraforming mars and we've played it a handful of times, husband loves it but I'm not fully convinced. Maybe an expansion would make it more interesting? What is the best expansions to get, or is there a must-have combo? I'm a scifi fan so the theme is perfect and I can't pinpoint why it's not super FUN for me to play, even though the mechanics are solid enough…

  30. For me best euros are: Brass (both), Barrage, Terra Mystica, Orlean, Endeavor, Trickerion, Lisboa, Underwater Cities, Tzolkin, Architects of the west kingdom and Mombasa

  31. Gotta have Brass Birmingham on there!! Glad to see Dwellings getting some love, it’s egregiously underrated.

  32. Scythe is the best out of all of these, but I get that it's not for everyone. But it is criminal to put Puerto Rico that low. The game is a stone cold classic.

  33. Viticulture, Essential Edition, and Brass Birmingham. 😎

  34. I love Scythe and your videos, maybe I have bad taste! lol 😆🤣😇

  35. Would have also added Barrage, Great Western Trail and Tapestry. Three of my favourites

  36. Any euro list is incomplete without Hansa Teutonica

  37. I'm team Dune: Imperium–agree 100%. TM not so much for me, but I realize I'm in the minority there. Want to give some love also to Trickerion, which someone else mentioned–a great game: essentially The Prestige (movie) in cardboard. Love also Anachrony, by the same publisher. And Excavation Earth, by the same designer as Anachrony, is an underrated gem IMHO, with a tense market mechanism. I do love Scythe. So sorry to have missed out on Dwellings of Eldervale, as it is impossible to find now. As you can see, I'm a sucker for immersive themes in my euros that tell an interesting story in how they play out. 😆 Hard for me really to objectively evaluate pure mechanisms–just know I love playing these games. So I'm maybe not strictly evaluating euros for their own sake–more "transcontinental"–to borrow a term coined by the designer of Dwellings… Thanks for the great video!

  38. Love this channel. One of my favorites I’ve seen this year

  39. Seeing terraforming mars above Ark Nova triggered me a little, but that is fine. It is just a matter of opinion. 😀
    Overall, for me, Castles of Burgundy is not only the best Euro game but also just the best game full stop. It is also a fantastic gateway game. I have introduced a lot of people who have played only Catan before to the wonderful world of board games through this game. Quite easy to learn, but difficult to master. Can't wait for Awaken Realms version to come.
    As for others that I have played without any particular order I would have to mention Lisboa (ok, this comes in 2nd for sure 😉 ), Gaia Project, Brass Birmingham, Lost Ruins of Arnak (only with exp), A Feast for Odin and Tapestry. And Your aforementioned Dune Imperium and Scythe would make my top something.
    Also would love to see Your full review of Dwellings of Eldervale. Make it happen, please 🙂

  40. Pretty new to Euro games but really liked Wingspan if you count that as a Euro game, so I'll probably grab Dune Imperium for something more complex?

  41. Damn… now i am looking again at Dwellings of Eldervale …

  42. I think my #1 would still be Gaia Project. What can I say, it is such a deep game with tons of things to do every turn, paired with really nice components and extra points for not trying to sell itself as a 4X game like so many other far less of a "4X games" do.

  43. Here is an interesting observation – Janis T. brought out all of the top3 games and Janis G. brought out 4 out of 5 games at the bottom.

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