Best Relaxing Board Games for When You're Tired -

Best Relaxing Board Games for When You’re Tired

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Yes we are competitive. Yes we love heavy and complex games. However sometimes, we just want to kick back, relax and play some of these best chill games out there!

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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. I would add Mandala the card game (2-player), Cafe the card game, Dragon Castle and Solitaire for Two (the tile game). These are the most chill games that I own. Other old school chill and coffee standards are Rummikub and Qwirkle.

  2. I agree with this list 100%, however, I would also add "Planted" and "Parks" : )

  3. Space Park by Henry Audubon is very relaxing and way more fun than it should be

  4. Draftosaurus is so bad. It rewards variety in a way where you get more points by adding a predator T-Rex to a habitat of veggie eaters, wtf. No park management either, it's just a "randomly draft 5 type of stuff to a small number of groups and score each group". Has nothing to do with dinos, animal-care, park management, nothing.

  5. I have to say, your B-roll film is so good!

  6. I lost focus with the illegal tile placement B roll in Dorfromantik 😅

  7. Definitely agree with Dorf. I was surprised how enjoyable this game is.

  8. Why play games when you're tired? Are you forcing yourself to play games at all costs or something?

  9. Yall haven't played Draftasaurus with my kids if it's on the relaxing game list

  10. My top relax game is calico, but everyone else seems to get stressed out by it 😅

  11. Is Star Wars Deckbuilding relaxing becouse you always win?

  12. It seems like drafting is the ‘chill’ mechanic- my top 3 are Cascadia, Fantasy Realms, and Lost Cities card game

  13. I would add Roam to the list. Despite being competitive game, it feels very relaxing putting your tokens on the main board by patterns in your hand.

  14. I really like this ❤❤❤❤❤

  15. Just played Viticulture as chill game. Was very good.

  16. these guys are so f*****g funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 4:58

  17. You triggered me so much when in last shot of Dorfromantik you placed illegally 🤣🤣

    But for me Spires End: Hildegard probably is the most chill one I play if I don't want to think too much

  18. Thanks for the list. I learned how to play 7 Wonders many years ago and don't remember much about it, but I was introduced to 7 Wonders Duel last year and have been enjoying a bunch over the past several months. Maybe I'll try 7 Wonders Architects if I see it at a con or game library.

  19. Oh great list. I personally use Meadow to get relaxed. For me it feels almost as if I was walking outside.

    Wingspan also works mostly the same.

    Artifacts Inc is also a relaxing game to me. Looking forward to the new Creature Caravan 😊

  20. I feel like our definition of "chill game" is a bit different. But I guess the chillness of the game can really vary depending on players and attitude with you are jumping into game.

  21. I am sad that wingspan is not on the list. it is pretty chill .

  22. Nice Topic! I would suggest Cafe from Rola&Costa (for solo)

  23. I certainly found Planet Unknown much more relaxed / less punishing than Isle of Cats. It impressed me. Both it an Cascadia are great as well at ensuring new/novice players still score well… at least so they feel in sight of an experienced player.

  24. Planet unknown did what little games did before in my circle of friends: made the ragers not rage for an hour and just enjoy the game.

  25. Love this theme. Now I have even more games to read about and find people who have them, to play! Hahaha

    If I may, Lacuna would be my addition to this list. Great little game, astoundingly simple and beautiful, we've been enjoying it on lunch breaks or as a late night quick one.

  26. Thanks for the list! I missed Canopy :''

  27. Great list. I own 4 of the top 5 lol. One I would add to this list is Planted. Very chill game and amazing production for a low cost.

  28. Just discovered this channel and I'm obsessed

  29. Great list! I'd like to add honorable mentions;
    1. Meadow
    2. Dungeon Mayhem
    3. Tiny Towns
    4. Trails

    All very low overhead and just simple fun. Take a walk and get points taking in the beauty in Meadow and Trails. Have a little "magic light" carnage in dungeon Mayhem's pre-built decks. Or puzzle out the best town in Tiny Towns. All great choices for me.

  30. Cascadia for me. Even got my dad and his girlfriend to play and understand it.

  31. My favorite chill game is Sunset Over Water. Beautiful.

  32. We play Lands of Galzyr, when we don't have the capacity to play anything else. It is mostly reading with simple decision making mixed in

  33. is Eila and something shiny replayable? or is it a one play through only?

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