Best Story Board Games of All time -

Best Story Board Games of All time

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These are the TOP 10 Story Board games of All-time. In This video we are ranking them to find which one is the best of the best.

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It’s all about making your board game experience better. From finding the right games to creating the best house rules for those games. We’ll also talk about finding community-created content and optimizing your own strategies and play style so you can kick your friend’s asses! So if you want to join the Boardgame Hangover community click the subscribe button and share this around!

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  1. Tainted Grail has an amazing story. You have to house rule some stuff, but over all, it's a fantastic game with an incredible story!

  2. Thankyou for your efforts in bringing theses videos to us. I am looking to buy forgotten waters, my first story based game. I need to know if this game is replayable.

  3. I love your content. Your sleeping gods review inspired me to buy it and I just finished my first campaign yesterday. It was great!!

  4. Sherlock Holmes: Consulting detective? Adventure book (graphic novel style) series like Captive? Pandemic Legacy with those plot twists?

  5. I was also wondering whether Eldritch Horror or Arkham Horror LCG would popup as candidates. Did you think there is not as much emphasis on the story in those games? As mechanically wise they are both #1 😛

  6. Really enjoy watching these videos. You put a lot into them. New sub.

  7. If you get a chance, 100% recommend Roll Player Adventures. The mechanics are average but the story lines and choices makes this game soooooo good. As always thank you for your content. Never miss a video.

  8. Tainted Grail has very good story. Some more, which I have not tried – Near and Far, Above and Below, Legacy of Dragonholt.

  9. Fun list. Great games. Tough decisions to make between some of those.

  10. The Drifter🐴🤠 and Barbarian Prince🗡

  11. For someone who is still kind of new to the hobby which one would you recommend? Never played a story driven game before. Sleeping Gods really calls my attention.

  12. I'm currently playing through King's dilemma with four of my friends. A great list for sure. I'll defenitely consider playing both sleeping gods and forgotten waters at the very least.

  13. Excellent choice of topic and the video covers it well.

    This War of Mine is a very special game for me, sharing the insight into the brutality of war, in how it affects real people, allowing them a voice that gets heard too rarely. Being based on real accounts from Sarajevo, the narration puts you in their shoes and the horrific experiences and decisions they faced. It's uncomfortable at times, but those civilians do need to be heard.

    Tainted Grail would be another one worth considering. There is a coherent story, written by a professional author, and imo that professionalism shows through. I'm less sold on the gameplay, specifically the combat, but as a solo or 2 player experience I can see it working very well.

    Two more to look at when they get released: Isofarian Guard and ISS Vanguard, both with professional voice acting via an app. Based on the crowdfunding examples, ISS Vanguard writing and voice acting appealed much more (Isofarian Guard came across as a little cliched to me). I'm intrigued as to whether such voice acting would help me get enthused about playing solo, as I normally struggle with the concept – I love the social engagement of board gaming.

  14. Do you think Arkham Horror LCG classifies as a story game. Because there is a campaign, in fact multiple campaigns if you buy the expansions. If yes and if you have played it, where would you rank it?

  15. Thanks to your recommendation. I will play my first story game soon this weekend, The Sleeping God. Finally managed to get a copy! Looking forward to it.

  16. I’m a writer that’s relatively new to the board game hobby, so I appreciated the story driven games list. And I especially liked the concept of seeing you two debate where on the list to put each game as opposed to each of you presenting your own competing lists. Do more of those.

  17. Great top list. Always loving those as they bring us so many as to what play next and where to find inspiration. Thanks guys!

  18. I love story games! Have you tried Arkham Horror LCG? That is probably my favourite story game next to Sleeping Gods

  19. Choose your adventure: House of danger was ok. But Arkham Horror: The Carde games is fantastic once you have onvested in a big campaign and created your own characters.

  20. Thanks for putting this video out. I’ve been looking for another story-based game to do with friends. We are just finishing up Betrayal Legacy and that has been a huge blast and we are trying to figure out what to do next. Betrayal Legacy is my definition of where you are there for the story and not the mechanics since so much of it changes from interaction to interaction. Would highly recommend.

  21. Agents of SMERSH is a wonderful 1960s spy thriller game very similar to Arabian Nights but with some good tweaks to give the game more direction. Arabian nights can feel a bit aimless as you wander about randomly and can drag on longer than it needs to. Make sure you play the version with the full book of encounters – there is a basic cards only version that just isn’t as good.

  22. Is there an "introduction to story games" that you would recommend?

  23. My girlfriend and me are currently playing detective and after that we have time stories on our list, so I think we are set up for good 😀

  24. Love the list. Recently bought Sleeping Gods after watching Your review and I got to say thanks to You guys because it is truly incredible. A little bit fiddly but the story is just excellent.
    Also, I am not entirely sure if it is a story game, but Eldritch Horror, at least in my gaming group, has produced some of the best and funniest stories ever. I guess there is some story on the cards but the stories we make while playing it are mostly made up amongst ourselves that sort of connect and continue with each play. So, yeah, even though it might technically not count as a story game, it is by far my favorite that type of game, because in terms of mechanics it is quite basic but in terms of having a good time and making up stupid stories while fighting Lovecraftian monsters it is awesome 🙂

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