Best Ever Board Games Top 10 - Updated for 2023 Our Favorite tabletop boardgames -

Best Ever Board Games Top 10 – Updated for 2023 Our Favorite tabletop boardgames

Boxed Meeples
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After a fantastic year of board gaming in 2022, Libby and Julian continue to count down their favourite fifty board games of all time.

In this Video it is the top ten !

00:00 Start
00:49 Yggdrasil Chronicles
03:47 Disney Villainous
06:19 Viticulture
08:49 Lost Ruins of Arnak
11:36 Res Arcana
14:26 Gloomhaven Frosthaven
16:28 Star Wars Rebellion
20:11 Ark Nova
23:52 Eclipse Second Dawn for the Galaxy
28:50 Dwellings of Eldervale
32:18 Bitoku
35:55 Ark Nova
38:42 Pandemic
42:13 Star Wars Rebellion
44:28 Scythe
50:13 The Great Wall
54:57 Lost Ruins of Arnak
57:11 Root
59:59 Yedo


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  1. great list! so glad one of my fav game of all time (Lost Ruins of Arnak) mentioned twice on this video hahahaha btw what's that metal coin you're using? looks super cool!

  2. On what rank would a feast for odin be?

  3. Somehow you landed on my front page and I don't regret watching this video of two very likeable people 🙂
    Funnily I can barely agree on anything here, haha. I find Villainous broken for its heavy queen-making problem, Viticulture mediocre at most for incredibly high luck factor for a resource converting euro game, Arc Nova sterile and draggy, pandemic boring for its repetitiveness (and I don't like coop a lot anyways), Res Arcana just a fiddly disimprovement of countless better card engine builders and Scythe and Arnak polished into total insignificance. I am always happy to see people enjoying games I don't and no hard feelings if it is the other way around. Wishing you a great day and success with your channel :*

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