Best New Editions of Board Games Coming to Retail in January, 2024 -

Best New Editions of Board Games Coming to Retail in January, 2024

Grant Lyon
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Best New Editions of Games Coming to Retail in January, 2024 from Grant’s Game Recs

There are several top 100 of all-time games on BoardGameGeek getting new editions this month!

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Intro – 00:00
El Grande – 01:27
Unlock Extraordinary Adventures – 03:38
High Season: Grand Hotel Roll and Write – 05:21
Ancient Terrible Things Reawakened – 06:46
Time’s Up Family Edition – 08:12
MicroMacro Crime City 4: Showdown – 09:55
Sea Salt and Paper: Extra Salt – 12:14
Agricola: Ephipparius Deck – 13:26
CoraQuest: Keep on Questing – 14:39
MicroMacro Crime City Bonus Box – 16:17
Summoner Wars: The Deepwood Groaks – 18:19
Summoner Wars: The Forged – 19:20
Outro – 19:47

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  1. So many Micro Macros! We still haven't finished the first box! 😮

  2. Monikers, according to the rulebook in the game, does not allow for miming/gesturing in the second round, whereas Time's Up does.

    It was actually something that Zee disliked during the Dice Tower live streams of Monikers. With that being said, Monikers cards are better laid out, in my opinion, than the Time's Up cards.

  3. Nice list! You know, "reimplimenting" is probably a word you don't want to struggle on in a video about, er, reimplimentations. :p

  4. Who ever is reading this… have a great day! 🌼😄

  5. I've been tempted by crime city and after seeing the first 2 maps join up makes this very pleasing. Glad the predictable epic cases have been released. I might be foolish but I'd like it all in one box. Fingers crossed.

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